Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Maine Vacation 2011, Part II

Saturday morning dawned pleasantly cool and gorgeous. Maine is a beautiful place - so many trees, so many lakes - and the ocean to top it all off. I can't believe it's been two weeks already since we were there, and I am just now getting to Day 2. But so much has happened since then.

After a good night's sleep, and much lower temps outside and in, we got to a slow start in the morning. We were on vacation! No hurrying that day.

We headed to Boothbay Harbor, a beautiful spot Kevin had mentioned several times, but which we hadn't had time to visit yet. It was a lovely drive and we got there just in time for lunch. We landed in the perfect spot, just by good fortune. It was the beginning of the end of my "being good" when it came to food for the next few days.

This was when something funny happened - one of the gentlemen who was eating next to us (the one in the blue shirt at the next table) asked if we'd like him to take a picture of all of us - for some reason, Dwight said, "No thanks." I was surprised, because when someone offers, you usually take them up on it. We were finishing our meal when a lady came walking across the patio and asked if she could take our picture. Dwight said, "Sure." I was shocked, and a tad embarrassed. Turns out the lady was a professional, and just saw a good photo op, I guess. The people beside us sat and watched the whole thing.

It didn't seem to bother Dwight, but as we were leaving, I said to the people next to us, "Want me to take your picture?" They laughed and said, "No thanks!" We had a bit of a chat and I felt better for it.

After lunch we began a bit of exploration of the area. It was absolutely enchanting. I imagine many of the houses are vacation spots, but you could tell that many of them are year-round homes. The flowers were amazing . . .

. . . and the beauty extended across the road, between the road and the water.

I love how they set up their lawn chairs across the road, facing the water.

I have never seen blue hydrangeas before - they were everywhere.

I was amazed to see the flowers growing out of the rocks, in profusion.

I visited this little chapel, which is an interdenominational place of worship for the citizens and visitors in this beautiful spot.

I loved the sight of the children running through the sprinkler with the little kiddie pool set up, when they live across the street from the ocean.

Dwight took this picture and it was mentioned that it looks like a Kincaid painting - all that's missing is the light in the windows.

A picture of Kev taking pictures and me checking pictures.

Kevin and Angie enjoying the day.

Stay tuned for Part III - the rest of the day at Boothbay Harbor.



Was there a secret reason D didn't want the people at the other table to take a photo? Maybe he had a 'secret' feeling. Who knows. LOL

And the flowers, oh the flowers simply breathtaking. {sigh} And the ocean I'm sure the sprinkler water was safer...sometimes this time of year there are creatures in the ocean that 'cause much discomfort. Oh my dear Dawn, I can't just leave without telling you how much I loved your share...but also, I can't walk out without telling you the one photo that is my favorite...that's the little white steeple against the green, green hillside.


Sammy said...

I love all these pictures. Maine is so beautiful. It just feels so far off the map and it's such a wonderful combination of green trees plus ocean.

I'm curious why D didn't want the first person to take your photo. Did he have a bad feeling? I'm glad you had a friendly chat with them at the end!

I'm glad the weather cooled off for you!

Dawn said...

I asked Dwight why he said No to the first guy who offered to take the picture - he has no idea. Crazy!

Liz said...

What an absolutely beautiful part of the world, Dawn!!
I am so glad you got to have a vacation - even if only short.
Have a great week!! xo

Needled Mom said...

Oh my, but that is a gorgeous place. The scenery is amazing but those flowers are breathtaking.

Glad that all turned out well with the photograph as I can imagine how uncomfortable that had to be.

I think it was a good time to give up on watching what went into your mouth!!!!!

Midlife Mom said...

I know where we are going to go on our next 'date day'!!! I haven't been to Boothbay for years and all your pictures make me anxious to get there! R has been trying to get me out of the fray here at home as much as he can and it has been so helpful!

When I knew you were coming in I thought oh no they are going to be here during the heat wave! So glad you had the basement to sleep in, it's always much cooler down there. That is a lovely home that they are staying in.

All the house and the flowers are sooooo gorgeous in Boothbay! I LOVE the coast as you know but never have seen flowers planted right there on the rocks. Hummmmmm...wonder if that is something I could do on the retaining wall of rocks at the lake??????

So glad Angie loves her job and that they love her. God knew where to put her didn't He?!

The construction here at the house continues........ I will be SO GLAD when it is done!!!!!!

nancygrayce said...

Dawn, those pictures would be beautiful framed! It sure makes me want to go to Maine!!

You've never seen blue hydrangeas?? My grandmother had them down the side of her house and I loved them.

I just told my husband that I want to take a trip to Maine. He said man, that's a long drive :)

Gram said...

The flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Lynne said...

When you said the weather was cooler, how much cooler? I'm going to look up Maine and check the weather.

Those Hydrangas (blue) are something we do see in California. To make them turn blue, I believe, one must feed them special plant food (iron I think).

Oh to live so close to the ocean! (I'm one hour away and need to be closer).

The flowers were so beautiful and the lawn chairs so inviting.

Linda said...

Enchanting is the perfect word for it Dawn. I just love it. I could happily live the summer. Not overly fond of their winters!