Monday, March 26, 2007

Random Ramblings #10

I posted this morning, VERY EARLY, and lost the whole thing! Not a good way to start a Monday, especially after two nights of lousy sleep. But . . . here we go again!

I'm keeping "Africa" by Toto playing in the background because I'm going to post more of Kev's pictures on Wednesday. Hope you're enjoying it. Read the previous two posts if this doesn't make any sense to you.

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, after a wonderful cleansing, glorious rain all night Friday and most of the day Saturday. We don't get enough rain around here, so this was a treat. The world was so fresh and clean yesterday morning when I stepped out into my front yard and saw this beautiful sight:


I heard out of the corner of my ear as the news was giving its teasers, that another cold front is heading our way. I don't think it'll be horrible, but it is pretty normal for springtime in the Rockies. I told Anakin that there was a possibility of snow this week-end. He was NOT happy - he was really glad when the snow finally melted from their front yard; in fact, he was down there every afternoon trying to help it along by scooping snow onto the street. He must have prayed about this, because it turned into rain instead of snow. Thank you, Jesus!!

I wish I had taken pictures of the sky every day since the time changed. It has been such fun to watch the changes every morning in the eastern sky as I walk from my car to my office - it would have been fun to have a slide show of the changes from day to day. Maybe I'll remember next year. I'm wondering now when the sun will rise on Easter Sunday. We always have a sunrise service in the park, and it's really important to me that the sun is peaking over the horizon as we are singing "UP From the Grave He Arose!" I always stand there shivering in the early morning air, wondering if the Marys were cold or warm that morning.

The other day when I was going to my car after my morning of work, I found all of the art students on the lawn outside of their building. They were all sitting on these obviously hand made stools, apparently sketching trees and buildings. I wanted so badly to stand over their shoulders to see how they were doing and if they were using pencils or chalk. This one particular young lady really intrigued me. Can you imagine sitting on a stool with no back, with a flowing dress on, in a lotus position, straight back, and DRAWING??!! (I wish I could draw at all!).

On a less enjoyable topic, my weight loss efforts aren't going so well. You have probably deduced that, since I have been silent on this subject lately. It's obvious that it's obvious, based on Care Bear's latest observation: "Grandma, on the way home from school today, I saw a lady whose bottom was bigger than yours!" OH. My. Word. I about choked I laughed so hard. What a kid! She doesn't miss anything! Then she sat on my lap and kneaded my arms saying, "Squishy, Squishy, Squishy!" She is a hoot. But - - - "from the mouths of babes . . . " once again!

Feisty has such a sweet heart (except when she's having a tantrum, which does take place occasionally). She usually wants to keep the peace. And she's such a helper! Friday night, after having been sick off and on all week and thinking she was better, she was eating a pancake at my house and drinking some milk when - yep - she lost it all. All over herself, the table, and the stool. After I rushed her into the sink and removed her clothes, she grabbed a paper towel, headed for the table, and began to help clean it up! Did you ever hear of such a thing?? Then she looked up at me with this bright-eyed smile and said, "I feel BETTER!" AWWWWWW!

I am approaching the very end of the admission process. Remember the pictures back in February of my office in the midst of computing gpa's for all of the applicants? I'm close to the end and that box on the floor is now full of the files of those who have been denied. This is really the worst time of the year for me, and for the admission committee chair who gets all sorts of tearful calls from those who feel so rejected. This morning he got a nasty call. Why would we want someone in our program who is so nasty?? It is sad, but we only have room for 30.

I know I'm really rambling today, but that's the reason for Random Ramblings, right?? This morning on the way to work, I heard a news story about a police officer who was killed last night when he was driving his patrol car so fast that he lost control and rolled several times. He was EJECTED. That tells me a lot. Do you think if he had survived that he would have been ticketed for careless driving and not wearing a seat belt??

Before I leave this morning, I want to share with you another of my favorite devotionals from Max Lucado. This one is an excerpt from his book, The Great House of God.
Matthew 6:26: "Look at the birds in the air. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, but your heavenly Father feeds them."

"Consider the earth! Our globe's weight has been estimated at six sextillion tons (a six with twenty-one zeroes). Yet it is precisely tilted at twenty-three degrees; any more or any less and our seasons would be lost in a melted polar flood. Though our globe revolves at the rate of one-thousand miles per hour or twenty-five thousand miles per day or nine million miles per year, none of us tumbles into orbit . . .

