Sunday, August 14, 2011

Maine Vacation 2011, Part III

We headed to the other end of Boothbay Harbor for the rest of the afternoon. It was a much busier area than the beautiful spot in the previous post. But it was fun in a different way. We got in line at a very popular ice cream shop - I had THE best sugar free cone ever. I drool when I think of it.

We were walking across the boardwalk by the water and saw chalkboard signs for whale watching cruises. It was too late for those, and too expensive. But as we walked further, we saw a sign for a shorter, 1 1/2 hour cruise around the harbor. The price was reasonable, so we signed up.

We boarded the very full boat and headed off for a delightful adventure.

We learned that Boothbay was established in 1816 and was a prominent ship building town. They still build high end custom yachts today.

The musical movie "Carousel" was filmed there in 1956.

It is also a very busy lobster trapping harbor. We learned that the buoys are color coded for the trap owners. We were given a demonstration of the lobster harvesting process.

It was just a demonstration, so they put them trap back in the water.

The harbor seals come out in the late afternoon, just as we were getting to the rocks where they surface, fishing for their dinner.

We saw such beautiful sailboats and other vessels.

This is Tumbler Island, with one house hidden in the trees.

This is a very bad picture of a gigantic house, now called Minister's Retreat. I don't know many ministers who could afford the $28,000 per week price tag - even though it includes 8 bedrooms, a maid a butler, a boat to ferry you back and forth, all your meals provided and served.

I love lighthouses and would have loved to visit and explore these a bit. This first one is the Ram Island Lighthouse, built in 1868. We had heard a foghorn in the morning on the other end of the harbor, and it was quite annoying. Turns out it is very sensitive to humidity and goes off all the time. The residents are so used to it that they don't even notice.

This on is the Burnt Island lighthouse, built in 1821, and the last one to be automated. Sadly, there's nobody manning them any more.

We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful air, the hum of the motor, the lovely scenery - and each other.

And, like in the morning, there's always someone willing to take a picture for us.

We spent Sunday visiting Kevin and Angie's little church, with a good meal fixed by her, and a peaceful afternoon. The next morning we went Old Orchard Beach for a bit of sun and surf. It was very crowded on the beach. We didn't stay long, but just got a taste.

Tuesday morning Angie had to go back to work, and Kev had a doctor's appointment. But before the appointment, we had an appointment of our own - we met Groovy and her husband and girlies at Panera for a bit of breakfast, and good conversation and laughter. What a blessing.

We had another early morning departure - we tried to get a last minute room in Boston so we didn't have to leave in the middle of the night to return the rental car and get to the airport for our 8:00 flight. But there wasn't anything affordable, so we got up at 2:30 and had a peaceful drive into Boston.

I realized that when I'm flying is the only time I've really wished I had a Kindle - I was afraid my suitcase was going to go over the 50 pound limit with all the books I took along. I read two books flying there and in the evenings while the others watched a movie, but the third one was just not working for me. So I bought one at the airport - something I try hard not to have to do. But I am so glad I found this book - Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Oh, my goodness, what a heart-rending book. I had not heard of it before, nor did I know it was a movie. But I highly recommend the book. You know how I feel about books based on movies.

Come back again for The Swanson Family Reunion!


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I tellya, this was posted LAST week, and I didn't see it in my reader. What's up with that you wonder? Oh well, the point is, I'm with you now, on such a delightful trip. I would have loved to go whale watching, but they ARE expensive, that I know. Really not worth the money but what a treat it would be. Your hour+ trip sounds like it was good and relaxing...but oh so crowded. I'm not one for crowds. LOL The sail boats...luxurious, and fun. Now that retreat----------choking down my water------you said $28K a week?!! Oh my goodness.

Love the family photos as always, and the one of the two of you, extra special. Oh and the one of Kevin and Angie on the beach is fantastic!!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

#@$$!~~ darn, meant to also answer your question this morning, no, no rain here!

Needled Mom said...

The pictures are really gorgeous. It looks like the trip was enjoyable and beautiful.

The kids look like they have settled into Maine life quite comfortably. I hope winter will be kind to them.

