Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Week it Was!!

I've never had a "word for the year" before. This year I do, and it is getting a real workout. The word, if you recall, is "flexibility." I just noticed it's been a week since I wrote a post, which is testament to the craziness of this week. I don't know if this year requires more flexibility than normal, or if I'm just noticing it because it's my word.

A week and a half ago Kristen had a blood test taken. An entire week later the doctor's office called to tell her she had swine flu - a week later! She was passing along germs a whole week before they called? She had a few symptoms, but just wasn't sick enough for this diagnosis, in our opinion. But, to be safe, we had to keep the kids - we couldn't risk them getting the virus.

Two days later, Kristen insisted on a second blood test, because she just didn't feel like she had H1N1. They asked her to come in rather than just giving her the news over the phone. That was a bit intimidating. Turns out she doesn't have the flu at all - but she is anemic. How in the world did they make such a mistake?

So she was given a mongo iron shot, which made her dizzy for a few hours. That night we took the kids to Kentucky Fried Chicken for supper. I don't take my purse in with me when I have the 4 kids to contend with. I just took my glasses case in with me to exchange for the sunglasses I was wearing. I never took my sunglasses off after all.

We took the big girls home, because their mommy was feeling good enough to have them overnight, and she obviously wasn't contagious. I discovered on the way that I didn't have my glasses case with me. I panicked. I need new glasses, but didn't have time to get before going away for the week-end. We headed back to KFC, hoping I had left them on the table. Unfortunately, they weren't there, nor under the table - there was a group eating there.

So - the next step was checking the garbage - YUCK!! The good news? Most of the people in there that night were getting the advetised special "to go" - consequently, no mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, or chicken bones were on top of what I had dumped in there a half hour before. There was my glasses case - I had put them on the tray with the trash and garbage. What a relief! UPDATE: Yesterday (Monday) my glasses BROKE! So now I'm running around in constant dusk with my prescription sunglasses - without them I'd be in a total fog! I'm heading to Lenscrafters today, though I'd rather go somewhere that's not in such a hurry. I pray they do a good job. I can't get along for a week without my specs, and I don't think they're fixable, even temporarily. sigh

Friday morning was Feisty's first ever field trip and Kristen wanted to go as a mother helper. We were so glad she wasn't contagious, so she could do it. The littles and I went to the library while she and Feisty went to the fire station.

Friday afternoon I left with the group from church for Women of Faith in Denver. On the way, two people realized they didn't have their tickets. What did we do before cell phones?? We made lots of phone calls, and discovered that technology is a good thing in cases like this - several of us who had our tickets were able to give them a number which allowed them to bring up the missing tickets on the computer and print new tickets. Who knew??

We finally got to the hotel only to discover that downtown Denver was a real mess - parking was a nightmare. We ended up with valet parking and walked to the bus to get to the auditorium. If you ever have a chance to go to a Women of Faith conference, treat yourself (go to the link to see who all was there). The speakers are so great - I call it inspiration overload. The music this year was a bit loud for my taste, and I was disappointed when Sandi Patti was unable to be there after all. I bought books by almost every speaker this year. Remember Blair from Facts of Life? Lisa Whelchel, who played her, has an amazing story of her years on the show. Sheila Walsh, Marilyn Meberg, Patsy Clairmont, Lucy Swindoll - all have the amazing ability to take something little that happened in their lives and find a spiritual application. Or, in the case of this year, something huge that changed her life and can help us with our spiritual journey. I go from laughter to tears in split seconds.

Friday night after the service, which included a Stephen Curtis Chapman concert (with his two sons playing in his band - Will Franklin, who was driving the car when their little Maria was run over, sits behind his dad as he talks about the tragedy), we headed on foot back to the hotel. After a stop at the Cheesecake Factory (where we consumed way too many calories), crazy as it seems, we had to deal with the fact that we were given rooms with only one bed per room and 3 women per room. Uh Oh. Suffice it to say,we worked it out, quite creatively. but it was a bit of a mix-up. You'll have to guess how we did it!

We ate too much, slept too little, laughed, cried, talked, bonded. Sema was able to go with us and I was so glad of that. We are going to be sure Kristen gets to go next year.

Mixed in with all of the other stuff this week, DC brought in a pick-up load of dirt to fill in around the new patio.

What a goofball!

He also installed these flag stones --

Some fun shots of the kiddoes --

Saying "Bye-Bye"

Calling Mommy, most likely --

Playing teacher - "reading" to the class -- (a friend added the color to her hair, and 4 washings later, it is still there!)

Hauling around something Care Bear created --

And, finally -- the "last rose of summer!"

Have a wonderful week!


Gigi said...

Boy, you sure have been busy, haven't you?! Thanks for letting me know that I won't get updates when you post to your blog...I'll be better about checking in now that I know!

Your new patio looks fabulous!! I hope you're getting to enjoy it often before the weather breaks. Your hubby did a great job with the design - I know you love it!

All the grandbabies are so precious! There's just nothing better...

I've never been to a Women of Faith conference. I'll have to keep that in the back of my mind if one ever comes to my area. I seem to remember they have in the past. Thanks for sharing that!

I think you chose the right word of the year! Flexibility is definitely on target!

Have a blessed week...

Linds said...

I am exhausted just reading all your antics, Dawn! I am so glad you had a wonderful time away. You will have to tell us more re the speakers some time. Beautiful photos of the little ones, and hilarious ones of your husband!

Becky said...

What a great post. I hope your daughter is back to normal soon. And I am glad you found your glasses (yuck). The kids are busy as always and that patio looks GREAT. Your hubby is doing fine without me :)

Hootin' Anni said...

