Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday Musings

I'll bet you all thought I really had run away from home! Thanks so much for all the concern about my crazy last couple of weeks. I truly realize that all of this goofy stuff pales in comparison to what so many are going through. It was just the accumulation of stuff that made it seem blog worthy. Our favorite handyman came over and fixed the dishwasher - he's so good and leaves everything in such good condition.

Friday I had the 6 stitches removed from my wrist. The doctor was pleased with the low amount of swelling. He told me the story of the artery - suffice it to say I am very thankful I had asked to be put to sleep rather than just have my arm numbed, as originally planned.

I am wearing a brace for the times when I am carrying kids - which is quite often, of course.

It has been a really busy week. Kristen now has pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the lungs) and has been in a great deal of pain - again. She is so discouraged, wondering if she'll ever feel good and healthy again. So we've had the girls since Friday. They've been great, but again I'm pretty tired. The big girls have had so much fun this week-end playing with their old neighborhood friends and making new friends with the kids that live in their former house. Seems strange.

Wednesday was Care Bear's field day at school - the day they get to do outdoor games all morning. It is always fun to watch her interact with her friends and other classmates. If I may rant for just a moment - when our kids were in elementary school, field day was a day of competition. There were ribbons to be won. They chose 3 events to compete in and practiced for those 3 events. Everyone knew that some would win and some would not. Somehow it has become important to keep anyone's feelings from being hurt - not allowing real competition to take place. They go from station to station, playing each game over and over again until the bell rings and then they move to a new game. There are no prizes any more. I just think it's sad that they've taken this opportunity to excel away from those who could or would, or those who really care to work hard and do their very best. In the real world, there is always going to be competition, winning, and not winning. I wish they still prepared for real life in that way.

But, as I said, it was fun to watch Care Bear. First - the relay race.

Then into the gym for a bit of jumping rope (4 kids at a time?!), and wall climbing.

A very strange game - let me say that this one definitely tested their listening skills and ability to follow directions. Care Bear's team had a little girl who was not good at either, and it caused some bit of frustration - I was watching CB trying to get her to do the right thing. I felt for her. The first person in line ran to a bucket, filled a sponge with water, ran to the end of their team's line, the sponge was relayed, sopping wet, from back to front. When it reached the first person in line, that person then squeezed the remaining water into a bowl at the front of their line. Then the new front person repeated the process. The winning team was decided when the bowl overflowed with water.

I didn't get to stay for the whole event, but had to leave and pick up Feisty from preschool. Speaking of which, Thursday was her last day, and I found it to be very sad. Preschool has been very good for Feisty. She's much more prepared for kindergarten than she would have been without this social and learning experience. Kristen, the littles, and I went for the ice cream party and little ceremony.

The babies enjoyed themselves very much. Fortunately, I noticed my keys in one of the bins of blocks before I panicked when it was time to leave!

They got in their circle around the teacher and shared their favorite songs with us. Here's the end of "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed."

Then they were given their little "graduation" certificate - Oops - upside down!

Feisty and her two teachers.

Friday evening we decided to get the big girls some new sneakers. Easier said than done. We headed for Wal Mart. They had an amazing selection at this time, which was good and bad. We were there well over an hour - a grueling experience. Too many choices. Too many desires. Feisty is very, very tactilely (??) challenged - everything has to feel "just right." Oh, my, what a mess we left for the poor people who work there - we did try to get things put back, but I know we didn't get everything in the right place.

When they were hunting and trying on and hunting some more, we let the babes out of their carts, because they were not the only ones getting impatient and tired --

When we went to pay for what was finally chosen, we discovered that the littles had wiped up most of the dirt in that aisle - on their knees, feet, hands, and consequently on their faces. What a mess! It was good to get home, take baths, and get them to bed!

Miss Feisty loves to wear the things that she really likes - all.the.time. She got this little pair of denim shoes a year ago and has worn them literally every day since - no matter how many other pairs of shoes she has been given, she loves these denim shoes.

They are totally worn out and I have been so tempted to make them disappear. Anyone would think she is just so deprived to only have this pair of pathetic shoes.

This is the pair she finally found that fit her and she approved of (not sneakers!). I was talking to her about them and mentioned how cool it was to have Dora and Boots on the inside of her shoes, but that it is kinda sad to have to walk on them when she's wearing them. She said she preferred to think of it as her feet being the blanket for Dora and Boots.

DC caught these pictures of Kate and Emma truly enjoying their mashed potatoes and gravy. Double click if you want to see the really big mess on the faces - and arms and hands and, and, and!

These two little girls have become so close - they can't be too far from each other.

I just can't resist sharing the flowers as they develop - what a wonderful time of the year for beauty. Here are the latest arrivals of iris.

The columbine in the front has really increased. So beautiful.

Here is the official Colorado columbine.

Have a wonderful week!


Sammy said...

Wow. Busy week for you all!

Your wrist looks so much better! I hope it heals quickly and permanently!

Adorable pictures of Field Day and Feisty's last day of pre-school. She looks so proud in the photo of her and her teachers. She's a real cutie!

I love the littles eating their mashed potatoes! And it's so sweet that they are becoming so close. What a gift those girls are.

Gorgeous pictures of your flowers. I planted some columbine over the weekend. I love it. As soon as Khai goes down for his nap I'm headed back into the garden to work some more.

I hope Kristen starts feeling better soon.

grammy said...

