Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

I'm glad you all enjoyed seeing the pictures of the girls. I forgot to mention that in the picture of the four girls that is also the header picture, there was a really old, ugly ladder leaning against the fence behind them. When I saw the picture, I was not happy to see the ladder. I e-mailed Michelle and asked her if it was possible for her to remove it from the picture. She said she could, and she'd be glad to, although she kind of liked the way it looked, kind of rustic. But I didn't, so she removed it. I love it that it was possible to do it.

So - - I haven't watched a sitcom for a very long time - based on the commercials I've seen, if they are portraying what they think is the best they are offering, well - no thanks. So I've been living in the past lately. I've discovered several retro stations, which are playing many old shows. This particular one is called METV - the ME stands for Memorable Entertainment. I've been wishing recently that someone would run "Mary Tyler Moore" again and, lo and behold, I found my old friend the other day.

Because that's what it was like, finding this favorite old show again. It was my first year of teaching and my roomie and I faithfully watched her every week. Then my roomie took a job closer to her family the next year and I was alone in the apartment, with Mary as my faithful friend every week. It was such a well written show - so clean, so decent. I loved her hair, her figure, her clothes, her apartment -- AND her car - I had a 1969 Mustang, so I felt like we at least had that in common!

I also have been enjoying "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas. I know it makes me seem very old, but I just love the way they dressed in these old shows - so modestly and beautifully. She could have used about 1/3 the mascara, but she was so cute. And the stories again were so pristinely clean - not a hint of impropriety - in fact, they very deliberately did the right thing when they had the opportunity to do otherwise.

I have a friend who started working with me at CSU the very same day - I told her from the first day that she reminded me of Marlo. What do you think? Do you see it?

The third one I'm loving again is "My Three Sons." I especially enjoy watching Fred MacMurray - and I love his facial expressions. Such good clean fun.

I had also found "Father Knows Best" awhile back and watched it until they started over again - really fun memories there.

Well, enough for now - have a great week!


Amy said...

I like to watch old shows too although not those. Some of the ones I miss I haven't found yet but MASH is one that I can always find. :)

nannykim said...

Oh, hey , about the virus--hope my hubby's doesn't last that long!! He is flat on his back! My daughter's family has it too. My hubby caught it at the birthday party. I am not yet sick--just feeling a little weird.

Tv shows--I also liked Father's Knows best! I don't get the channel you mentioned!

grammy said...

Love that picture... it is amazing what they can do to fix up a picture... (o:
There are a few shows I like. Reruns drive me crazy... they must have had only 5 new shows for the whole season... now it is reruns...
I don't know if I could get those shows...on cable ?

Brenda said...

If the cable co. or Direct Tv would let us pick the channels we want without having to deal with all the other channels, I'd sign up again.
I love those old shows. Right now, my daughter is on The Brady Bunch from the library. Brings back fun memories!

Glenda said...

Love those old sitcoms, too!

Gigi said...

I LOVE the old shows...especially the old variety shows! This generation doesn't know what they're missing!

I don't watch much TV fact, I haven't had my TV on other than for a football game in months.

Sammy said...

I love watching those old shows! Two of my absolute favorites are The Donna Read Show and Patty Duke. Much older, I know. I used to be obsessed with Donna Read. I even had a Donna Read watch that I ordered off the t.v. when I was a kid. I wore it every day.

I think maybe I was a weird kid, now that I think about it!

PEA said...

I used to watch the Mary Tyler Moore Show, My Three Sons and That Girl faithfully as well:-) Family Affair was another favourite of mine. As you say, there just isn't anything worth watching on tv these days and if there is, they run about 4 or 5 shows of it and then it's repeats for the rest of the year!! They just don't make tv shows like they use to and it proved that a show could be entertaining without all the violence, swearing and sex.

Have a great week dear Dawn!! xoxo

Sharon Lynne said...

Great mustang! I loved "That Girl" too with Marlo Thomas. I agree with you. I miss the good clean funny shows.

Our poor kids. (and grandkids)
...the shows...and the much more violent.

But there are always things to be thankful for.

Forty Pound Sack said...

I've never seen Father Knows Best but I never missed Mary on Saturday nights! Some mornings I find Leave it to Beaver on one of the cable channels, or Bewitched. I wanted to grow up to be just like Samantha, magical powers and all, LOL.


Well, I'm not sure I would have agreed with her either about the 'rustic' look with a me, it would probably give me the same response..."ewwww, take it out"!! Please.

As for the old shows, Bud and I were talking about how good tv was 'way back when'. And yes, I agree with you, for some reason in the last couple of decades, they [as in writers and producers] think that sex sells. Not really. Well, maybe for teens and young lovers, but to me it's just another reason to NOT watch tv.

Oh, sorry...but, no, she doesn't remind me of Marlo in any way. LOLOLOLOL

Love the '69 Mustang and you. You go girl!!! [Bud bought me a trans am for my 40th birthday...loved it, but not driving on icy roads with those wide, huge tires and no traction]