Friday, June 04, 2010

There are so many things I want to say. I just can't seem to get them to gather in one place in my brain - I reach in there and there are these things buzzing around, but they seem to have scattered my thoughts to the point where I can't bring them together.

I have good thoughts, even whole sentences that come to me as I'm walking, exercising, or riding my bike. I need one of those mini recorders so that I can capture the words before they slip away, never to be recovered.

I hope to be back soon with something that makes sense. I have not even been over to read any of your beautiful pieces of prose. But I will be soon.

I promise.

See ya soon!


Linds said...

Me too, Dawn!

Linda said...

Oh, I know Dawn. If I don't write a thought down immediately - it simply floats away somewhere!

Needled Mom said...

I know the feeling, Dawn. Looking forward to a return of your thoughts!!! Hugs!

Gigi said...

Dawn, my Sweet Hubby used one of those digital voice recorders! He loved that little thing...and now I love it too because I can hear his voice at the push of a button.

I think everybody (certainly every blogger) knows exactly what you mean! ;)


Susan said...

Love the cartoon. Me, too, Dawn!!!!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

We all have the same thing happenin' one time or 'nother Dawn. No worries.

I must say I love your choice of blog decor this time...the deep rich colors are outstanding. Very vibrant, just like you!!!

Sharon Lynne said...

That's funny. I was just emailing a friend about my mind "falling apart".

You always DO have a lot of thoughts in your posts. While reading your posts I am thinking...
"Oh I need to comment on that!"
Then I read your next paragraph.
"Oh I need to comment on that!"
and so on.
Then when I get to the bottom of your post, I can't remember what I wanted to say.

That's okay about the short post. At least in this post, I remembered what I wanted to say.

grammy said...

My problem is i don't have my backed up on disk (o:
I always have great thoughts in bed....
or where there is no pen
but even when I do jot down a note
latter I think
what in the world does that mean (o:

Denise said...

Thanks for coming by my blog and chatting about the bananas! I love your profile hat! I am a hat person my self ...... My husband bought me one of those mini recorders for Christmas .. Most of the time that I am hearing from the Lord is when I am not around any paper... Now I carry it in my pocket and just talk into the recorder when I have something to say.. It is wonderful !

nannykim said...

ha, I know how that feels!