Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monday Musings

"He comes alongside us when we go through hard times, and before you know it, he brings us alongside someone else who is going through hard times so that we can be there for that person just as God was there for us." II Corinthians 1:4 (The Message)

I remember clearly when I discovered this verse and it became a beacon of light for me. There are times when I have said to God, "Okay, we've learned enough now that we can help people who are going through hard times like ours - we don't need any more!"

DC and I were 25 and 30 when we married. We had both made it through 4 years of college without finding that special one. When we met, each of us had experienced enough of life to know what we were and were not looking for in a mate. We didn't date long before we knew that we would be "Together Forever" (the song from "I Do, I Do" which was sung at our wedding).

It wasn't long before our little family was complete - two adorable little blue-eyed blondes, one of each. Perfect.

We went through the typical growing pains of any young family - those were very busy years and for the most part very fun. It's one of those deals - if we had known the future, we might not have had the courage to face it. I can remember, as the kids got old enough to stay home for a few minutes alone, DC and I took walks together, and our conversation often turned to how blessed we were compared to other families who were going through such tough times.

Then life hit us smack in the face - with both kids. Life became incredibly difficult for a season, and we all continue to live with the consequences of those situations. But we live in hope and trust for their futures and ours.

In the meantime, both subjects - eating disorders and addictions - are near and dear to my heart. I read books on both topics and love reading about positive outcomes. I have recently completed these three books:

If you know anyone with an eating disorder of any kind, or if you have dealt with one yourself, the above two books are most encouraging.

If you live with or are close to anyone with addictions of any sort (which includes eating disorders), the following book is gripping, enlightening, disturbing, and uplifting.

If you are a more recent follower of this blog, feel free to e-mail me at and I will be glad to send you Kristen's and Kevin's stories by e-mail attachment.

Even though Kevin is in treatment for the second time, I feel that his story has great merit, and I hope that we can continue to write it when he finishes his time in Teen Challenge.

Please, if you are a believer in prayer, put Kev and Sema on your list as he comes up to graduation on July 30, then heads into a 6 month aftercare program. He and Sema have huge decisions to make and need direction from above. I am convinced that God has a special plan for Kevin, since He has spared his life at least 5 times. He is doing so well and has such insight. I can hardly wait to see what comes next.

Thank you!


Gigi said...

Dawn, I feel that the Lord has a mission for Kevin...I truly do. I will be praying for he and Sema both. For strength, courage, peace, joy...

We can do all things!!

SentimentsbyDenise said...

Always in my prayers.
2 Corinthians 5:7

Susan said...

AMEN Dawn. I hear you loud and clear and yes, I know that is one of the purposes that God has in mind as we deal with those "tribulations" which should not seem as though some strange thing has happened to us. As the Word so clearly states. I pray not only for Kevin & Sema but that you are able to touch many lives because of your openness to share your trials and the victories. Our pastor's sermon yesterday was on "God's Promises Are Without Failure". AMEN!!!! We cling to the promise He has given us and I know you cling to yours. ((hugs))

jmckemie said...

Praying for you all. God does have a special plan for each of them. Your honst sharing of the struggles that have come your way are already a source of encouragement to others. Just imagine what Kevin will be able to accomplish. One day at a time. Trust...and rejoice!

Becky said...

I love a positive outcome in all stories. Even if it takes a long time to get there. God, after all, never gives up on us.

nannykim said...

It always amazes me as I look back on our lives. We were talking about this last night since this week we will be celebrating our 33 anniversary. I remember on our wedding day, wondering what our life together would be like, where we would end up living, how many kids we would have, etc. Now I know....and it is a strange feeling, looking back. But we were talking about how God has always lead worked in our lives. I pray the outworking in your kids lives will be one beautiful story.

Needled Mom said...

You know that they have been in my prayers for some time now, Dawn. I can only hope for a great outcome for everyone involved.

Robin said...

Life always turns out a bit different that the way we have it planned doesn't it?
I will be praying for Kevin and Sema - God brings beauty from ashes. Your faith is always so inspiring to me and others. Stay strong sweet friend.

Dawn said...

Exactly what I wrote about in my previous post, Robin!

Glenda said...

I will be praying for Kevin and Sema, especially that they will know God's good plans for their future.

Maine Mom said...

I just got caught up here, Dawn.

Your posts always come from the heart, and I love that! They are so inspiring and uplifting. They are real, and we all deal with real.

I loved hearing about and seeing the girls in one of your recent posts. The picture of the twins pushing their strollers is so sweet!

Kevin and Sema will be in my prayers. Are you going to make it out for graduation?

Enjoy the start of summer and all the time you have with Kristen and the girls. Family time is always the best!

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Dawn,
It was nice to read and get to know more about you.
I'm so happy Kevin is doing well and making great strides. What a blessing!
Thanks for your sweet comments on the yard. I know it was hard for the mother sparrow but I think she figured it out ok. We had a baby bird on the patio trying to fly a couple of days ago.
I just haven't taken the time to investigate with Tom's surgery and all. We were back to the Dr. a little while ago because his pain has escalated the last few days. Could hardly sit in church yesterday.
They drained a lot of fluid off and he has felt better.
New brace and more rest for it for a few days.
Have a great week!

Linda said...

I have often thought that it is such a blessing that we cannot see the future. The Lord promises grace for each day - and that it will be enough.
I have been thinking of Kev lately - wondering how he was doing. I know the Lord will have something special for him. Perhaps he will live out that verse and spend his life helping others who have the same struggles he has had.
Whatever the plans, we know they will be for Kev and Sema's good. I'll be praying.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Dawn, my heart goes out to you and yours. You are an inspiration to us all who visit with you. Tho your family has gone through such trying times, your strength guides you and all who love and know you. Of which I'm one who cares. Tho, you already know that without me putting it down here on the comment box.

grammy said...

I have heard the stories
I am sure your sharing will be a life saver for people
prayers go out for Kev and his wife
My brother is an alcoholic and even though he is sober now....there are still challenges. It is hard for the family. This is really nosey .... feel free to not answer...did you see it coming. Was there a reason? What should we look for? I think I can see what was going on in my brothers I believe alcoholism is somewhat hereditary.
Beth Moore said this weekend at Deeper Still that she was only three things away from and addiction. as in three drinks, three pills etc.
I so agree with that.

PEA said...

Ever since reading Kevin's and Kristen's stories, my heart has gone out to you and DC, no parent should have to watch their children self destruct. Thank God that they survived and were guided by His loving hands.Please know that Keven & Sema are in my prayers, like you, I do believe that He has a plan for Kevin!! xoxo

Sharon Lynne said...

I missed this post...and now I have discovered it!

Yes, I will pray!

The road has been hard, but your kids may be used of the Lord to help and encourage others.

I will pray for those huge decisions that Kevin and Sema must make.

Sharon Lynne said...

I missed this post...and now I have discovered it!

Yes, I will pray!

The road has been hard, but your kids may be used of the Lord to help and encourage others.

I will pray for those huge decisions that Kevin and Sema must make.