As you stand . . . observing God's workshop, let me post a few questions. If He is able to place the stars in their sockets and suspend the sky like a curtain, do you think it is remotely possible that God is able to guide your life? If your God is mighty enough to ignite the sun, could it be that He is mighty enough to light your path? If He cares enough about the planet Saturn to give it rings or Venus to make it sparkle, is there an outside chance that He cares enough about you to meet your needs?"

Please click on Micah's button on my sidebar and check on his crisis and answer to prayer this last week. Thank you for continuing to pray for Micah!

Have a wonderful week!


Diane J. said...

The sunrise picture is gorgeous! Only God could paint that picture.

And my back hurts just looking at that girl on that stool. In my younger years it would have been no problem, but not these days.

Hope you have a great week, Dawn.



Susie said...

Hi Dawn,
I've said it before, but your random ramblings is a favorite of mine. I feel like we're sitting down for a nice chat and just catching up!
The sunrise is amazingly gorgeous!!
I remember Easter Sunrise service very well, but we always sang "Christ the Lord is Risen Today"
Lovely memories...
The "squishy squishy squishy" had me choking on my coffee! Out of the mouths of babes!!

PEA said...

I'm still giggling at the "squishy, squishy" part! lol I so enjoyed this post, your ramblings! hehe The picture of the sunrise is breathtaking. Glad to hear you've been getting some rain...we had quite a severe thunderstorm during the night but I slept through it! lol Apparently it was coming down so hard and the thunder and lightning was right overhead! I hadn't been sleeping good but I guess I did last night! Sheesh! You take care my friend! xoxo

Linds said...

I love your random ramblings too. And it would not be so comfortable to cuddle Granny if she were all bony, now would it? The photo was spectacular! And as I have said before, I love Max Lucado. When I go to Spring Harvest this weekend, I hope to stock up on some of his books from the massive Christian bookshop they have there! I will make a note of this one too.

Kristen said...

I think you should consider Care Bear's comments as compliments and not insults! I don't think she has it in her to truly insult someone.

Feisty is quite a special kid, I know. I don't even like to clean up their vomit, much less my own! What a kid!

Dawn said...

I never take Care Bear's comments as insults - she's so precious to me and I love every word she utters!

Barb said...

Well, Dawn, you've outdone yourself. You have such a gift for posting beautiful photos on your blog, but this one may be my very favorite, ever. It's absolutely gorgeous.

And when I saw the photo of that young girl, drawing, before I even read your words, my thought was, "On my word, look at her - so young and able to sit like that."

If I sat like that for two minutes, someone would be calling 911.


I hope you have a lovely week. Rain. Sigh. Oh how I would love a big, fat huge rainstorm here.

Maine Mom said...

What a beautiful picture!
Do children really need to say EVERYTHING that is on their mind??? Too funny!
That is sweet that Feisty wanted to help clean up her mess.
I hope you had a good Monday!

Linda said...

Oh Dawn - aren't grandkids delightful? I just love listening to them talk. They just tell it like it is (or the way they see it anyway).
The picture is gorgeous. That would be an amazing backdrop for Easter morning.
I enjoy your "ramblings" - just a good, long chat. Such fun.
Have a good week friend.

Tonja said...

I read somewhere that..."all our art is merely an imitation of His art". Wh could paint a sky like that? The Great House Of God....One of my all-time fav books. I reread every so often. He just has a way with words, doesn't he?

groovyoldlady said...

Loved the sunrise pic.

I can identify with your squishiness. I've been losing the last 15 pounds for almost 6 years.

Tip: Chocolate does not least, it won't help your weight loss efforts...but it's wonderfic for hormonal days...which I still have....far more often than I like...or my husband likes...I gotta go make some fudge.

Oh look. I'm rambling too!

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow! That was a great catch up for me. The weather here has been great but it is way to early to tell is spring is actually here to stay. it is 54* today.

I wonder what my little Pun'kin would say about my weight losing efforts if she could talk? I have been working harder on it lately, especially since No 1 daughter is getting married in October.

Great pictures as well and I agree...I need something for my back when I sit!

Hugs to you!

Nancy said...

I enjoyed your ramblings today and getting caught up with Kevins story on the previous posts. He has come a long way and that is a blessing indeed. Thanks for checking on me. I have been busy and this spring weather has me in my garden more... which I love!

Yellow Mama said...

Purtie pics! I will do as you requested. God loves you and has matters in His hand.

Tonja said...

I found your site through the blog party a while back. Thanks for the visit.