Thursday, December 27, 2007


It's snowing. Beautiful, but icy underneath, so not great to be out and about. I'm here in the office, pretty much on my own (which is good, since I am still so far behind).

Kristen's bed rest situation was not as successful as it should have been. It was a very difficult week. She went back to her ob/gyn yesterday, who sent her to the hospital for a shot to improve the lung function of the babies. She needs another one today, in order for it to be the most effective. That means a snowy, icy trip up here to this hospital for the shot, then down to Denver on icy interstate highway to her neonatal specialist. Her ob/gyn is predicting a birth experience sooner than later. We're hoping and praying later!

Not only is it better for the babies to be later, but we are not physically or mentally prepared for them to be here yet. Of course, they'll be in the hospital for who knows how long, if they are born soon. That will make things even more difficult.

Well, lots of prayer requests imbedded in this short message. I know we can count on you, our wonderful prayer partners!


nancygrayce said...

You can count on my prayers!

groovyoldlady said...

Big time prayers going up from the Groovy homestead!

Nancy said...

The prayers continue as you face the coming days. This sounds very much like my great nieces born at 29 weeks on Aug. 23rd. They got both shots for their lungs in before their birth and it worked- they were born breathing on their own and only had to have the c-pak and oxygen for 3 weeks. The next few days are critical so hang in there. I am glad you are back from Hawaii to be here for Kristen-that is a blessing. I also pray that the weather will cooperate. Email me if you have more questions about the premature situation-
You are covered in prayer and God will give you the strength you need.

Linda said...

I will be praying Dawn. We are getting ready to go to Houston for a couple of kids for a big family gathering. I will write when we get home. I will certainly be holding you all in my prayers.

Linda said...

Can you tell I'm in a hurry? That would be a couple of DAYS not kids. Take care dear friend.

Diane J. said...

Praying for God's intervention and for a healthy Mom and babies who stay in utero as long as possible.

Love and hugs,


Linds said...

Many prayers winging their way, Dawn

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Dawn,
Prayer's are going up here for Kristen and her Babies. God is in control and I know he will intervene and take care of them. You don't worry about us out here blogland, you take care of Kristen and tend to her needs. We will all be here when all is said and done. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

You know I'm praying. I so hope that she can do better with the bedrest now that Christmas is over.

Praying that the babies make their appearance as close to their due date as possible.

You'll all find yourselves ready for them, no matter when they arrive. But I know the more time you and Kristen and especially the baby girls have, the better.


And thank you for the coffee you sent to me with Aaron - I tell you, I'm saving it for the first quiet morning I have. Aaron told me it's wonderful and I plan to enjoy it. Then you get to tell me where on earth I can find it without going to Hawaii!

By the way, the kids are headed back your way tomorrow - terrible weather in the mountains, so I'm counting on your prayers, too.


Nadine said...

I stand in agreement for a later birth for the babies. I pray for her to have traveling mercies on her trips back and forth. May God protect her and her babies. Keep us updated.

Sharon Lynne said...

What a busy time this is for you! Yes, I will be praying for the twins and for Kristin.

Feisty is so funny..."It's my pleasure to serve you." What a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Holding you all up in my prayers! :o)