Friday, June 23, 2006

Perspective is Everything

Last night I was visiting at my mom and dad's house, because mom's cousin and husband came from Minnesota for a visit - it's been 40 years since they were here last. That doesn't even seem possible. My mom was an only child for a long time before her only sibling was born - a little sister. Then she began to have cousins, who were much younger than she - peers of her sister and even of myself. I had great fun with her cousins when we had family get-togethers. She was more like an aunt to them. Even then, I always considered Gail (the visiting cousin) to be a lot older than I. Yesterday I realized that she was only 7 years old when I was born. My mom was truly a child bride and had 3 kids in 3 years, starting 13 months after they were married. So - all of a sudden I am a peer of this person I always thought of as older! Perspective.

I saw a note on my fridge this morning that has hung there since 1996 with a quote from my recently returned prodigal (the one we had the cyber celebration for only a week ago!). It says "I hate this town. I will never love this town." I had him sign and date it and it's been hanging there now for 10 years. After being gone for 18 months with Teen Challenge, he almost kissed the tarmac when he got off the plane last week. Somehow this town looks pretty good to him now! Perspective.

I didn't start working full time until my son was in 8th grade. I began my current job when I was 45. Since I work for the state, my retirement is such that I can get a fairly decent amount if I work 20 years. I have had it in my mind that I have 7 more years to work. Recently we met with a financial planner who informed me that I could conceivably retire with my husband in 2 years. Do you know what that did to me?? Suddenly I am developing a short-timer's mentality. I have been thinking 7 years out. I don't know if I really will quit that soon, but it's an option at least. Perspective!

On another note, a visitor to my post yesterday said she enjoyed my wonder years stories. I like that - I did have a great childhood. I hope nobody minds if I indulge in those wonderful memories occasionally in this format.

Have a great week-end everyone! It's been fun in blogland for me this first week of this adventure.


theresa said...

I just blogjumped onto your blog and can't wait to read your posts...I'm on my way to work, so I don't have time to read, but I loved your post for today!

Praying for your Prodigal said...


Happy First Week Anniversary! :)

You have such a great writing style--you write with such ease and fluidity (is that even a word--it should be....!) that you just take the reader along with you word for word! Great writing must run in your family!

Have a great weekend! Diane

MugwumpMom said...

Ah, yes perspective. Different lenses change everything!
Wow, you could possibly retire in 2 yrs! How exciting. I don't want to retire, but would love to change careers..I believe God is bringing it about and it's just as well He hasn't given me a time frame cause then I'd be chomping at the bit even more so than I am now!
Teen Challenge is a wonderful organization. My sponsored lady just graduated last month and I just received the testimony and card for my new lady who I'm sponsoring now..she's about my age, so that's cool!
Great first week in've made yourself right at home. Enjoy your weekend too!

Kristen said...

I've seen that note that Kev wrote on the fridge for years and wondered how he felt about it now.

Dawn said...

Thanks again, Diane. You are such an encourager. I am glad I have a reason to write again. It's been years. My son is also a good writer. I hope I can get him to get something down on "paper" to share soon>

Sherry said...

Retirement sounds exciting! I mean, I know I have quite a while, but it sounds fun for you!

Brenda said...

I so need to add you to my links! I've been missing some great posts.

Happy First Week Bloggiversary!

Looney Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by and signing my guestbook. Welcome to blogland!

Danielle said...

Hello Dawn,

Got your post on my blog. I will email you this week. THANK YOU for the offer to share. We are not alone!!

Happy Week One in Bloggerville!!

Morning Glory said...

Retirement sounds lovely. I'm ready.