Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flat Princess Visits Grandma Dawn

Flat Princess has been missing from action for awhile, but she finally arrived at my house in good condition last week - crossing the ocean from England. I've been anxious to have her visit me, and we've been busy this week. If you would like to have her visit you next, please let me know so I can get her sent on to you.

Our first adventure together was a good Monday morning work-out at the gym --

We came home full of energy, and she snuggled up on the couch with the littles for a bit of a t.v. break --

We went to Sam's for some shopping - poor Princess was left in the car accidentally, but if she'd been with us, she would have been sharing a hot dog with the twins --

She watched me obsessively filling bags and recycle bins and garbage cans with "stuff", per the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge. My office/playroom was a large challenge, which is not quite finished yet. But the kids' part of the room is looking much more organized --

One tub has been designated for the girls' writing and art work. Miss Care Bear is an avid book writer, and has probably 50 under her belt so far. Many of them have been written and illustrated at my house, so I keep them all. Someday I expect to say, "Yes, that's my granddaughter, the famous author, who got her start at age 5." Abigail Kulay is the heroine of many of those books - here is the latest -- Abigail Kulay Goes to a School of Bugs.

One day Princess went to lunch at Subway with DC and me ---

After lunch, we headed over to my parents' place - they recently acquired a DVR, but couldn't use it because the tech who came out gave them a two second how-to "lesson" . Hard as it may be to imagine, I am the DVR expert in our house, so we stopped by to try to help. It's a different company, but I was able to figure out the basics ---

It turned out that Mom needed help with her computer and printer, so while Dad and I were working on his issues in the living room, Mom and DC were working on hers in her little computer room --

DC and I are working on the Easter musical with our choir at church, and once again we need to memorize the lyrics. One beautiful evening, we headed over to the lake, parked the truck, stuck the CD into the player, and sang through the music.

Soon it was too dark to read our music, but it was a great way to spend the evening ---

Friday evening was the annual Talent Show at the big girls' school. There were 44 acts (Yep, 44!!) of 2 minutes each - that's a total of 88 minutes. Blessedly, our girls were #4, so we didn't need to stay forever. They were jumping to Taylor Swift, but for some reason, the music was on much too low to be heard. But it was fun to watch them with CB's friend from her class. (They decorated their own shirts.)

So today Flat Princess went to church with us. She posed with Kristen, in the crabapple tree outside the breezeway. She also posed in the sanctuary just before the worship service (but she isn't sitting too well on the edge of that pew!)

This afternoon we had a shower for the next baby to enter the nursery, to make Sandy happier (see previous post, if that makes no sense to you).

At the end of this beautiful day, before the sun went down, the Princess enjoyed the first flowers of the spring here in Loveland, Colorado, in our back yard.

Remember - let me know if you'd like to have Flat Princess visit you. Have a wonderful week!!


Mike Golch said...


Karen said...

So cute.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Fun filled post. Dawn, you don't know how sentimental that made me, viewing the photos of the lake. How many times in my younger days did I drive around there...from the back the mountains and Estes Park...into Loveland. Wow.

Oh and those hot dogs? Not Fair!!! You tease.

Thanks for stopping by yesterday to visit.

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Becky said...

Flat Princess certainly had a wonderful visit in Colorado. Lots of adventure. Your young author should write a book about it :)

The crocus give me hope. Still waiting for spring here. But the snow has turned to rain so I think we are making progress.

Needled Mom said...

Did she bring her memories of CA along with her????

It looks like you did an awesome job entertaining her. I loved the picture of the lake.

jmckemie said...

I remember when her brother, Flat Stanley, visited us when we lived in CO! Not sure we do much exciting here but if Flat Princess neeeds some other experiences before she heads home, let me know. She would be welcome to visit!
Love the writing that takes place in your home - what a wonderful life skill.
Would love to be there for the Easter cantata. Think I have found a new church home but they no longer even have a choir at all. Sure miss that.
Have a blessed week.

Linds said...

Yes!!!! She is on her journeys again! After so many months crossing the ocean and back again, it is good to know she is well and having a great time in Colorado!
Lovely photos of the lake, Dawn. That kind of beauty makes me want to sing as well. And the FP has had a great snapshot of your life too, and met so many people!

Nadine said...

Flat Princess gets around. Your granddaughters are so adorable.

