Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Random Catching Up

Springtime in the Rockies - kind of a joke, kind of bi-polar, kind of a hoax. Every year I hope it will really be warm and beautiful, but every year the flowers faithfully come back, the birds sing, but the weather is very iffy. We usually get snow in March sometime, but this time it was April 13 -- the evening of the 12th, we were treated to a lovely, soaking rain, badly needed. In the morning - we got up to this.

By late afternoon it was down to this --

The week before, we were fortunate to have a nice day in between wind and rain and cold, just enough time for us to watch this going on -- necessary because of a long-forgotten hail storm.

The littles enjoyed the day as we sat and watched the workers. They can make a game out of anything, using sticks, eating utensils, pieces of toast as toys.

The tulips enjoy the sun or the rain, and were beautiful this day, before the snow.

DC planted several dozen bulbs last fall, tulips and daffodils. We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of new colors and shapes. We were surprised by this unusual daffodil this week --

Last Saturday we were blessed with one of those sunny days, just in time for our church's annual Easter Marketplace. We go back to 33 A.D. and many people in our church spend their morning creating an opportunity for children and their parents from all over the neighborhood to visit in a village reminiscent of Jesus' time.

They also set up a wonderful egg hunt in the gym for the children, who can get as many of the 4,000 plastic eggs, filled with a treat or toy, and enjoy opening them and recycling the eggs for next year (if they remember to turn them in - ours brought home quite a few this year). For some reason Emma found it "scawy, Grandma", while her sister Katie enjoyed the hunt.

Some random shots --

The twins being "princesses" in their Winnie the Pooh blankets --

Helping Grandma cook ---

Katie's first official drawing - ghosts! Kinda pale, but hope you can see them.

On a totally different note, I want to share Care Bear's poem, which her teacher has entered into a contest.

What My Family Means to Me

My family is special,
They take care of me!
If my family was not here,
There would not be me!
My family helps e with things that are hard,
My family for sure makes me feel like a superstar!
They help me, when I am sad,
They make sure that I am glad!

My brother and sisters, without them,
I would not really have any true friend!

Without my brother bothering me,
It would not be fun!

When I have homework and I cannot do it,
My mom would help me get it done!

When I am bored and I have nobody to play with,
My sister would step up and do it!

My baby sisters are so cute,
And when I am bummed,
They're the ones I look to.

My bigger brother,
The one who is funny
When I want to laugh,
I want Anthony!

Clearly, without my family,
There would be no happy times

I find it very interesting that she wrote so much about her half brother, whom she rarely sees.


nancygrayce said...

I was wondering that as I read her poem. What a great poem for such a young girl!!!!! I notice she forgot grandma too! :)

Beth said...

It doesn't matter how long it's been and the fact that our kids have NO contact with their half brother, they still talk about him. It's a sibling. Plain and simple for them.

Linda said...

So nice to read about all you're doing Dawn. I wish I was as talented a gardener as your sweet hubby. The flowers are just gorgeous.
The pictures are wonderful, as always, and the poem is priceless. I think you have a writer on your hands.
Have a blessed week dear friend.

Needled Mom said...

I was wondering about the brother too as I didn't recall you mentioning one before. What a delightful poem. That is a "keeper."

Loved seeing the pictures of all of the girls, Dawn. They are really growing up quickly.

Snow in the middle of April? That is interesting. Then again, it has been a very strange weather year for many.

The flowers are gorgeous. I love the salmon colored daffodil. Will they keep coming up or do you have to dig them out of the ground?

Amy said...

I'm sure that the fact that she doesn't see Anthony much is why she wrote about him. She misses her brother.

loved the pix as usual. Hope you get spring soon!

Karen said...

He's still in her heart. My kids still talk about my sister's stepson who we have not seen in years. As they get older they see and understand his absence differently and ask different questions as they get older.

Karen said...

oh! and the flowers are beautiful! Tell DC he did a great job!

Glenda said...

Your tulips are gorgeous! Sounds like you've been very busy - as always! We did the Biblical village last year before Christmas, and it was a hit! We're using the same kind of set up for VBS this year!

Care Bear's poem is wonderful! Children's poetry is always so honest and fun to read.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

There is obviously a special connection to Anthony. One no one but her knows. I find that extra special. She has a heart of gold. The poem is a winner in my book.

The flowers you've shared with us are so very stunning. But...the snow? Keep it. I'll take the rains tho...it hasn't rained here in months.

But the humidity is here to stay now 'til November, I'm sure. And yep...we've had 85+ degrees here for some time. The surrounding areas are reaching near the 100 degree mark already. And it's not even hurricane season...that's "scawy"!!!

My Wednesday Post:
Still Waters Run Deep

Hope your day is going well for you Dawn.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

...that should be 'no one but SHE knows' :::giggles:::

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Hi again...

Just came in from edging the lawn [my share of the job], now Bud is out mowing. And came in to check my blog and saw your comment. Before I leave for grocery shopping, I wanted to answer your question...we're about 3 1/2 hours from the big H Town. Driving at the speed limit. LOLOLOL

grammy said...

Funny that one was 'scared' (o:
When my olders were little...we had a market place and boy was that fun (o:
Crazy weather...I know (o:
Love that picture...I am not sure if Shaylee has made a real picture...I will have to test her ...lol
Would have loved to come to your service....but we go to church on Sat. evening and have a Family Dinner on Sunday.

Sharon Lynne said...

Beautiful flowers!
Maybe Care Bear wishes her brother was around more.
Wonderful poem! You have have a strong part in her positive attitude toward family--by all the time you have spent with her...caring.

PEA said...

I noticed right away that she was mentioning her half brother quite often in her poem. Such a great poem, though, I hope she wins with her entry:-)

I so enjoyed seeing all the latest pictures of the girls. They looked like they were having a lot of fun with the Easter Egg Hunt.

Your weather sounds just like ours over here except that our flowers aren't in bloom yet except for the crocuses. It won't be for another couple of weeks yet before my tulips and daffodils bloom. Oh wow, I see what you mean, that daffodil is just like the one I took a picture of at the Floral Showhouse in Niagara Falls!! I wish I would have looked at the tag to see what kind it was. It seems to have more "ruffles" than the ordinary ones.

We had a snowstorm yesterday and today it's sunny and 43F...wish it would make up its mind! lol xoxo