Sunday, June 20, 2010

It was a retro kind of week . . .

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a new television station on our cable system, from a small town in Eastern Colorado. Somehow this station has gained access to some of my all time favorite drama shows from the past four decades. I have been recording way too many of them for future watching. Way too many! Dragnet, Emergency, Magnum P.I., Quincy, Ironside, Rockford Files, Simon and Simon, Macmillan and Wife. It is fun to watch the acting from so long ago, especially Dragnet. It is amazing to see the change in technology in the last 20 years. It's been fun, but I have to get control!

Because of our schedule, Kristen and I have switched off days taking the big girls to swimming lessons. Why is this in a retro post? Because this is the very same place where I took Kristen and Kevin for swimming lessons for many summers when they were kids. I also took them back to the same pool many afternoons each summer where they spent the time playing in the water and I spent the hours sitting in the shade with a good book. (So what's new, eh??) I have good memories of those days.

Care Bear has turned into a little fish . . .

. . . while Feisty, in her first set of lessons, is having trouble getting her nose wet (like her grandma there). But she's having fun, and that's what it's all about at this point.

The littles are having fun, too - it won't be long before they're in the pool, too.

Thank you for coming over to my 4th anniversary of blogging. My
second post was about how much music plays a role in my life. It was written when we got home from the Walker Hymn Sing, which we attended again last night.

It was the 7th annual gathering last night and this one had perfect weather, if somewhat hot in the pure sunshine. There were over 1100 people there. Another retro part of this story is what I wore. I was playing the organ this year, so I wanted to dress not too casually, but with slacks, since I was up on a high platform with an open organ between myself and the audience. I chose to wear a polyester pant suit that I haven't been able to wear for several years. I had forgotten that wearing polyester is tantamount to dressing in Saran Wrap. I was thankful to get up on that elevated platform, where a breeze and shade cooled me off. I can't imagine why this type of material was ever popular for summer clothes.

So - I'm down to 3 pounds from my goal. These last 3 pounds are hanging on for dear life. I have to ramp up the exercise or something - I have to reach my goal. Many people tell me to be satisfied, that I look fine. That may be, but I have to reach my goal. Understand? This picture is one that I chose to represent a time in my life when I was happy with my weight - to be used as an incentive. I'm holding my grand nephew, who was born 4 months before Care Bear - he must be a couple of months old here.

Yesterday I dug into a drawer and found that, sure enough, the shorts were still laying in the bottom, under a pile of clothes that should have probably been sent to Good Will or ARC a long time ago. Hope Springs Eternal!! Eight years later, I put the shorts on, (and the same t-shirt, believe it or not), posed with a prop for the baby, and asked DC to take my picture. What a great feeling!!

Well, hopefully soon I'll be able to report that I've reached that goal - in the meantime, have a wonderful week!


SentimentsbyDenise said...

LOts of fun things in this post!
Those TV shows are some of the same ones I use to watch years ago. These days, however, I'm not much of a TV watcher - hmmmm.
I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I'm down 40lbs since January 1st. I'm still a long way from my goal, but I know exactly what you mean when you say you MUST reach that goal. I think you're on the right track with changing up your exercise routine and don't forget to eat those vegetables!(LOL!).

Needled Mom said...

Just three more pounds to go? That is fabulous. I know that you have really worked hard on reaching that point and I know how great you are feeling about it. WAY TO GO!!!!

Those old shows were such classics. I remember watching the Rockford files after getting the children that I was babysitting down for the night. Loved it!

The pool is alwasy so refreshing for the kiddos. It is wonderful when they become water safe as well.

Sammy said...

How fun to watch those old TV shows!! I love things like that! And all those shows were classic!

I'm glad the girls are getting swim lessons! That's great. And they look like they're having so much fun. Love the photo of the littles pushing their bears in the double stroller!

Three pounds?? Way to go! It must have felt so good to get into those shorts! Good for you!

Glenda said...

Enjoyed your retro theme! How wonderful that you can wear those white shorts again!! I wish I had your determination and focus! Congrats! And you'll lose the last 3 pounds, I'm sure!

Have a great week!

nancygrayce said...

You look wonderful! I do understand the need to lose to your goal!

The kiddos look like they're having a great time swimming. Do the little ones get to get in at all?

Amy said...


First of all~ CONGRATS! OMGosh. Losing that weight is so great! You should be very proud of yourself!!!!

I love all those old shows too. I wish I could find Quincy anywhere on TV again. I'd DVR the whole series.

I love the pictures of the girls! They look like they're having such fun in the pool. Do the little ones like the water as much as the older 2?

