Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Springtime in the Rockies

We always get a good wet snow storm in March. We had one last week-end, and I assumed that was it and we could get on with spring weather. We had one really wonderfully warm day, Monday. Yesterday was gray and gloomy and a nice rain began around 2:30 in the afternoon. Feisty was really excited to play on the trampoline in the rain.

It wasn't long before the temperature took a dive downward and the rain turned into huge wet snowflakes. By bedtime the east windows looked like this - the win was really whipping those snowflakes around.

When we got up this morning, we had to go to the west windows to discover that it wasn't snowing anymore - in fact, had probably not snowed much during the night. That was good news, because I had to head north about 15 miles for two appointments - lab work for blood tests following my check-up, and a mammogram.

I was one of very few cars in the parking lot of the huge medical complex when I arrived at 6:45. The roads were just fine - the fact that they had called off school all of northern Colorado seemed a bit ridiculous at that point.

I dread the mammo every year because of my history of fibrocystic disease, which makes the process extremely painful. I was incredibly pleasantly surprise to find that the process is now digital and requires much less compression. I don't have to dread it so much in a year. YAY!!

The back yard looked so beautiful when I got home around 8:30 - in spite of the fact that it is spring and things should be green, yellow, red, and blue rather than pure white.

After working out at the gym, I found this very interesting sight (one problem with these spring storms is that branches often break from the evergreens - fortunately, this year there were no leaves on the other trees yet, and the daffodils are smartly staying in the ground). This particular tree broke the stop sign --

. . . and was drooping into the garbage dumpster --

Less than two hours later - it won't be long before all of the snow is soaked into the dry ground - the wheat farmers have to be delighted, and our grass and flowers will really love the drink they're getting. Besides that, it will help fill the reservoirs and let us have water during the summer.

On a totally different subject - it's been almost a year since Kevin went back to Teen Challenge, this time in Maine. If you're new to this site and don't know this story, feel free to go to this post
and catch up.

Kev's wife, Sema (her cyber-name) got to go visit him this past week-end. They had a wonderful time and the weather was perfect.

Thank you so much for your prayers for them as they look to their future and try to find God's will for their next step.


Glenda said...

Hi, Dawn! Enjoyed catching up with the goings-on in your life! I'm glad your mammogram went smoothly this time and you won't have to dread it in the future.

Your snow pics are so, so pretty! It's hard for me to imagine that much snow in springtime!

Your son and his wife look so happy in their pic, and I pray that God's directions will be very clear to them.

Thanks for connecting me with Sharon at her cabreeze blog!

Needled Mom said...

I had heard about your storm, Dawn. I know it is not that unusual, but certainly NOT welcomed at this time of the year. The pictures are beautiful and the temps must be on the rise to have it melting that quickly.

My prayers continue for Kev and Sema. I am glad to read they had such a good visit.

All of my physical stuff starts next month. I hate that proceedure too. I hope they have the digital for me.

Gigi said...

Whew...a surprise storm, huh? Well, I'm glad the snow decided not to stick around for long because Spring is HERE and needs to be respected!! Hope you'll be enjoying warmer temps and beautiful flowers before you know it! I did enjoy the photos though!

Kevin and Sema take a lovely photograph! I pray they have a long and happy future together. How much longer will Kevin be at TC?

Glad to know things are going well and no mention of anyone being sick...YAY!!!

Amy said...

We actually got snow here too on Friday night and I'm in TX.

Ugh! I can't stand the white stuff!

Great pix of Kevin and Sema

Brenda said...

At least the sun came out your way. It's been cold and windy down here all day. We got 4 or 5 inches. Grace was happy to have one more snow icecream of the season. Gotta make the best of it, and yes, these wet, spring snows are so great for the ground.

You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

The pictures are beautiful...but, alas, they are of snow...I love it, I'm just REALLY ready for Spring. But that's not to be in Utah either! So I am learning yet another lesson about patience!

Thank you for sharing the update on your son. I will continue to keep he and his wife (beautiful picture) in my prayers and I pray that all will go well for them. It's a long and winding road, one that I NEVER thought I'd find myself on, but the journey has taught me the most precious lessons, so I have to remind myself to always be grateful.

I'm due for a mammo also...You've inspired me to get on the ball and do it! I'm also ovedue for a colonoscopy (never had one before). Have a great day and a blessed weekend!


