Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grandpa and His Girls

I have shared about my town and its love affair with bronze sculptures. We have a lovely park within walking distance of my house, where many sculptures live - some are beautiful, some are ugly (in the eye of this beholder), some are very realistic, and some are extremely abstract. Every August, the park turns into an outdoor exhibition hall, where people come from all over the world, some to show their works, others to buy, and many more to just look and enjoy.

The girls, all 4 of them, love to go to this park and visit the sculptures, and to play on them. There is a special children's section full of really great ones.

One day last week, there was an article in our paper about an elk that had come way down here into the west end of town - there are many elk running around Estes Park, coming down from the mountains into that tourist town - but it is 30 miles up the canyon from us. This one ended up in this park, and he seemed to like the children's section, too.

A couple of years ago I did a post about this wonderful piece, and its creator. The elk liked it, too.

So, back to the subject at hand - the other day the big girls were at a birthday party, so Grandpa gave the each of the littles one of his caps, got out the trusty double stroller, and took them to the sculpture park. Grandpa is totally great at coming up with adventures for all the girls. They were gone for a very long time, and I was so glad I had sent my camera with him when they finally got back. They had an absolutely wonderful time, which he did a great job of chronicling for me.

First they checked out their favorite art pieces --

Time for a bit of a rest --

Strolling down the path to their next adventure, large rocks in hand ---

Making lunch for Grandpa - mac and cheese and hot dogs --

Off to another path - this time with walking sticks - they LOVE sticks --

They headed into the "jungle" - Grandpa is too tall to go with them and Emma
takes his hand and says, "Come on Grandpa, you can do it!"

At their final destination, after a peaceful stroll --

If a lot of dirt indicates a great time was had, then this was a terrific afternoon!

I absolutely love watching their little imaginations at work - they make toys out of anything, and create fun out of everything. And they have the greatest grandpa who helps them create their adventures.


Sammy said...

Just today I was telling someone that I'd MUCH rather my kids play in the dirt with sticks than play video games!

What a wonderful park. I love the sculpture of the children holding hands. And the littles in their matching red hats are just adorable. Those girls are getting so big!

What a great day with their grandpa!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh my gosh Dawn....Grandpa D did a superb job of photographing the littles!!! Such adorable girls...and terrific photos. I especially like the "time for a rest"...with the wiping of the brow under the baseball cap [by the way, I love all the caps too!!]

What a terrific post. And I'm sure that Grandpa taking them gave you some good 'me' time also, back at home.

That elk coming into the park...doesn't that mean there is no food up in the high country you wonder?

Loved your comment you left for me today also. It's windy here, and I'm gonna get Bud in hiking gear and go walking somewhere. It's a beautiful morning...need to get out and about before the wicked heat arrives later.

Needled Mom said...

What a fabulous trip for the girls and for Grandpa!!! The pictures were so cute. I just love all of those sculptures.

grammy said...

Love it...
that is what I love to do with my kids....
ramble in nature (o:
Jaime always takes them to the park with the train and 2 out of three times it was NOT working....but it was about 100 degrees. I have went with them so I melted (o: yes...sugar does melt. lol
What is the street address for the kids sculpture park? When the weather is nice we still want to try that Bobcat
whatever park (o:
Grandpa was a very good playmate (o:

jmckemie said...

They have an awesome Grandpa who is so vested in their lives. What a blessing all the way around!
I wish that I had taken more than just a cursory trip through that park in my time there. Always figured there would be another day, a better time.

Karen said...

What a great day. What an awesome Grandpa.

Linda said...

Grandpa did a super job!! It is so cute to see the two of them doing everything together. I just love their baseball caps.
These are such precious moments Dawn. You are making memories they will store in their hearts forever.

Nicoolmama said...

What a great set of grandparents your four granddaughters have!!!

Love that second to last picture of the twins asleep in their stroller...they sure are getting big!

I haven't been over in awhile, sorry about that, I have missed reading about the girls. :)

PEA said...

I love seeing children enjoying nature and how perfect is that park?!!! I'd love to see all of those sculptures for myself, they're all so fascinating. Grandpa did a fabulous job of taking pictures and keeping the girls occupied:-) It made me smile to see them fast asleep in their stroller once their adventure was over. I so enjoyed this post, Dawn, but then I enjoy all of your posts:-) xoxo

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

PS....Dawn, from your comment you left for me yesterday---sorry, but I have no idea who the sculptor is.

Here is my Thursday post if you care to view it:

Heart of Stone [literally]

Hope your day has been treating you well.

Gigi said...

What a wonderful adventure they had - DC did a fabulous job capturing all the special moments in time!

Christa said...

What wonderful pictures. Looks like they had quite the adventure!!

Gram said...

I love this park. You asked a few days ago where I live. My mailing address is Brighton, but I am actually extreme north Thornton. I was born in Loveland, graduated from Nederland, attended college in Greeley. My sister still lives in Loveland and we usually have her birthday (August) part at this park.