Sunday, June 25, 2006

High Achiever

My youngest brother has 3 sons. All of them are miracles since they were not supposed to be able to have children. The eldest graduated from high school this past month and is on to bigger and better things.

This child has been special from the beginning. He was praying for my prodigal when he was in elementary school, and keeping a journal about his prayer life. His mother shared it with me at a very vulnerable time in our lives.

This young man decided as early as 7th grade that he wanted to go to West Point. He began corresponding with the cadets and building his resume based on what they told him he needed to do. He began working on his physical body; he got into student government and became class president for several years; he has a close relationship to God; he is a leader in every aspect of his life.

He went through the process of application - multiple thousands of applicants for the 1200 who eventually are accepted. Tomorrow is the beginning of this new adventure.

His mom and dad are having quite a struggle, now that the actual day is here. They have enjoyed this boy turned man for 18 years. They've never wondered where he was, what he was doing, when he was going to come in at night, what condition he would be in. He is the opposite of a prodigal.

My brother said that through all of this process of preparation for the cadet's entrance to his new life, there is much said of the young peoples' adjustment process. There was nothing available to help the parents in their adjustment. It made me stop to think of how many resources there are out there for those of us dealing with prodigals. There is seemingly nothing written for those who are launching a star who is ready to take on the world with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.

It made me think of the day my mom and dad took me to college. I was the eldest and had never caused my parents any trouble. I had looked forward to this day of college for at least 3 years and had been counting the days. That Sunday afternoon I had already made many new friends on my dorm floor and was having a blast. As my folks prepared to leave me there and go home, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I should walk with them to the car!! I was totally insensitive to their feelings of leaving their firstborn behind. I suddenly realized that my mom was crying.

My brother says he has a book percolating in his mind to address this gaping hole in the literary world. Does anyone know of such a book out there already?


Sherry said...

I don't know of a book, but the guy (nephew) really is incredible. He is certainly one of a kind.

MugwumpMom said...

Your nephew sounds like a wonderful young man. I've not heard of such a book either, and perhaps the task ought to fall to your brother to write the first one!! Sounds like he'd be the expert.

Dawn said...

That is exactly what he's thinking. I hope he can process the process in his mind and get something written - Sounds like a needed resource.

Maine Mom said...

I don't know of a book, but I haven't looked for one either...not quite there yet. But maybe there will be in 11 years when I need it :-)
I think it's neat that your nephew knew what he wanted at such a young age and learned what he needed to do to prepare for it. Very smart!

theresa said...

I don't know of any book, but I sorta know the feeling having put 3 children through college.

That's an incredible young man!

Kristen said...

They are lucky folks. I hope he enjoys his experience as much as he enjoyed the journey getting there!