Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bits and Pieces of This and That

Oh me, oh my. It's been 11 days since I wrote a word. And then it wasn't many words, but mostly pictures. I think of bits and pieces of things to share, but then they disappear into thin air, never to return to my brain. So I think I will start carrying around a pad and pen to write down snippets to remember when I get back to the computer. I don't know how long it will take me to publish, but I'll keep trying to get something going. There doesn't seem to be much newsworthy stuff going on around here these days.

We've had about six snowfalls so far, since October. I wouldn't really call most of them snow storms, but just nice moisture. The mountains are not receiving much this year so far, which is not good. When I see people on Facebook complaining about snow, I realize that I am not crazy about the white stuff, but it is so much better than drought in the summer. I hear most of the snow is stuck up there over Alaska and just keeps pouring down on them.

I am getting real here. I am just tired. This is part of the reason, but only part . . .

It has been almost 6 weeks since I got into the boot. I've been treated with physical therapy once or twice a week for the last month. The foot massages, exercises, and electrical impulses seem to be helping. I also do some of the exercises at home. I realize that this injury is minor compared to the physical trials of many, but I have to say I am really weary of lugging this thing up and down stairs all day every day, taking care of the girlies. I see the podiatrist a week from tomorrow (Friday) again, so hope for good news then. He says we must have 100% improvement or it will just go back to square one when I get out of the boot. And I do not want surgery. My back and knees are also tired of the uneven gait, though I've tried my best to wear equalizing shoe heights.

This was such a weird quirky accident - I computed that in my 33+ years in this house, I have gone to the bathroom in the dark at least 12,000 times. Add in the last few years of aging, and that number increases to more than once a night, and who knows how many times I made that little trip safely - I must have been more than half asleep that middle of the night when I crashed into the doorjamb and broke that ugly hammer toe, causing the tendon on the next toe to tear.

I have tried to get to the gym as much as possible, but the only cardio I can do is the recumbent bike. It takes so much time to change out of the boot and into the shoe, switching the orthotic from the boot to the exercise shoe, and then reversing after exercise. I tend to avoid going rather than deal with the hassle. which is NOT a good thing.

So - the other reasons I am tired include adding sugar and white flour back into my diet and losing all of the progress I made 2 years ago right now. I am not only back up where I started, which wears on me, but psychologically I am beyond disgusted with and disappointed in myself. I get up every morning vowing to get back on the wagon, and fail. I don't know what it will take to get my motivation going again. You'd think that feeling lousy and not having anything that fits (remember the purge of my closet last spring?) would do it, wouldn't you?

I keep avoiding going in for my annual physical (which is now six months overdue), because I don't want to weigh. The other reason for this situation is that it is so hard for me to plan ahead for anything with the crazy schedule of our lives - we never know much ahead of time what Kristen's schedule is going to be. I'm just tired.

On a positive note - I finally got to the basement and have most of the mess cleaned up and in totes. I bought 4 more, hoping that what I have left to organize will fit into them - but the more I think about it, the less likely it is that this will be the case. Someday I'll finish!

It's been 3 years since the twins have had a professional portrait made - we have hundreds of pictures, but none done by an expert since they were 1 year old.

There's a young woman I've known since before she was born who is now getting into her own photography business. She specializes in birth photography - getting up in the middle of the night (or she says she has insomnia, so she's usually still up) to photograph the coming of the new baby. She's been wanting to do our 4 beauties for a long time, and we finally got together last Saturday. She prefers outdoor settings, but we missed the prime time for that opportunity. However, it was a warm, balmy winter day Saturday, so she was able to do the more formal shots in our back yard on a blanket. She sent me a teaser, and we're so anxious to see the rest. She prefers doing action shots, so after she was finished with the dress-up shots, we came into the kitchen where the girls created some muffins while she caught the activity. They should be amusing. I'll be sure to share them as I get them.

Remember when I told you about the nativity set I was excited to get from my nephew and his family in Peru? My sister and BIL just returned from their amazing trip down there to visit and they brought back this wonderful set - the pieces are about 2 inches high.