Tiffany said...

You werent kidding about the crocuses! Those are beautiful. And what a fun week with Flat princess.

Linda said...

Flat Princess really had herself a great time with you Dawn!
I love the idea of you and DC singing by the lake. The pictures are glorious.
Thanks for such an enjoyable visit.

nancygrayce said...

I think the writing skills probably come straight from Grandma Dawn! I will be waiting to read her first novel!

You sure took Flat Princess on a great tour around town! Your church is lovely and so big!

I'd love to have the Princess visit here.....but she needs to know it isn't quite as exciting here!

Your flowers are beautiful! Kristin looks wonderful!

Sammy said...

What a fun post!

Hayley's books are amazing. I love the "About the Author" section. When she is a famous writer she is going to talk about how her grandma always encouraged her!

I love the picture of you and your husband singing in the car by sunset. What a beautiful thing to do. That's gotta be one of the secrets of a long, successful marriage, right?

Kelli said...

so glad she had a great time with you. She was with us through the holidays, but with everything going on here, she rather got lost in the shuffle.

So glad she is now safe with you.

Glenda said...

Love the lake pics . . . what a neat idea to sit there and sing!! To find time to do that as busy as you are is amazing!

Your crocuses are beautiful!

grammy said...

Flat Princess sure had an adventure (o:
That was a great way to spend the evening with your husband and learn you music. I don't remember that he was in the choir last year??
Pretty flowers...I had those and they got frozen in that last freeze we had...March 7th... everyone was running off the road and falling down on what was thought to be wet side walks...yikes
That is so neat that she will work that hard on writing a book. I use to draw with my nephew and now he illustrates children's never know (o:

Dawn said...

Yes, Dwight and I have been in choir together for all these years - 38 or more. We also used to sing duets for church, and we have also sung in a mixed quartet. It's something we really enjoy doing together.

grammy said...

Dawn, e again. If you look back at the comments from a big change... I gave you times I could get together...(o: Now I have things scheduled and Spring break.How about Monday morning April 4th at the South 9ish. Let me know if you get this. I will have kids.

Midlife Mom said...

I was wondering where Flat Princess had been hiding. Glad she made it to your house and had such a wonderful time, she sure saw a lot of different places!

Sure looks like you are going to have an author on your hands the way things are going! I think that is great that she does that and will help her with school work too.

That was a beautiful setting to sing your Easter music.

The snow is coming down again today but very lightly. I don't think it is going to amount to much here but don't know about Kev's area. I don't think this whole week is going to be very good, I hope A doesn't freeze while she is here!!!

Your church is very pretty. It looks much newer then ours, ours is about 150 years old. Do you have air conditioning? We just got that last summer in the main auditorium and it has been such a help.

Kathleen said...

That is too cute! It is snowing here so hope all is warm and cozy at your place. The lake pic was gorgeous!

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Wow! What a cool idea! Looks like the Flat Princess had a grand trip in Colorado!

I can't believe how grown the girls are! So adorable and such sweet smiles!

A Hint of Home said...

Wow! Flat Princess goes everywhere with you and never seems to give you any trouble. lol
Cute post and it looks like a great place for you and DC to spend a lovely evening alone.

PEA said...

Makes me wish I was the Flat Princess! lol She sure had fun with you and no doubt doesn't want to leave:-) I remember when I had her and would pose her in public places, I had people looking at me funny! hehe Loved seeing all the pictures and the video of the girls skipping is so cute...I swear I spent most of my childhood skipping, I enjoyed it so much:-) Such a great idea to drive to the lake and practice the song, look at that sunset, just beautiful. That would inspire anybody:-) xoxo

Gigi said...

Ah the memories! Matthew and I took JJ's son's Flat Stanley on our cruise with us last year. Flat Stanley got to meet a lot of Christian music artists like Mercy Me, the David Crowder Band, Big Daddy Weave! And then he got to go to Epcot on the way home! Good times! I made a photo album for Connor and also a CD slideshow...what a fun project!

Auntie Bliss said...

I am just tickled about that little girl's books! That is the sweetest. I swear to be that kind of grandma too...(secretly hoping my d.i.laws
don't want me to spend big bucks on my grands...I believe in special things like what you are doing.
I have Flat Princess in Ky! She has been to Chicago w/me but hasn't seen our local sights just yet.