So much going on. How fun was it to put all the shoes back? Sorry daughter is sick again. Wrist seems to be doing well (o: thank heavens. Babies and mashed potatoes can be a big mess, cute pics though.

SentimentsbyDenise said...

Fun pics of the girls! You must be having a glorious time!

You get your dishwasher fixed, I sell mine! I decided I enjoy washing them by hand! Plus I'm making room for a new appliance that I' more excited about! I'll share soon!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

I sincerely hope you wrist is feeling better very soon!! You poor thing, I wish I were there to help.

You have been quite the busy gal and the girls are sure to do that. Haha! There are all so big, graduating the small grades and WALKING! WOW! I think your summer is going to be exciting! lol!

I hope Kristen is feeling better soon, I've heard that can be terribly painful.

*hugs* Have a great week and Oh BTW, I love all of your photos too! You can write as much or as little as yo want but I think the photos makes the stories even better.

Kristen said...

I miss my babies. All four of them. Sinking further and further into depression all the time.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Sounds like things are going better for you today! I've enjoyed catching up on your busy life!

Hootin' Anni said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, flowers!!! I so love 'em. All kinds o' flowers. And the Colorado Columbines!! I haven't seen one of them since way back!! I love iris too. So many don't like the fragrance of them, but I do.

Boy've been so busy. I swear, I would be so tuckered out, I'd fall to the sofa and spend a day or two after your kinda day. Whoa.

Linda said...

What a great post Dawn. I always enjoy visiting and seeing all the pictures.
I feel exactly the same way about not letting the kids really compete. I'm sure we aren't fooling them one bit. They know if they've won or not.
Our granddaughters are the same way about shoes. They do tend to latch onto one pair - but they are always up for buying new ones. Just love shoes (so do I for that matter!).
I'll be praying for Kristen. Maybe some warm weather and sunshine will help get her healthy again.
Have a blessed week Dawn.

Grammy and Olivia said...

Love the pictures, especially the upside down diploma :-) Still not sure how you keep up with the whole gang, but so much fun!

Tammy said...

Dear Dawn...I'm so glad to come visit you again and get caught up. I had to scroll way down to find out what was wrong with your wrist! It doesn't sound like a fun ordeal at all but glad you are almost at the end of it.
Loved seeing the pictures of field day...and the twins are getting so big!!!

I'm not sure I know what pleurisy sorry she is in pain and hope she is feeling better soon!

Hope the next few weeks are much more peaceful for you!
(((HUGS))) ~Tammy

Becky said...

Those columbines certainly caught my eye. How amazing with their two colors. Beautiful!

nancygrayce said...

I do hope Kristen feels better soon! How frustrating to feel bad for so long. You and your husband are such good grandparents! I know Kristen appreciates all your help. The flowers.....beautiful!

PEA said...

Good morning, dear Dawn:-)

What a wonderful newsy post! I'm so glad to hear that your wrist is healing so well. You'll love not having that ganglion any longer:-)

I agree with you, it is a shame that they've now eliminated true competition from Field Day with the younger kids...I remember it being a time for real sport enthusiasts to do their best and proudly wear their 1st, 2nd or 3rd place ribbons!! The real world is very competitive and schools are not doing these kids a favour by letting them think it's not! Loved seeing all the pictures:-)

The twins are getting so big and seem to be loving the world around them...even in the shoe department! lol Oh dear, I can just see the worker going to that aisle and wondering if a tornado went through! hehe

Your flowers are so gorgeous! My tulips have just now finally finished and nothing else is blooming at the moment. I want to go shopping for my annuals but with the cold weather we've been having, I'm scared of taking a chance and having them freeze!!

I pray that Kristen soon starts to feel better, that poor gal has really gone through the wringer the last couple of years!! Take care of yourself and hope you're enjoying some lovely sunny days:-) xoxo

Hootin' Anni said...

PS....for Wednesday. Dawn, the sculptor from my blog photos today is Tatum [I guess it can't be deciphered from the photo I took. LOL]

Robin said...

I agree with you much on the competition thing - I just don't understand why "everbody has to be a winner". Our kids miss out on learning good sportsmanship and how to handle losing once in a while. They also miss out of the joy of winning something.
Dawn I just can't believe how busy you are! How did you ever have time to go to work? I'm sure you must ask yourself that a hundred times a day!
But what a blessing you are to your daughter and your granddaughters!

Susie said...

Looks like another busy week! Glad your wrist is healing nicely :)
D's school field day is much the same here. (no ribbons, only events and snacks.) The kids all seem to enjoy it though.
That shoe shopping expedition sounds like quite the ordeal, but her Dora shoes are too cute!
Love your flowers too!
Have a great week.

Jess said... always have alot going...but i do too...I have no idea how you can keep your blog going, do all you do plus you sleep? LOL

So good to read all the are gorgeous...grandkiddos are growing and pretty as a picture...

hope you have a great end to your week

Love, Jess

Sharon Lynne said...

I'm glad your wrist is getting better.

It was fun to live through the shoe shopping and be a part of your week!

Oh the joys and grandmothering! And you have a quadruple blessing. I know it must be tiring...I barely made it through having only 2. God must be giving you strength and grace.

I hope and pray Kristen feels better and that God touches her health and moves her into a new chapter.

There is so much to learn in every circumstance.

God is there with us.

And we grow in Him.