Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday Musings

The high achiever is at West Point and has begun his new adventure. The West Point web site posted several hundred pictures of the new cadets yesterday after their first day. Nephew is #187 at this site:

It is one of my full days with Care Bear, Fiesty, and Anakin. It is hard to think coherent thoughts and/or accomplish anything on these days - that is, anything except being with them, which of course is the point! Baths are done, everyone's braids are combed (Fiesty's aren't braids, but that's what she calls her piggy tails because she likes to be Anakin is finally up and dressed (early teen sleeping habits at 8!) Fiesty likes to help me type, so that makes it more difficult. I'm having to stop every few seconds to smell Strawberry Shortcake's hair or feet.

As Care Bear was taking her bath today, I discovered that she calls all of her body parts "she." For instance, getting water in her ears when we wash hair isn't good, because she (the ear) doesn't like that. When she was brushing her teeth and I was combing her hair, we were talking about our family reunion next week. She poked me in the tummy with her elbow and then explained that "she" (elbow) did that because she was so excited about the trip.

Another thought on the trip - put us on your prayer list! We're going to be breaking the new mini van in big time with DC, me, Mamma (from so called life), Care Bear, Fiesty, and Anakin for 800 miles. Should be quite the adventure! There are great fun times ahead with all sorts of second cousins or cousins once removed or something like that.

Gotta go - Anakin needs his very late breakfast.


Nikkie said...

That sounds like quite an adventure! I hope that the trip goes well and everyone is safe!

Kristen said...

Huh. I've never heard Care Bear do that before. Must be a new thing she started today, or just something she does with you. That's too funny!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Your grandkids are such lucky little people! Grandma's are so important in the lives of these little ones!

I hope you have a great road-trip! 800 miles! WOW! That is prayer-worthy!

:) Diane