I just heard about Sarah's Key this weekend. Several people said it was an excellent read so guess I had better get it.

PEA said...

I would have thoroughly enjoyed that boat trip!! I can't get over how busy it is in the water, though, between all types of boats and the lobster cages. A very popular spot:-) Such a shame that whale watching cruises costs so much, that's something I would love to do as well. When I was in Vancouver, BC back in the late 1980's, we had gone on the ferry hoping to see either whales or dolphins but no such luck.

I'm so glad you got to meet up with Groovy and family again, I can well imagine how much fun the visit was:-)

That beach looks gorgeous and I would have spent my whole time in the water! lol I'm not a sun worshiper so can't stand just laying there on the sand, I'd rather be in the water!

I'm so enjoying reading about your trip:-) xoxo

grammy said...

How wonderful!!!
A vacation to dream about
it just looks so wonderful...
I love the ocean...and anything to do with it (o:
Glad you had a great time visiting,
I keep hearing about that book. I really need to put a hold on it (o:
I just read The Room....liked I am reading One Thousand white it so far. I am also reading the Hunger Games books.... like them even if they are a little strange.
School starts here on Thursday.

Gram said...

I love the lighthouse. I find it so interesting how they all look so different.

Sharon Lynne said...

The boat trip looked fun! And the beach was interesting. Those are gentle waves...good for everyone. It's strange to think the people in this town go to the beach in the summer and trudge through the snow in the winter. Amazing to me!

I'm glad you went. It's great you could support Kevin and Angie.

Sammy said...

I love light houses too! There's just something about them.

Just last night I was telling my mom about the whale watch we went on in Maine when I was 8 months pregnant with Khai. Let's just say a very pregnant woman and a bumpy boat ride are not a good mix! HA HA!

Beautiful shots of the whole family.

Just curious--as a mom, what do you think of Kevin's tattoos? It looks like he has a couple of them. I have one that I got when I was too young to make such a decision and I regret it so much! I think I'm going to get it removed this year. Which will be expensive and painful. But I know some people love theirs, even after many years.

Anyway, great post! Makes me want to visit Maine again.

Linda said...

It is so picturesque Dawn. I love the seaside.
It is so good to see Kev and Angie looking so contented. What a blessing.
You are such a fast reader. I am as pokey as can be. I go back and forth if I don't remember something they refer to later in the book. Just have to reread it for some reason!
I've got to backtrack and read the last post. Somehow I missed it!

Maine Mom said...

I have loved hearing about your trip to Maine. It has been a great reminder of what a beautiful state I live in. :-)

Laurie in Ca. said...

You are such a fun navigator Dawn. I feel like I am there with you:) You take the kind of pictures I love and dream of too. I love that you guys had a wonderful time together after all the years of such uncertainty. I find myself wanting to ask if you are able to relax with the new normal that is taking place. I pray for their marriage whenever I think of them and know that with God, it will be good. And knowing you did not have to keep an eye on littles while there just warms my heart. You two sure deserved this time away. Always moms and grandmas, that is who we are blessed to be:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Brenda said...

What a fun and beautiful trip, Dawn. I love the pictures of all the boats.
I also love your new header picture. Beautiful ladies!

A Hint of Home said...

Looks like great family fun and fellowship!
Your pics are wonderful!
Love the new header. You all are so cute!

Midlife Mom said...

Great pictures of you all. We intended to go to Boothbay last week but it was raining so decided to go to Portland instead as I needed some things for our upcoming trip to New York. We plan to go on a nicer day as it is such a beautiful area. I'm glad you got to enjoy all of it. I've never been on a whale watching trip here in Maine but have been other places, odd eh?

It's lovely weather here, not as humid and cooler. I rode Scooter last night until it was too dark to see! I think he was a bit scared of the dark! ha!

NanaNor's said...

Hi Dawn, I just came by for a visit and saw this post. Hubby and I went to Booth Bay 8 yrs ago and went to the ice cream shop as well as the restaurant...small world. We stayed at a B&B overlooking the shoreline-called Five Gables. We fell in love with Maine and keep saying we need to go back. Have a great day.