This particular set is very realistic, according to my sister, for the area where they were visiting. Chad and Amanda are working for two years in the city of Puno on a short term mission adventure. They live close to Lake Titicaca and the floating islands of northern Peru. The women wear their hair in these double braids, caught together in the back.

The boat where the baby Jesus is lying is a good likeness to the vessels the people use for transportation

The cap worn by the baby Jesus is like the ones worn by the children on the islands. Interestingly, the little tiny baby is anatomically correct.

I am so happy to add this beautiful set to my collection. In fact, I am going to display it all year rather than try to find a place to stash it, requiring me to drag out one of the Christmas totes.

One nice thing happened to me today - unbelievable, actually. I went to the grocery store sans kiddoes. The young man who was checking me out asked, as usual, if I found everything. I said yes, but it took me 3 trips back up and down aisles to get things I had forgotten. He said the same thing happened to him all the time, and I commented that I was glad to know it wasn't just my old age that caused it to happen. Which led him to tell me I wasn't old, which led me to telling him I was indeed. He said I didn't look a day over 40, which led me to ask if he wanted to see my driver's license. He did, and he continued to tell me that I couldn't possibly be as old as my license proves I am. It was so sweet, and I told him he's my new BFF. Even though my body and my mirror tell me the truth!

Well, I guess I came up with something to talk about after all. Thanks for bearing with me as I "bare" my soul a bit.

Have a great week-end!


nannykim said...

I'll have to come back tomorrow to find your Valentine Day post. It is 11 here now! Oh I had to wear one of those boots for a time when I had my foot surgery this past April. Thankfully I was transferred to a "shoe" after so many weeks. The boot does really bother one if you don't wear a shoe of the same height on the other foot as you have stated. I am so glad I didn't have to wear it for months--just weeks. But it was months before I was wearing a regular shoe and it has taken a long time to heal. It will never be quite right--I had the big toe fused. Some nerves I believe were damaged in the surgery too.

I look foward to seeing the photos of the twins! Oh, I am sad about you gaining back the weight. I always gain in the winter months---I always feel ravenous!

Robinznest said...

My heart goes out to you - you sound so weary. I will pray for you each time the Lord brings you to my mind.

The whole weight issue is so frustrating - believe me - I know! I wish I could tell you how to get motivated again - that is the key to success but it is so elusive. I know that for me exercise is the key, and there is nothing I dislike more.

What a sweet thing to happen to you at the grocery store. I think God knew you needed at little encouragement!

Linds said...

You know, for someone who thinks she has nothing to say, you have managed to write a post most of us would divide into 6 posts! Amazing!
I hear you re being tired. Is there no-one who could take the girls for one day a week at least and give you time to yourself? It is so important, Dawn, much though you want to help and love them all. If you fall apart, who will pick up the pieces? Keep up with the exercises and concentrate on the foot. The weight can wait till you are back on your feet. And you always look lovely - just as the guy in the store said!

Needled Mom said...

You do sound so tired, Dawn, but I am sure that all of us would be with your schedule. I really do not know how you do it with all of the little ones so much of the time. Will they be in school this fall? At least preschool?

The foot issue also has to be wearing on you. It slows you down so much and it doesn't sound as though that is possible. You really need to get some down time for yourself.

You must also be so frustrated with the weight gain. Ugh! That, too, makes you feel sluggish. I KNOW you will be able to get it off again once the foot problem is taken care of. not delay that physical because of the scales!!!!!

My sister moved to Alaska this month so she is getting all of that snow. I told her that we need to put some of it in the pipeline and ship it to the lower 48!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Hello dear sweet Dawn!! Ahhhhhh, come on, you KNOW you look mahvelous at any age. And I have to agree, you don't look your age at all. [and get those thoughts out of your mind, I mean look young. ---Age is all in the mind]

Speaking of mind, age...feeling low. I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and dry cough, I'm sure I'm gonna end up with flu or a nasty cold. So, I went back to bed and napped after reading some. Now, I'm draggin' my feet [without the boot] and feel not refreshed nor energetic. I just made me a bowl of soup, and hope that will help get a bit revitalized.

