Thursday, April 07, 2011

Spring Break Fun - Part II AND Another Bloggy Buddy MIRL

Grandpa had a chance to get involved in the Spring Break fun, too. There seems to be a pioneer theme going on. Last summer DC and I discovered Bobcat Ridge, and spent two beautiful evenings there, walking and taking pictures. I showed those pictures here. At that time, I took this picture of the entrance to the area.

The place is maintained as a natural area and is used as an educational setting for area students. They set up an exploration opportunity on the last day of Spring Break. The girls went with Grandpa and Great Auntie Grace. She is always up for an adventure, and I didn't think the littles would gain too much from the experience at their age.

There were several stations set up for the self-guided tour. They saw a preserved rattle snake and were told what to do if they ever encountered one on a hike.

They learned about the various animals you might encounter on a hike in the area, and what their tracks look like. They also were told they might encounter a bat or two.

They visited a pioneer cabin and learned how hard it was to get water before the days of sinks and faucets.

They played games that kids played 100 years ago - some of the same things they do today - pick up sticks, with real sticks; rolling a hoop; and their favorite - jump rope.

They had a great time, learned lots of things, got a little prize at the end, and spent good time with Grandpa and Auntie. Perfect ending to a good week.

This has been an interesting week for Grandma Dawn - I've actually had several fun encounters with adults and got to be just plain old Dawn!! One day I had a nice visit in a lovely coffee shop with a friend I haven't seen in several years. We had so much fun talking that we never got around to going up to the counter for coffee - or in my case, a cup of chai, since I don't drink coffee. Nobody seemed to notice that we weren't spending any money, thankfully.

Today I made a short trip to the town 20 miles south of mine. I love the friendships that have been fostered here in blogland, and have been so privileged to have met 10 of these friends in real life - and have stayed in some of their homes on vacation in Maine. What a blessing! This friend lives closer than any of the others, but it took us a long time to work out a time to get together. I guess that's what happens when you try to work things into a busy everyday life, rather than meeting someplace while you're on vacation.

We met at McD's for those $1.00 sodas - and definitely got our money's worth. It is so amazing how you can "know" someone in cyberspace, and when you meet face to face, it is a seamless transition. Grammy and I had a wonderful visit and plan to meet again. She also has 4 grandgirls, all close to the ages of my 4. So we may get them together at a park this summer, or we may just do another adult visit - or both!


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Preserved rattlesnake or not...I would have been running from it. NOT standing there, even 100 yards from it. I'd run and not stop running 'til I hit the car and lock the doors and wait for y'all to come back. But, what a great path to walk. I, of course, would wait for snake hibernation season before I ventured on it. LOLOLOL

Glad to hear you got to meet an online friend. This is all too fun as I have met several since being on the 'net' too. Hope you two can meet again real soon.

My Friday Fodder

jmckemie said...

How fun - for all of you. That looks like a wonderful area to visit and walk. And, getting to "meet" and new friend? That is ralyl fun, especialyl when you do live close. Memories will surely be made when you get all 8 of those girls together.

Karen said...

What a great week for everyone! That looks like such a neat place for the kids.

Tiffany said...

What a fun week! And I am so glad you got some "Grandma Dawn" time - you need that every now and then.

Sammy said...

That's wonderful you got to meet up with a blog friend! I'm so glad you had a nice time!

Bobcat Ridge sounds incredible! I especially love the idea of visiting a pioneer cabin. What a great learning opportunity for the girls! It looks like they had a lot of fun.

Have you started reading the Little House books with them yet?

Linda said...

What a fun day for the girls Dawn. I love exploring places like that.
Your visit with "Grammy" sounds so nice. It is such a blessing to know that when we do get to meet i.r.l. it is never a disappointment.

Amy said...

Looks like the girls had a great day! Glad you've all had a good week

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like your Spring break was awesome!!!! This was a wonderful experience for all. It is great that the girls are old enough now to enjoy it and take something away from it as well.

You have done such a good job meeting up with fellow bloggers. It is fun to "know" them before meeting them, isn't it?

PEA said...

I just love those types of educational places especially when they're outside. What does one do anyway if you ever meet a rattlesnake??? I'd be running with Anni! lol It looks and sounds like the girls had a really fun time:-)

Ooooh, how wonderful that you got to meet Grammy, she's such a sweetheart and I always enjoy reading about her 4 granddaughters:-) I can well imagine the fun it would be to get all 8 girls together! lol xoxo

grammy said...

Love the post and all the pictures (o: I had a really great time getting together with you. We will have to do it again soon. I started to tell you...then got of track...but I got together with more bloggie friends on Friday. It was great too.

nancygrayce said...

The big girls are growing up!!! Looks like they had a lot of fun.

How fun that you got to spend time with an old friend AND a blog friend! I've only met two of my blog friends in real least ones that don't live here!

Gram said...

I came over from Grammy's blog to see her friend. I have lived in Co all my life and have never heard of Bobcat Ridge. I will have to look it up as it looks interesting.

Maine Mom said...

Looks like a fun day with Grandpa and Great Auntie! I noticed the girls are bundled in coats as they would be here. :-)

I'm glad you had some time to yourself last week. We all need that!

grammy said...

Dawn, How do you get to Bobcat Ridge? I think we need to go visit.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Dawn, I had to come visit you.
I saw Pam on Friday and she mentioned you-I'm wondering where you are-the museum seems like it could be here. We are in a small town between F.C. to Greeley. Maybe sometime we can meet Pam for coffee. Looking forward to getting to read more of your blog.
Hugs, Noreen

A Hint of Home said...

Looks like a fun time for everyone!
You look wonderful, by the way!
Have a great day!

Ann said...

Great family fun with the children, even though it looks quite cold. Everyone is wearing parkas.