Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Well Seems to Be Dry . . .

There is nothing coming through the pipeline. In close to five years of blogging, there have been few times when I didn't have an idea summering on the back burner for the next post. I emptied my brain, seemingly, on the most recent episode of Random Ramblings.

I suppose I could discuss at length the difficulty of maintaining the weight loss I worked so hard for a year ago now. Why is it so hard???

I could rant about the escalating gas prices that are skyrocketing every hour, literally. I liked what someone said who called in to our local paper - not quoted, but close - raising gas prices because something might happen in the Middle East is like farmers increasing their prices because it might hail sometime in the future.

I could talk about how much I'd like to be "really" retired and have the freedom to do what we want to when we want to. I don't see that happening in the foreseeable future, but miracles still do happen! But I should add that every time I go up and visit my friends in the old workplace, I am thankful to not have to get up and go there every day - the memories are sweet and I'm happy to keep it that way.

I could tell you about the blessings we have received as a family in the last few months - most recently the outrageous offering that was collected by our small Sunday evening crowd when Kevin shared his heart last week-end. Such generosity!

I could tell you all about my latest dental appointment- a filling and a crown, which ended up taking 3 hours and cost an arm and a leg, and left my right jaw sore for days afterward. But I won't go there.

I could share with you the joys of helping sell, collect money for, and deliver Girl Scout cookies - something I hope to never have to do again. She sold 88 boxes, which was plenty for us. Some of her fellow scouts sold over 500 - I can't even imagine.

I could complain about snoring - in general and specifically. And I could ask how in the world one can snore and not know it - but have to believe it, because why would one's loving husband make up such a horrible thing? But on the other side, snoring is why I am not asleep right not - I feel bad always poking and prodding the love of my life - he's much kinder to me when I'm the guilty party. Oh, the joys of aging!

I could talk about feeling like a piece of bologna in the sandwich generation - and how much I dislike bologna.

I could always discuss the weather - never boring around here. We've had a few lovely spring-like days, but are headed back into winter tomorrow, they say. DC went skiing today and sat in a pretty major jam west of the Eisenhower Tunnel after a semi jackknifed on that busy highway at that busy time of the day. But all is well. There are a few brave tulips beginning to break through the cold ground - we are so excited to see what is going to come up this spring, since DC planted dozens more bulbs last fall.

Well, I guess I should stop talking about the things I could talk about and tell you one more little story about "the little rascals.." I shared some of their escapades in my last rambling post. One thing really fun about the twins is their willingness to help. What a great trait to encourage. The other day Feisty was in the tub and I had forgotten to get her a wash cloth from the hall closet. I asked the twins if they'd go get her one. I then forgot all about it until I heard Feisty say, "There are 32 now!" I couldn't figure out what she was talking about until I went in to the bathroom to find all of these in the tub with her:

They took out every "odds and ends" washcloth and towel that they could reach and threw them in the tub. Why Feisty waited so long to let me know is beyond me. But after the initial aggravation, I have to admit it gave me a good chuckle. I hope it does the same for you!

Have a wonderful, blessed week-end.


Amy said...

The wash cloth would be irritating at first but oh the giggles you'll get later on in memory. You got about a whole load of laundry out of that little escapade. ;)

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

ROFL...well, I was all set to say much much more about your dental appointment, your church, your weather, the skiing, and the I-70 tunnel, but when I saw the stack of wash cloths, I literally burst out laughing! Kids...gotta love 'em.

Okay, after the giggles, I must comment on the Eisenhower tunnel...I remember one time when we were coming back to Denver on the interstate, and y'know those run-a-way ramps they have for semi's? Well, we witnessed one who had a heckuva time coming down the steep grade only to land in the soft sandy dirt and stop...if he couldn't have made it there, I'm sure we'd've been part of a multi-car pileup, and maybe not even survived to tell about it right now.

Have a glorious weekend. And just to ride you a little bit on your winter weather [I know I'll get pay back sometime soon for being this way...I just know it]---I was outdoors watering our little tomato plants that I planted last week, and spied THREE setting on!!, enjoy that winter-like weather. [insert wink]

jmckemie said...

