Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Twelve Random Christmas Things About Myself

We're back from Paradise. It has been a very hard re-entry! Today was the first day back at work - I managed to get through my e-mails, half my voice mails, and none of the volcanic-sized pile of snail mail on my desk. It probably wasn't the best time of the school year to be gone, but being gone was glorious!

PRAYER REQUEST: Kristen's doctor has ordered her on bed rest for at least two weeks. The babies aren't growing as much as he would like to see. She's had an incredibly stressful four days, because the powers that be at her place of employment were, shamefully, not sympathetic, empathetic, or even willing to do what the doctor said. It has been an unbelievably frustrating experience. The doctor wrote letters, and finally called her supervisor. Her attitude changed dramatically very quickly after that. At the end of two weeks, they'll re-evaluate the situation and decide whether or not she can go back to work - very part-time. She'll be on short-term disability, I guess. I'm not sure what that means financially. I'll continue to take the kids in the afternoon, or stay there and help her in whatever she needs.

Now - back to Christmas. Kristen tagged me for this "hoopla," named by one of her blog friends, who does not like the word "meme."

  1. My sister and I are only 11 months and two weeks apart in age, so we always got the same things for Christmas from our relatives. We began sitting with our backs to each other and opened gifts from the same people at the same time so we wouldn't know what we were getting.
  2. I talked about the Christmas I had mono in this post, and about how disappointed I was to miss out on playing piano for my 9th grade Christmas program.
  3. Every four years our missionary cousins would come home from Africa and we had the best time at our Grandma and Grandpa's house. Both sets of grandparents lived a mile apart, so we had to divide our time between them.
  4. I'll never forget the year my dad was on a leave of absence from the pastorate and selling for Sears (because of health problems). He was a top salesman and we had the biggest Christmas in terms of gifts that we had ever had. My sister and I each got a very large suitcase, full of clothes.
  5. Then there was the year we came home from college (3 of us at the same college at the same time) and found that the folks had decided to use the aluminum tree with the colored wheel instead of a real one. We all nixed that the moment we walked in the door and went out to buy a tree.
  6. DC and I got married 3 days after Christmas in 1972. That Christmas celebation was memorable, because it kind of took a back seat as we looked ahead to our wedding.
  7. Our first Christmas together, we planned to drive to Colorado Springs to be with my parents. The weather was not good, but we headed out anyway. We got 20 miles down the road and stopped at a truck stop because it was so icy. A trucker told us we'd better not go any further because it was getting worse in the direction we were going. We took his advice and went back home, where we had nothing to eat because we'd planned to be gone all week-end. Of course, nothing was open either. We invited ourselves over to somebody's house and made the best of it. We went down for our anniversary instead and spent our first anniversary in a sleeping bag on my parents' living room floor.
  8. I spent many years directing the children's Christmas musicals at our church. It was something I wanted my children to experience and nobody else was doing it. I think I did it for about 6 years. Every year I swore I'd never do it again, but it's kind of like the pain of childbirth - you forget how bad it was and do it all over again! There is nothing like the joy of watching the children come through with a wonderful performance.
  9. I love the sights and sounds of Christmas. I love to sit in the family room, playing good music, with just the tree's lights on, and take off my glasses, letting my eyes go out of focus, causing the lights to blur together. Now is that weird or what??
  10. My family of origin always opened gifts on Christmas Eve. We did the same with our kids. I was fortunate that my husband's family did the same, so we didn't have a lot of adjustment to make with Christmas traditions. Must be the Swedishness. Since all the kids in the family on both sides are grown and have other families to consider, the Carlson side meets on Christmas Eve, and they go to their in-laws' on Christmas Day. We're fortunate that everyone is close.
  11. I love playing Christmas music at work, from the Monday after Thanksgiving until Christmas break. I love to decorate my little office to reflect the real Reason for this Season. I wear a pin every day to testify to that fact.
  12. I haven't bought one thing yet - there is nothing under either of my trees. And I'm not stressed about that for some reason. I used to bake at least 15 kinds of goodies, but when I began working full time, I had to drop something, and baking was it. I wonder if I'll start again when I retire during this next year. I wonder.

May your celebration of Christ's coming be the most meaningful ever.


Karen H. said...

Good Early Morning Dawn,
I will put Kristen on my prayer list. I do hope the babies begins to start growing. GOD IS IN CONTROL. I loved reading your Christmas Hoopla. I have been tagged to do it also. I'm posting it on my today's post. I really liked your number #7. I'm glad yall turned around and went back. My Parents got married on Christmas Day. They will be married 48 years this Christmas Day. We always opened our presents on Christmas Eve also. We had to go to bed early so Santa would come. After Santa came, our Parents would get us up and we would open our presents. I have pretty much kept that going with our girls. Well, take care my friend and "THANKS" for sharing your Hoopla with us. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Susie said...