Hello Dawn! Sorry I didn't get around to visiting's been a busy couple of days here at home for us.

LOL on the hair color. Reminds me of when I convinced my mom a long time ago to let me put a silver rinse in her turned PURPLE! Anyway, love the flagstone work he's been doing. That'll look so nice. And the little cars? Adorable photo.

And your conference in Denver...the traffic/parking ---why does that not surprise me? Yes, technology is something else...having the tickets reprinted is great.

Sounds like one terrific time had at the retreat tho...all in all.

Hope your week is treating you well!!! And oh...almost forgot!----that misdiagnosis, what a hoot. Drs....can't live without 'em, but I tell you, they can make doozies of errors sometimes. [a friend of mine...her husband was diagnosed almost a year ago with Diabetes 2 and was given himself injections...nothing worked.....then, the redid blood work and found out it was Diabetes ONE instead...geez. The man almost died for crying out loud!]

Robin said...

Wow - you have been one busy lady! I have been to Women of Faith Conferences - and they are awesome. I have also heard that Come to The Fire in Olathe is just as good, if not better. I haven't been to any of those but I might look into it for the future.
What a crazy diagnosis for Kristen. I think my Andrea might have the Swine Flu but she is finally on the mend. As a kindergarden teacher she gets exposed to everything. We kept Ava for three nights because she had such a high fever she couldn't hardly get out of bed. We are praying that sweet Ava doesn't come down with it.
Your patio landscaping looks great! I would love to do something like that, but I already have enough on my plate. Maybe when I retire?.....

grammy said...

Wow what a week. Glad the flu thing was straightened out. They do make mistakes. It has been awhile since i made it to WOF, but I do truly love it. Hope you had your new glasses by then. Like the way the patio is coming along (o:

nancygrayce said...

Do you ever get bored? :) That was a joke. That is crazy about the blood work!

I love the new patio too!

I too think you chose the right word for the year!

nancygrayce said...

:) I 'll bet you wouldn't know what to do with boredom!

Needled Mom said...

Yes, how DO they mix up a diagnosis like that??? I have heard that the H1N1 takes a long time to get the results back (unfortunately).

You are such a good mom and grandma to step in for Kristen like that. I know how much work it is for you and I imagine that you fall into bed each night.

Your conference sounded fabulous. I am glad they were able to work everything out with the tickets. The bed situation.....that's another story, I'm sure!!

Hope you are seeing clearly again and that it is a better week for you.

Hootin' Anni said...

Dawn! I'm bummed now!!! Don't stop blogging....I love reading what you're doing. Oh man....what a downer. :o(

Midlife Mom said...

That sounds like such a fabulous conference! We have to go to Boston to get a big conference like that and that is four hours! I'm glad you got to go and also got the tickets straightened out.

I will be away the 16th-26th of October. After that I will be here until the end of January.

So glad Kristen didn't have that swine flu! Mix ups are scary aren't they!!

Love your new patio, tell DC that he did a great job!

Oh the will wash out eventually! lol!

That rose is just spectacular! Gorgeous!

Judith said...

So thankful your daughter's lab tests clarified. Might consider
another test, to make sure everything still shows o.k.

The little ones are growing! Please keep us updated how the budding actress/singer/artist is doing. I love seeing little ones going with gusto for what they really like doing.

I know what you mean about getting glasses. Mine need replacing, but things called everyday life keep getting in the way of eye exams, and choosing new frames. Oh well, maybe next month.

While I lived in Grand Junction a few years ago, met some women who drive that far, to the Women of Faith gathering here, and they spoke highly of it.

And the last part of this too long comment: thank you so much for sharing your last rose of summer.
It is so beautiful.

PEA said...

You must get to bed at night completely exhausted!! I keep busy but you surpass me by far in everything you have to do in one day alone! lol Such a busy week you've had but a fun one as well. Sounds like you had a great time at the Women of Faith conference but oh dear on the hotel room mix up...did one of you sleep in the tub??? lol

Love the look of your patio and I'm still giggling at the pictures of DC! hehe

That is really terrible that Kristen was misdiagnosed like that. Makes you wonder how many people are being treated with certain medications for something they don't even have!! No doubt she was relieved to find out she didn't have the swine flu.

The kiddos are so sweet and I'm sure there's never a dull day with them around:-) They grow so fast, they're already driving!!! lol

Your roses are gorgeous. Even though we've had a lot of frosty mornings here, my rose bushes are still in bloom so I'm really enjoying them.

I hope this week has been a bit calmer for you:-) xoxo

Partners In Prayer for Our Prodigals said...

Ah! The restful, relaxing life a retiree!!!

Bless you my friend!!!!!!


God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Why hello Dawn,

For off, I want to appologize to you that I have been so busy, busy, busy with starting my new photography business. It won't be ready until early 2010 and I promise to keep up with you more. Wow, look at the time and we have church in the morning. Thanks for stopping by my website. :D

Yes, and you have been super hectic; I was thinking to myself 'WOW! What a woman!'

When things settle down for me I will come back around.

Lotsaluv your friend,

nannykim said...

Beautiful rose; and the patio is looking great! The women of faith conference must have been a real blessing , but I do not envy you the 3 for 1 bed!!

Sharon Lynne said...

Women of Faith sounds fun.

My husband was Sheila Walsh's musical director for a few years until Corey, our oldest, was about 8 months old. She held Corey and walked around with him on the stage one night. (before the show).

My husband played keyboards, but was responsible for rehearsing and contracting the band.

Enough about that. Your yard looks good!

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