Maine Mom said...

It snows here in the Spring, too. I like Spring snow because I know it won't last long, it is beautiful, and we can go outside and enjoy it without freezing to death. :-)

The kids weren't impressed that it was lightly snowing yesterday afternoon. The last 2 weeks have been so beautiful and warm that it really felt like Spring. That is unusual for us in March. So now the kids are in Spring mode and say NO MORE SNOW! That would be nice.

I'm glad Kevin and Sema were able to spend time together. I'm also glad they had beautiful weather to enjoy. :-)

Becky said...

Ooooh, those snowy pictures are so mysterious looking and gorgeous!

PEA said...

Hopefully all that snow is now completely gone! Your pictures show how it usually looks like here in March but as you know, we haven't had snow all of March and the grass is turning green!! Yesterday I noticed my little crocuses are in bloom, again very unusual since they don't usually bloom until the end of April. It sure has been a mixed up crazy Winter.

Love that picture of Kevin and Sema, they look so happy. My prayers continue for them. xoxo

Susan said...

Beautiful pictures!!!! Thanks for the update on Kevin and his wife and the lovely picture of them. The smiles say it all. I'm so thankful for the answered prayers for all of you.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Love the snow, and really this kind is the best: accumulates quickly and and is pretty to look at, but doesn't make the roads bad and then melts off quickly too. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to have more snow here still yet.

I'm glad Kevin and Sema got to be together and I hope this trip to TC has really done the job for Kevin. Praying that God will make their path clear to them.

Hope your tests turn out good for you.

Happy Friday and weekend! :o)

Love and hugs,


Christa said...

Ah yes, I remeber snow like that in the Cal. sierra's, beautiful pictures! My grandson (in CO. finally got the wet snow he needed to make a snowman.
Praying for your son, his wife and their future where God leads them.

Hootin' Anni said...

HA!!! I could sit here and say "I told you so"...that Colorado is so fickle when it comes to deciding if you're getting Spring or Winter wants to stick around.

It's so nice to read that the two could have some time together!!! They make such a wonderful, beautiful couple!!!! The faces say "Happy times" for sure!!!!

I've been awol, I know, from visiting and commenting but there has been another huge clean up project going on around here....but, before the sun comes up to full brightness today, I wanted to stop by and say a big o' "Howdy-do" to you dear Dawn.

Midlife Mom said...

So glad that Sema got to come visit Kev! Glad they had a good visit and that the weather was warm. It's freezing now as a cold front has moved in and it was in the 20's this morning with windchill factor lower then that. Brrrrrr! It won't last long though and we will be back into spring.

Things are going better here. It's going to be rough when the other boys come home from the stable for the summer and Skip is not with them. I dread that but everything happens for a reason so I find comfort in that. Am hoping to get a post going next week. Thanks for caring!

Enjoyed your post about Pete!

Sharon Lynne said...

Your weather is always fascinating to me! How do you decide what to wear in the morning?

I'm glad Seema and Kevin had a good weekend together.

Happy the mammo went well. I hope my medical center is obtaining those same machines soon!

nannykim said...

Can't believe you got snow!!!!! Well, yes I can...One time it snowed here in SC the first week in April!!! HA!! We made snowmen.

God's blessing on your son and wife.

Robin said...

I haven't had the pleasure of a digital mammogram yet - something to look forward to!
Kevin and Sema look so great - I hope things are going as well as they look.
I'm so glad we don't get spring snowstorms - I think that would be more than I could bear.
Have a great weekend!

grammy said...

Great picture of Kevin and his wife.

Hope and pray all will be well...with Gods help.
I was surprised how the evergreens took such a beating with this heavy snow..Isn't that what they are designed for? (o:

So... the house for the Zhu Zhu pet was made from a photo box like from Hobby Lobby. It comes with a divider down the middle so that was great for 2 pets. I used scrapbook paper to make a rug and then pictures on the walls and doors. Pockets from old clothes for a bed... Hope the dog hasn't eaten it all yet (o:

We have spring break this week and I hope the weather is nice.

groovyoldlady said...

We haven't had the spring snow this year, but mercy, we've had rain! The snow is much prettier!

I love pic of Kev and Sema. I pray for them OFTEN!