Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday is almost over. I got the "crud" yesterday and spent a miserable day in bed (well, when I wasn't in the little room next door to the bedroom!) It was as if I lived in a protective bubble when everyone else was getting sick. I really thought I had escaped. But on the first day that I could actually crash, I crashed big time. It's unbelievable how good I feel today compared to yesterday.

Thanks for your prayers once again for Kristen. The meds are doing what they're supposed to be doing and she's feeling good once again. I want so badly for her to feel good for more than a week or two at a time!

While we had the girls this time, it was "spirit week" at their school. One day was Crazy Hair Day - Care Bear did her own and I helped Feisty. Care Bear also did Katie's for her.

That was a beautiful pre-spring warm day, and the girls had a great time after school. They decided to do a show for me - Taylor Swift song complete with all sorts of choreography - with a pile of old crunchy snow as the stage.

I had to take a few pictures as I was out and about that day. This is a view on the way to the kids' school - so beautiful.

I just have to ask you -- would you do this ----

if the shoreline looked like this???

I was so excited to get this in the mail this week - right on schedule. It looks white in the picture, but it is a lovely beige (called khaki) and goes well with the little bear I posed with the set. Now I just have to figure out a place to put it in my cupboards - I figure maybe some of my old stuff can pass for vintage at the Habitat store. Thanks again, Becky (Butler's Wife)!

The most exciting thing of the week - last week I took my "lost and found" diamond to our favorite jewelers - the young woman who waited on me was fabulous. She doesn't look anywhere near old enough, but she says she's been there for 17 years. She must have worked there in high school. She had an immediate idea how to salvage my original, sentimental bands, and make the stone secure for the rest of my life. It doesn't stand up high off the band any more, but I love the new look. What do you think??

And last but not least - WOO-HOO!!


Baba said...

Good evening Dawn, I hope you are feeling better everyday..I love the pictures of the hair-styles on the girls..our grands love to put on talent shows for us... so cute..
The picture of the snow on the mountain top is beautiful...a great view..
How much weight have you loss? How did you do it??
Take care .... hugs, Baba

Glenda said...

Wow, Dawn! You've really lost some weight! Congrats! And I love your ring - your miracle ring!

Your little grandgirls are blessed to have you in their lives. I'm glad Kristen is feeling better but sorry you have the bug now. I'm praying for all of you!

I can't imagine living in a place with views like the beautiful ones you've posted. The snow-covered mountains in all their majesty are beautiful.

Gigi said...

Awww...precious grandbabies! Love the "crazy hair!"

Your "new" ring looks spectacular and oh-so-secure!! I'm so glad it's back on your finger where it belongs!

You are looking fabulous, Miss Dawn! Keep up the good work...wooohooo is right!

I'm glad your bug seemed to confine itself to one day and that you're feeling better today...enjoy your Spring preview!

Amy said...


First can I tell you again how absolutely thrilled I am that it shows me when you post now?

I hope you are feeling much better! Glad Kristin is getting healthy again.

Every time you post new pictures of the girls I am in shock at how much they have grown and changed.


Brenda said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!
Yes, ice fishing on a lake that is melting looks a tad...or a lot scary to me. Yikes!

Mary said...


Congratulations on the weight loss. I was doing real good for 3 months and now I seem to be at a plateau. That is normal, but I can't wait to start losing again.

Glad the girls had fun at school and then put on a show for you. Fun!

I'm sorry Kirsten hasn't been well. I will keep her in my prayers.

Wonderful scenery. Loved the photos. Maybe one day I will get to visit Colorado.


Needled Mom said...

Yippee on those loose pants!!!!! That looks awesome and I am sure it feels even better.

Sorry to read that you got the crud. Hope you are feeling better with each passing day.

That is some pretty crazy hair. Maybe I should do that with mine and tell everyone that it is crazy hair day!

The view on the way to school is just gorgeous and, NO, I would not be out ice fishing (even if the lake was frozen solid).

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Sorry you got the crud, but glad you're feeling better now, and Kristen as well.

We had all that spirit week stuff when I was in school but I don't think we started participating until junior high.

Your ring looks great and it's bound to be more secure now.

Woo hoo! is right! Way to go! :o)

Happy Friday!

Love and hugs,


Maine Mom said...

I'm sorry the sickness caught up to you. I'm glad you are feeling better now.

Kate has the same shirt that Feisty is wearing in her crazy hair picture. :-)

Some people trust the ice way more than I would! You wouldn't catch me out there!

I like the new look of your ring. It looks like it will last forever that way. :-)

Becky said...

Just look at your skinny ol' self with a beautiful ring. You'd better cook healthy stuff in that new set of corningware to keep losing. What is your secret. I need what you've got girlfriend!!