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh boy oh boy....where do I begin. Well, for one---wearing polyester in the heat? And you wonder how I can walk in the high humidity. Girlfriend, that is a wrong material to wear in the summer. I do love you stamina and determination on the last 3 pounds. I would be so like you too. IF I HAD the willpower that is. LOL

You look marvelous. You go girl!!!

And the pool and the little ones...they do look like they're having a blast keeping Grandma busy watching all that's going on. The girls look like they're enjoying their summer in the pool and with the swimming lessons. Deja vu all over again for you, no?

AND!!!!----I must tell you, I've had you on my mind all weekend. Why? Well, there is another couple of iris budding. And one this morning was in full's a smokey lavender. It's absolutely beautiful. Dawn I can't thank you enough for your generosity. I told Bud when I went out to take a photo of it [which will be my Friday's post for show n tell] that next Spring I'm gonna have MORE iris now that I know they survive down here. All thanks to you!!

And one more...the wild flower? I don't know what it's some kind of grass, 'cause the stemming is just like grass blades.

Have a great day. I gotta go check out your other posts to catch up.

Dawn said...

It's much easier to keep track of everyone when there are 3 adults there, as there were that day - Grandpa, Mommy, and me!

PEA said...

I remember watching all of those tv shows...that's when there were good shows to watch, not like today!! We have a channel that plays all of those old tv series but you have to pay extra for that channel, as well as some others. I haven't bothered to add it since we're paying enough as it is for the extra channels we do have.

Glad to see the girls having so much fun with their swimming lessons. My boys had taken some too when they were that age and both swim like fish:-) Their father has always been scared of the water and can't swim so I didn't want them ending up like that.

I also remember wearing polyester and I also remember how hot it used to be wearing it in the summer time! lol I was so happy when wash & wear cotton came out:-)

I can understand you wanting to lose those last 3 pounds. You haven't come all that way just to quit now:-) You look fabulous and what a thrill to be wearing clothes that you wore years ago and have them fit! xoxo

grammy said...

good for you about the weight loss
keep plugging
I have 3 to loose and I really need to firm up!!!
maybe if I get in a pool this summer.
my girls all started swim lessons today at our outdoor pool...always risky weather wise (o:
the just turned 3 year old did great (o:
her class was called Turtles...she thought it would involve real turtles,,,I think she was disappointed (o:

Linda said...

You look terrific Dawn! I'm so proud of you. Now, I need to do the same thing.
I used to love all of those programs too. Absolutely loved Rockford Files! How great that you can tape them and have them saved.
The singing looks like such fun. I'm glad you had nice weather this year. I remember the pictures of all the rain!
Enjoy these sweet summer days.

Ann said...

I remember and liked Magnum PI.

Brenda said...

Hang in there with your goal. It'll come off sooner than you think.
The swimmiing pool looks so inviting!
It hit 101 today.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Morning....Happy Wednesday. I remember you had said you read about the hatchling release in a book. [Book? Why does that NOT surprise me? :::wink:::]---anyway, I wanted to let you know I posted about the release of 100+ from last week on my blog today.

Hope you'll have a super day.

Sharon Lynne said...

You are so funny! You still have the same clothes stashed away...and what a great comparison picture. You look wonderful!

I think you were made for blogging. You come up with some humdingers of posts.

I used to watch McMillan and Wife but I can't remember (for the life of me) what it was about. So I'm going to google it now.

Midlife Mom said...

Great post as always! I loved all those old shows too, so much cleaner then the shows today. I watch very little regular tv now, I hate all the violence and racy content. Magnum PI was my all time favorite, I tend to want to think that he is a nice person in real life. He has a summer home someplace here in Maine but I don't know where.

Glad the girls are taking swimming lessons. It's sooooooo good for them and something that they will use all of their life. The two littles look so cute pushing their strollers around!! I don't like to get my face in the water either.

We are expecting heavy rain and thunderstorms today. Is Kev at the racetrack in Bangor or somewhere else? We will have to set up a date to meet again while you are here in July. Let me know your schedule when it gets closer to the time you are here. It should be beautiful weather for you in late July!

You have done so well my friend! You have been an inspiration to me and helped me get on track and work on my weight! I have lost almost 20 pounds so far and hope to lose another 10 or 15 but I am taking it a day at a time. I know what a wonderful feeling it is to put on something that you couldn't fit into before! I have a whole old/new wardrobe now that I am enjoying! :o)

I loved sewing on polyester 'back in the day' but yes it sure was hot! It was very forgiving to sew with and I made many dresses for myself, mostly out of the same pattern! ha!

You WILL reach that goal! xoxoxox

Just Call Me Grammy said...

You look great!!! You have worked to hard to quit now...I am sure you'll get those last three pounds off and feel the joy of reaching your goal!