LOVE the pic of the girls outdoors. With the warm Colorado sun at their backs. Really a charming, adorable portrait.

And, don't despair about your weight. If you really want my opinion, you looked good with the weight loss, of course, but my mom always said a little bit of 'extra meat' on the body'll never hurt anyone. Maybe a bit more protein in your diet?!!! Who knows.

Oh...and you know me, I'd much prefer a drought than heavy cold, wintry weather.

Hugs to you...I love seeing you stop by for a visit.

Brenda said...

That Baby Jesus BETTER be anatomically correct! ;)
Hang in there Dawn. I pray the Lord help you through this time of discouragement in your life.
Can't wait to see the photo shoot pictures!

Gigi said...

Oh friend...I can "hear" the weariness in your post. I'm so sorry. You've been carrying so much for so long now. I pray that you get respite soon.

The photo of the twins is precious and I look forward to you sharing more in days ahead!

grammy said...

What a great nativity. Thanks for sharing (o:
I am sure it is awful to keep that boot on. Hope it is all better soon! I have banged my toys beyond recognition a few times in the last few years. So glad it didn't turn out like that!!!
The picture is great and i am sure the whole shebang will be great.
That store clerk should be somewhere where he could get a sweet he was. I forgot something at Super Walmart today, but there was NO way I was going WAY back down the length of the store to get it (o:

nancygrayce said...

I'm so sorry about the foot and being so tired! I can relate (not to the foot) but to just being worn out all the time! But I'm especially impressed that even feeling that way, you've been cleaning out the basement! I have to force myself to do any housework.

The Nativity is absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad you're going to leave it out all the time.

Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures! I've said to several people today, you're so fortunate to have your grands close. I know it's a lot of work, but it's sad when you only see them once or maybe twice a year! :(

I'm working on a trip for the California kids to come home in June. I was trying to plan an RV trip out there, but MIL"s 85th birthday is in June and I remembered that we need to do something for her.

:)I haven't been around much lately....even though feeling tired, we still seem to have to do stuff huh??

Midlife Mom said...

I am right there with you on the weight thing. I am so mad at myself, eating sweets again with abandon and gaining almost every pound back that I lost two years ago. I think it does make us feel weary for several reasons, one being upset with ourselves and two carrying around that extra weight. My younger sister has lost 50 pounds and looks amazing and much younger. I hope she can keep it off this time.

Your new Nativity is so nice! I love how the hair is styled in the two braids that attach at the bottom. Yes, keep it out all the time!

Can't wait to see all the new pictures of the girlies! My DIL and I were talking about that very thing on the plane today, we haven't had the kids pics done for a couple of years.

Can you send that nice young man to my grocery store please!!! That must have been uplifting!

Hope you don't have to have surgery on that foot!!!

Sammy said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so bad about your physical ailments and the weight gain. That's such a defeated feeling. Is there some sort of support group you can attend to help you get back on your diet? A good friend of mine has keep off a tremendous amount of weight by going to these meetings. It's kind of like OA, but Jewish and spiritual. I'm sure there's a Christian version. Sometimes that extra support is what it takes.

Well, I'm glad you got that ego boost at the grocery store! I've said before that your skin is flawless! It really does make you look young!

Linda said...

It was a lovely "chat" Dawn. I wish there was some practical way to help you. I can only imagine how tired you are - especially with the way your foot is right now.
I'm sure the pictures of the girls are going to be beautiful based on just that one. They really are so cute.
We all need one of those sweet guys in our lives every now and then. It puts a bit of joy in the day!

jmckemie said...

Was just wondering this weekend about that boot for you. My brother finally got to come out of his this past Thursday - had it on since Sept. 9th. Of course, until the day after Crhistmas he was also not allowed up on it so has not had the struggles with trying to walk in it - and still is not allowed ot do steps. Then again, he also had not had the extra task of chasing precious littles all day!