And can I just say ... I wouldn't ice fish on a lake with 3 feet thick ice. I'd stay inside with my hot cocoa and fireplace. But I'll eat the fish they catch :)

Linds said...

Wow!! Look at you! Well done, Dawn! I love the new ring setting, by the way - very classy indeed, and safe, and that is what is important.
And those girls - don't you love the shows little one put on for us? I love seeing their imagination at work. Great hair dos too!

jmckemie said...

Oh, how I miss seeing that view out my window! Perhaps someday God will allow me to move back.

The girls are precious; we did not do those kind fo things until high school. And, the fun.

Congratulations on the new ring - love the look and the weight loss...I am envious, even though I know should not be. So glad for you, though!

Robin said...

Oh Dawn - you are looking faaaabulous! Good work my friend - I wish I could catch on to some sort of weight loss secret!

And your ring is beautiful - I absolutely LOVE that setting and how wonderful to know you will never lose it again. It's truly gorgeous!

Have a good weekend - I hope you are feeling better enough to enjoy it!

PEA said...

First of all, WOOHOO on all the weight you`ve lost so far!!! You`ve really done well:-)

Oh dear, sorry to hear that you were so sick yesterday. Good thing it only seemed to last one day, hopefully you`re feeling 100% again. I had a head cold for a few days but that seems to be all cleared up now, thank goodness.

Love the pictures of the girls with their crazy hair day hairstyles, as well as their performance! hehe Has Taylor Swift taken over from Hannah Montana these day? lol

That shot of the mountains is just gorgeous. Reminds me of being in British Columbia, no matter where you are when there, you see snow capped mountains like that.

Isn't it amazing how some people can be complete idiots when it comes to ice fishing? Just yesterday, a guy's truck went through the ice in a lake near here...the police have been warning people that the ice is no longer safe because of the milder temps we've been getting. Do people listen? Noooooo!

I think that girl did a great job with your new diamond setting. You will feel so much better now knowing that it's safely secured.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend. xoxo

Sammy said...

YES!!! Congratulations on that last photo!! Good for you! You must feel so good!

I love your "new" ring. It looks beautiful.

Also love the crazy hair. Those two are SO CUTE!!!

I can't believe that's your view on the way to school. It's absolutely amazing.

So glad you're feeling better.

Morning Glory said...

WooHoo indeed! That last picture is awesome.

Sharon Lynne said...

The ring is beautiful! I really like it.

Wow, you have lost some weight--great job!

I'm sorry to hear you got sick. Isn't it strange how it came on after everyone else was out of the woods. I think our system, knows that there are times we CAN'T get when we're helping others. Then it crashes. We are wonderfully made by God.

I love the "stage" of crunchy snow. So cute. I used to put on "shows" for friends and family when I was much fun.

The crazy hair is great!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of the littles with their crazy hair. Reminds me of special days when my 3 were small.

The ring looks just lovely. You should have some security that the stone is in to stay!

Impressed with the weight loss. I've been working at it, but not much in good results. Just can't budge the numbers enough.

SentimentsbyDenise said...

Dawn - I love the "new" ring - that stone setting is just perfect. It looks really classy.
Way to go on the weight loss! I weigh in tomorrow morning (just every 2 weeks for me) and my pants are fitting the same way. In fact the other day my husband called me "baggy pants". LOL! Now I can think of many other compliments he could've used, but at this point - I'll take that one!
My CSA delivered a great bunch of fruits and vegetables on Friday and today I went to the grocery store, so there's lots of good things to eat in our house! The Lord is blessing us so much, even with my husband not working steadily (since July of last year), all of our needs have been supplied and several of our "wants" too! God is good!

Christa said...

I love looking at the pictures of the girls, and how amazing the twins look now ~ two years later.
The ring looks good.
The weight loss looks good, also. Good for you. Hope you feel even more better tomorrow then you do today.
God bless

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Great pics. I really like your "new" ring but the best is those loose pants...awesome!

Hootin' Anni said...

Show off!!!!! Losing all that weight----I just know you put on a pair of MY jeans and tried to call them yours just to show you'd done gone and lost all that. NO FAIR.

And the ring...marvelous!!! What a great design. I do love the work.

And the photo of the mountains...oh how pretty!

Oh and the play on the snow stage? Super!! I bet that was a grand show, and you of course the grand audience!! What memories.

Hootin' Anni said...

:::coughing spell:::: sorry, they're all right now!!

I wanted to stop by and answer your question about the iris. Two have bloomed [both purple] and for now, nothing. BUT---they are spreading! Will keep you updated.

Hope your Friday has been good so far.

nannykim said...

I can see why you have loss weight!! Being soooooo busy!