Friday, June 26, 2009

Whether You Like the Weather - or Not

I'm glad you all enjoyed the update on the littles - they are just so much fun and we are so blessed to have them in our lives. I forgot one thing I meant to say in that post. Every time Kristen or I go anywhere with the girls - whether just the twins or with all four, we hear the same thing over and over again. If we had $5.00 for each time we hear this comment, we could send them all to college. Everybody says, "You sure have your hands full!" I think they think they're being really original. I often respond with "Yes, indeed, full of blessings!"

I've lived in Northern Colorado for about 38 years. We talk about the weather a lot, because it's such an interesting topic. Winter is usually fairly mild, with the snow disappearing pretty quickly, save the occasional blizzard. Autumn is fabulous - usually long, mild, colorful, with wonderful fresh air. Spring is crazy - it is more likely to bring heavy snow than winter. It suddenly heats up and summer is here. When I first lived here, July would be hot, with cloudy mid-afternoons and a cooling shower. On occasion, we would have a gully washer which would cause flooding of the underpasses on the interstate. Often it would be accompanied by hail, which would destroy roofs and cars.

But then came the drought - 5 or 6 years of incredibly dry winters and summers. This year, when the old weather patterns have returned, we don't remember that it used to be this way. Not watering the grass and gardens is wonderful. God does such a better job than we do. But it's hard to plan anything outdoors in the evening, because chances are it's going to be rained on and/or cancelled.

Case in point: remember our annual Hymn Sing held out on the grounds of Walker Manufacturing? Last Saturday night was the 6th annual event. The first year it was so cold that those of us who ventured out dressed for winter. Even so, there were around 700 people there. The next four years we enjoyed beautiful evenings, watching the sun set over the mountains as we sang those glorious songs. There were around 900 last year. At least one year it was really hot.

Saturday was a rather cloudy day all day, but there was no rain. Until - just a few minutes before the 6:00 start time. As I came out of the dinner supplied for those of us who served as staff, it sprinkled a few drops. Thankfully we had brought our umbrellas, which most people did. I was sure it was going to clear up miraculously.

It got worse and worse as the evening wore on, but we stuck it out. Unbelievably, there were around 800 in spite of the inclement weather. Quite a few older people left about halfway through. DC sang with his quartet, and as he took the stage, I discovered that the umbrella had been dripping cold drops on his right leg - his pant leg was drenched.

I can tell you one thing about singing under an umbrella - the sound of your voice hits the umbrella and all you can hear is your own. Bob Walker, who is responsible for the event, and who leads one of the sets of songs, said that the sound from the platform was great - the umbrellas served to send the sound up to him.

I call this "Seriously Soaked Singing Saints."

The song leaders were not under any cover when they were directing - I still think we should have sung "Showers of Blessing!"

The pages of the books were sticking together --

Some poor folks didn't come prepared for rain, but they were really good sports.

By the time 8:00 arrived, I was shaking with cold. It felt so good to get in the truck, turn the heat up, and head home for a hot shower. I know one thing for sure - God was pleased with our voices being raised to Him in praise. And please, Lord, let us have sunshine next year!

BTW, Care Bear has started a blog and would love to have some visitors - her address is

Have a wonderful week-end!!


Sammy said...

Wow. It must have been a very special event for so many people to stick it out in the rain! I love the shot of all the umbrellas.

We've had more rain this spring than I can ever remember us having! When it's not raining, it's SO humid! Needless to say, we're all a bit grumpy about it! :-)

Needled Mom said...

Oh my dear!!! That was definitely a performance of love. I can imagine how good that warm shower must have felt. It was wonderful that so many folks still attended and made the best of a wet situation.

It is nice to be out of the drought for you folks. God's watering is cheaper as well as much more beneficial.

Isn't it strange what comments people will make? You had an awesome answer for them....blessings for sure!

Have a great weekend.

A Hint of Home said...

You did get some amazing pics with all the umbrellas. Sorry it rained for all of you.

Jess said...

Woo and the saints get very wet! LOL

Loved the update...they are growing so fast...I was wondering how you kept them apart so well!

That cats eyes are gorgeous!

Hope all is well with you

MugwumpMom said...

The song "Singing in the Rain" is now stuck in my head.
Looks like a great time.

How have you been? I've been super busy and distracted but things have leveled out and am hoping to come visit again, and more often.

Blessing and have a good weekend too!

Midlife Mom said...

Showers Of Blessings would have been the perfect song for the evening!! I so miss the old hymn sings that we used to have in the evening service sometimes. It seems like everything has gone to what the young people like, guess that means I'm old, but every time they ask for favorites it's always one of the old songs that people pick.
Great pictures Dawn!

Hootin' Anni said...

Ahhhhhhhh, to have a cooling rain. Even a warm rain. Our ground is so dry that it looks like the cracked desert land of the Sahara [if you pull the grass blades apart]...and I am constantly watering. Blow some of that rain our way next time you get some, okay?

I must say your point left at my blog is quite thrilling to say the least. At least I'm not the only one that thinks of him in such a way. It IS sad. Be it the case of news coverage and his lifestyle.

Linda said...

We have listened to many a concert in the pouring rain too Dawn. I know you're right - the Lord is pleased with our songs of praise rain or shine!
I sure do hope our drought doesn't last as long as yours did. We are into our second year of almost no rain and ridiculously hot weather. I'm glad you're back to normal and praying we will be soon.
I'm going to hop over to visit the new blogger.
Enjoy the weekend Dawn.

nancygrayce said...

It was so pretty with all the umbrella's. I agree you should have sung showers of blessings!

Nancy said...

This really is a special time of the year for you. I'm glad you didn't let the rain dampen the festivities. I also thought of the song, "Singing in the Rain"! I loved the colorful umbrella picture. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by...reminding me to touch base with my blogging buddy!

grammy said...

Hey, that could be the name of a blog... 'Hand full of Blessings'. I feel the same about my four. Rain. Craziness. Fell sorry for people that have scheduled outdoor weddings. Yikes.

Robin said...

Wow- that's great Dawn! I'm so glad it wasn't cancelled and that you made such a fun memory.

Our weather has been strange too. This week will be in the 90's which is the first real warm weather we have had yet.

I hope you make it out this summer - how fun it would be to meet IRL!

PEA said...

It's a shame we can't plan the weather when it comes to special events but it's nice to see that people just go with it and don't let it stop them from attending:-) Quite often I've seen where we haven't had a drop of rain in a couple of weeks but comes the day where you're having a barbecue with lots of company coming pours! lol I'm glad it all turned out well even though a bit soggy for you:-) xoxo

Tammy said...

Hi dear Dawn,
You all were such troopers! Love all of the umbrellas! But of course, here in Oregon, we're pretty good about sticking it out in the rain, too! ;)
How sweet that Care Bear has started a blog...both my girls have too but they're private (although I should invite you to view them!) I'll stop right over now at her new blog.
Thank you again for all of your prayers!

Sharon Lynne said...

What a great post. I love the colorful umbrellas and viewing the "soaked saints".

My brother (as you know) lives in Colorado. He's flying out with one of my nieces for my dad's 80th birthday in a week! My niece is so excited to visit Calif...she's 15.