Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh, what a wonderful morning!

Monday mornings - love 'em! Today started out really well. I looked out my window and saw a sunrise worthy of Morning Glory's attention. I don't have a clear view like she does, but here are two shots that I took through the trees and down the culdesac:


As I was driving north to work, I spotted this view of the moon to the west, over the foothills. I pulled off to take the picture - you wouldn't believe the force of the cars that passed me on their way to work in a big hurry!


The forecast for today was in the 60s, so I dressed lighter and wore a light jacket. It was in the 30s at this time, however. I've been parking in a free zone at the university (few and far between!), because I get there early enough to do so. I wanted to be sure I wasn't too close to the end of the curb (so I wouldn't get a $25 ticket), or too close to the person behind me (so they couldn't get out), so I jumped out of the car to check it. When I got back, (two feet and two minutes later!), my very smart car had locked itself with me outside looking in! My new gas ($46.60 to fill it this week-end) was going away into the air.

Of course, my spare key was in the car in my purse. Feeling oh so stupid, I went into the building across the street. It was too early for anyone to be in the offices, but I hoped that someone was like me - trying to get a bit of work done before the students arrive. I was fortunate enough to find a classroom open, Woo Hoo, there was a phone! Thank you, Lord! (Before you ask, yes, I have a really pathetic little cell phone, but it was also locked inside the car).

My sweet husband was home enjoying his last few moments before heading for work - thank you, Lord!! I explained my predicament to him, tried to explain where I was, and finally told him to just drive down Lake Street until he saw me standing in front of my running minivan.

I went back out there and began leaning against my car, deciding God must have wanted me to spend some time talking to Him and had to get my attention in a dramatic way. Yes, I had skipped my devotions this morning! I got the message of that Larnell Harris song that I love, but puts me under conviction, "I Miss My Time With You."

Meantime, I was getting really cold and stiff standing there. I did get to watch the university sort of come to life. I saw a group of young ladies who were all dressed up and getting ready for a presentation - how do I know that? I know it because students always "clean up really good" when they have a presentation, there is a lot of nervous energy going on, and they bring all sorts of "stuff" to class.

Thirty minutes later, DC arrived, clicked my door open with his automatic key fob, and I was on my way. He gave me good advice - "Don't let this ruin your day! Let it go!"

I was so embarrassed that I did not share this story with my co-workers (besides the fact that I was already behind when I got there), but here I am baring my soul to the cyber world.

Have a wonderful week! Hopefully we'll have Chapter 4 up in the next day or two.


Morning Glory said...

Brrrrr....sounds like a cold morning experience.

Beautiful sunrise! Ours was softer, but had 6 jetstreams going through it. They're in my other blog today.

PEA said...

Oh don't you hate it when that happens? lol I've done that a couple of times...the last time I had stopped to get the mail at the end of my street and locked myself out of my car with the motor still running. Just a good thing my son was home at the time and I was able to go get the spare key, otherwise my house key was with the rest of my keys inside the car! lol Beautiful pictures of the sunrise and moon!! xox

Barb said...

I'll bet that was the longest thirty minutes of your life, or at least in a long while. I'm amazed you didn't let it ruin your day but it doesn't surprise me one bit that you're sharing it with all of cyberspace. LOL

Theresa said...

I'm glad you handled it sounds like a stressful morning. Nice pics!

Susie said...

Love your sunrise! Ours wasn't nearly as colorful...
I don't blame you about not wanting to waste the gas when it's that price. It's nearly $3.00 per gallon here too.

Linda said...

First of all the pictures are just gorgeous. I need to start getting up early once in a while :-)
Second of all - it is my opinion that if they're going to make these cars smart enough to lock themselves up then they certainly ought to make them smart enough to unlock themselves when their owner tells them to. Honestly. Do we have to think of everything?
Glad you had a good day anyway Dawn!!

Lala's world said...

oh I hate it when things like that happen! good thing you had a 3rd set! we don't...maybe we should!
totally beautiful pictures! really amazing

groovyoldlady said...

Oooh. That song.

It's the BEST. I started crying when I just read the title! I have also been recently chastised for jumping into life without talking to my Father first. And every other blog I've checked this morning has reinforced the lesson. Yes, Abba...I'm coming!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Oh! I hate when things like that happen, but how wonderful of your husband to be so understanding! GV is an incredible husband...but I'm not sure he would have responded quite like that! He is a fanatic about knowing where your keys are at all times....and tends to give a "loving lecture" each time I lose mine! That's why I now have ONSTAR! No lectures...just a satellite click and I'm in like flynn!

Beautiful, beautful sunrise! WOW! Can't wait to see one of those at our Blogging Girls Mountain Getaway!!!!!


Maine Mom said...

What beautiful pictures!...sorry your morning wasn't as beautiful :-) But what wonderful advice you got from DC! I hope you took it :-)

Nancy said...

What a way to start your week! I think sharing with cyperspace is the best place to "get it all out"! I love your sunrise pictures and what a beautiful way to remember the day and forget about the keys. May the rest of the week be a great one!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What lovely pictures of that sunrise! So sorry you got locked out. Been there and done that. Twice in one day even. I have even locked myself out of the house and had to crawl in a window. In a dress no less!