Love that nativity. I collect them, too. When I packed up things this year there was one Baby Jesus misssing from one of the sets that E is allowed to play with. It turned up yesterday in with her play food in her kitchen set. There ar 2 sets that she is allowed to play with and she carried the babies around with her for days on end singing to them..."Baby Jesus went to sleep, on a bed of hay..." Precious memories for me, for sure.
Hate to hear the note of downcase in your post. Weight issues seem to be the cross that many of us have to bear. Will pray for better days ahead. Spring is around the corner and there will be more opportunities to be outside with the girls, walks around the lake, etc. Prayers that there is a miraculous recoery of that tendon when you return to the Dr. and you can loose that boot for good.

BTW - love the pictures. Cannot wait to see the rest. She did a great job. She is a very talented young lady on both sides of the camera.

Maine Mom said...

My Mom can sympathize with you when it comes to wearing the boot and being tired of lugging it around! She went 62 years without breaking a bone. She's hoping to be able to take her boot off next week.

The picture of the twins is adorable!

I am going without sugar and white flour this year. So far so good, but I can see myself after this year eating sugar and flour again and undoing my healthy habits and weight loss. Eating healthy all the time is hard!!!

You have many reasons to be tired! Rest when you can. :-)

Liz said...

Thinking of you Dawn. Recovering from an injury is never easy. I would hate to be in that boot for so long!
The legacy of my car accident over 2 years ago is wearing mighty thin on me now. It's so frustrating to be homebound much of the time and reliant on others for transport (I am allowed to drive ONLY to my doctor &specialist appointments).
The photo of the twins is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing more :)
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. It was a very hard post to write. I made Bec cry but she came to me and said "I just want it over. I want to be free to eat like I once did and to live!" I pray that for her every day.

nannykim said...

So is it this Friday you are going to the doc....hope it turns out well--let us know! I did find your Valentine Day post about your town. Amazing place!

Ms. Kathleen said...

Continuing to pray that you heal quickly. Wow, the twins are growing up so fast and are just adorable.

I love your nativity... precious! You are busy, but that is a good thing.

Have a wonderful day!

Amy said...

Dawn, I hope you get to get out of that boot next week and that you've healed 110%!

Do the girls start some sort of school this year? 1/2 or whole day Pre-K even?

I love the new pix of the twins. Thanks for sharing!

Midlife Mom said...

Just checking in to see how you are. What did you find out at the doctors about your foot? Hopefully you can get rid of that boot! Take care!!!!

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Dawn,
So sorry you are going through so much! I hope you're fully recovered soon!

PEA said...

Hi Dawn, I'm finally here to visit and comment!! See, miracles DO happen! lol Oh dear, I can well imagine how completely fed up you are with that boot. Hopefully you won't have to wear it for much longer and that your toe and tendon is healing properly.

As for the weight coming back on, I think most of us have gone through that. I also find that as we get older it's so much harder to keep it off. A few months ago when I weighed myself I gasped out loud because I had never been so heavy and that was a wake up call to me. I set my mind to watching what I eat...I don't do diets because they've never worked for me, I just don't eat after 6pm or in between meals. I've now lost 30 lbs and feel so much better. It's very hard and sometimes the willpower isn't there but I keep persevering:-) You've done it and I know you can do it again!!! I hate exercising but I love doing the Zumba on the Wii so that helps. lol

Can't wait to see the pictures of the girls that the photographer took. The teaser picture is just adorable!!

The nativity set your sister & BIL gave you is so very special and I don't blame you for deciding to keep it out all year long. I love the different cultures and how they're represented through the nativity.

Doesn't it feel so good when someone says you don't look your age? hehe Take it as a compliment and run with it:-) xoxo

Glenda said...

Oh, Dawn, I hope your foot heals soon. And please don't be so hard on yourself; when you're so tired, it's hard to be motivated. You WILL get back on track!

Susan said...

Love the header picture of the girls!

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