See...not so dry afterall! Sorry about the dental visit but perhaps that is one way to keep the weight off?!?
Trying to work out details for a quick visit to town next weekend to participate in the parade in FC Saturday morning. But, once again, looks like I will have to take the early Sunday morning flight to get back home. Because I use my friends employee standby passes I have to get on whichever flight looks to be the most open. If it looks like we (Jackson is coming this trip) will stay later then I will try and find a ride to church to say a quick in person hello!

Linds said...

You know - this is exactly the sort of post I love - all about your life, the ordinary things. Not just the bright bits! I post about anything and everything. Sigh. Oh well.... It is my life, after all!
Gas prices. Well. Just wait till you are paying well over $10 a gallon like we are here. In fact the entire world pays unbelievably high prices and has been for decades, so in a way, yours look like nothing to us! That is why everything is so expensive. But, having said that, ours are leaping up by the day too. And I mean leaping. 136.9p a litre today. A LITRE. My sister says she never looks at the price any more. If you just put in £20, $20 or Sfr 20 every time, then prices seem to be the same. You may have to do it more often, but it works!
Have a lovely weekend!

Needled Mom said...

Yep...that pile of wet towels, etc. kind of made me forget all of the other comments I was going to make. OMGoodness!!!! Lots of laundry to do today. What little ones won't think of next.

Tiffany said...

Aww...what good helpers you have! I am hoping the return of snow isn't very much - Kat & I have to drive to Salt Lake next week. Blech!

Sammy said...

Dawn, did you ever read Valerie Bertinelli's book "Finding It?" It's not a great book, but she talks a lot about weight maintenance and how it's so different and so much harder than losing weight. You might find it interesting if you're thinking about that right now.

I like this post! I like reading a regular update on life. And those washcloths made me laugh out loud! What a mess! :-)

Glenda said...

You have so much patience with the little ones, Dawn! Your posts are never boring and always make me ask, "How does she do it?"

Sharon Lynne said...

That IS funny about the wash cloths. I think Feisty probably enjoyed receiving all the cloths--a great game.

Wow that's alot of girl scout cookies!'re never at loss for words. You do better than I do. I'm just sitting here not posting--like a lazy bum.

I'm currently doing research to find if there is a place my son could live some day. It is getting too difficult for me...not sure what God wants me to do...but nothing will happen unless I put wind in my sails.

Midlife Mom said...

The picture of the pile of wash clothes is priceless! Thank goodness they didn't get into all the bath towels!

The list of all the things you have been involved in makes me feel tired! I think you were blessed with an extra dose of energy! You do so well with all you have on your plate. I haven't seen my grands for a week as I still have the creeping crud. Hopefully in a few more days I will be on the mend. :o)

nancygrayce said...

Nothing dry about that! I could talk about every one of those myself, except having the grands so much. :( But I'm too tired and sore from 4 full days of sorting through stuff and moving mama from one apartment to another.

Laurie in Ca. said...

I love this Dawn. The girls just crack me up with the things they do. They keep you hopping don't they? I have been praying for Kristen and hope things are getting better for her. Praying for Kevin and Angie too. Love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

PEA said...

See, your well isn't dry after all, look at the wonderful post you just wrote:-) If ever you don't know what to talk about, just show pictures...I do that a lot! lol

Omigosh, how funny that the twins brought out every towel and washcloth you own. I'm glad that you saw the funny side to it as well! lol Really makes you wonder what goes through kids' minds, though, when they do things like that:-)

When you mentioned the gas prices it reminded me what Steve told me on the phone last night. He said he went to pay for the gas he had just put in his car and asked the attendant if he got a kiss with that....the guy gave him a strange look and Steve said "well, I just got screwed at the gas pump so I figured I'd get a kiss as well"! lol He's so bad!

I hope for your sake that you will one day soon be able to be really retired, you deserve it. xoxo

grammy said...

So much to talk about when there was nothing to talk about (o:
Towels in the tub is the way to end it I guess (o:
The weight watch thing can be a pain...well keeping it off anyway. I would guess your calorie intake is to blame ....rats!!! Try journalling for a week about what you eat....maybe you already do. I ate so much junk while I have been celebrating my BD. My scale broke too... I panic without a scale.
I am actually Thankful my Grands are not Girl scouts and selling glad.