No presents yet? You're one brave lady to brave the crowds this late in the shopping season. We went today and it was over the top c.r.a.z.y!
I'll keep Kristen in my prayers..

nancygrayce said...

No presents yet! Yes, someone like me! I work better under pressure......Poor Kristin, if it isn't hard enough to be under the pressure she is under, you'd think people at her work could be a tad compassionate! God will work it out!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

I am soooo glad that Kristen has you!!!!!!!!!!!! What an incredible blessing to have you there to help her. I can't imagine what she would do without you!

Tell Kristen we love her and are praying for her!!!

Nadine said...

I pray that Kristen will be healthy and the babies too. I pray for a softening of her employers heart. I pray for financial provision at this time while she is resting.

I'm glad you are back and had a good trip. It was like being there with you.

Judith said...

I am praying for your daughter, and that God touches the hearts of her bosses and coworkers. God can do that, we know, just like He put the man on the road to warn you not to go farther. Merry Christmas, Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts are with Kristen this Christmas season. I hope she can forget about the stresses of 'real life' for a bit and get some rest for her and the babies. I know - easier said than done. But, it is hard to find the peace of Christ doing the daily grind!

If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

I hope we can all experience the peace of Christ this Christmas.


Robin said...

I'm so sorry about your daughter's pregnancy difficulties - how frustrating and hard it must be for her to be in bed - this time of year! I'm glad her doctor took the time to call her employer - my goodness - how heartless they must be.

I remember well how hard it was to come back from Hawaii. For some reason after 10 heavenly days we arrived home and "all hell broke loose" regarding our church and our personal family. We went through some real difficulties for several weeks. Many, many times I longed to be back in Hawaii! I am feeling your pain!

Don't worry about the Christmas shopping - it will get done - it always does!

Diane J. said...

I hope Kristen and the babies are doing better now.

I've been sick with a tummy bug and have been out of the blogging loop since Sunday. I do feel better and intend to go to church tonight if I'm feeling up to it.

I do the same thing with the Christmas tree lights. So, no, it doesn't seem weird at all to me. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Sherry said...

Poor Kristen, I'm glad they finally got through to her boss though. She really deserves a break. I stopped by randomly to say hi to her on Sun. but I think we missed her. Glad you're home!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Your daughter's blog doesn't allow anonymous comments and I do not have a blog. :( So tell her Robin in New Jersey is praying for her precious babies. Thanks for the heads up. What kind of job does she have that her boss is such a scrooge? Shame on him/her.

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Dawn,
I'm just dropping by to let you know that I have another Award for you. It's called "I Love Your Blog Award". I have given it to all my blogging friends. It will show < 3 at the top and will say I less than 3 your blog. But, if you tilt your head, the <3 looks like a heart. I know you are busy and all, but when you have time, stop by and pick it up. Hope things are going well for you. I've got to go and try to buy the girls a couple of more things this weekend. It has been raining here today. Well, take care my friend and have a great Thursday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Poor Kristen. This has been such a hard pregnancy for her and to have to deal with bosses like that on top of everything else, well...it's just not fair.

I'm sure she's beyond thankful for you. I'd put Christmas completely on hold to care for my daughter if I had to and I know you would too.

She's in my prayers. Boy, I'm starting to count the days for her. What a relief it will be when those babies are safely sleeping away in their cribs.

groovyoldlady said...

I'm praying for Kristen and babies (and then some)!

I don't think you're weird at all because I LOVE to see blurry Christmas lights sans glasses. It's just about the only good thing about being half blind - all the lights smear together and glow like a truly awesome blast of cozy yet modern art.

Sharon Lynne said...

I like to sit in the dark with the tree lights on, too. After the season is over, the house looks so empty without the tree.

I've bought some presents, but I haven't wrapped anything yet, nor have I cleaned house.

I did bake this year...to give as gifts. My husband is Swedish and I have his grandmother's Swedish cookie recipes. I've made Almond Crecents and Sugar Cookies.

Best wishes to you and your family. I'll be praying for the grandbabies.

(There's an update on my son, on my blog.)

Maine Mom said...

Welcome home! Remember all the fun times in Hawaii as you sort through all the work you have to do...it will get done eventually. :-)

I hope Kristen is getting the rest she needs. She is blessed to have you there to help!

Happy Shopping!

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with Kristen.

I just shopped today. Had to sneak out before the boys woke up so they wouldn't be begging to go. Of course, they woke as soon as they heard the door; but I still slipped away.

Merry Christmas!