Sunday, August 06, 2006


When I began this blogland journey, it was at the time of the return of our prodigal. I received such a tremendous amount of encouragement and love from people I will probably never meet. Diane organized a cyber-welcome home party. It was wonderful.

It's been two months now and he is doing well. He and his wife are renewing their relationship. He will be taking two courses this fall until he can be a fully admitted student in the spring.

The other day I was discussing his experience at Teen Challenge with him. I remarked that I don't consider his experience to be "rehab." I didn't even think of it as "recovery." He said, no, not even "restoration." He said "deliverance" is what has happened to him. Praise the Lord!

Deliverance isn't a word we hear often. But God has interesting ways of bringing things to our attention. The next week at my church convention, I heard the word at least three times from the pulpit. The following Sunday, there was an article in a church periodical on this very subject. Here is what it said:

The children of Israel were delivered from their bondage in Egypt in the same way in which sinners are delivered from the fetters of sin today. Let us examine the elements of their deliverance, which also apply to us.

  1. Recognition of personal bondage. They admitted they were slaves under the heel of the enemy. So must every sinner. This is the first step in the direction of victory.
  2. Complete abhorrence of the fetters that bind. If a person loves sinful habits, he or she is not a candidate for deliverance from them. Hating sin is a prerequisite to deliverance from sin. Israel found it so.
  3. Admitting the utter failure of self-deliverance. Humans always try to save themselves. Moses tried to deliver the people in his own way, but failed. Many are in bondage today because they try to deliver themselves.
  4. A daring faith in God's power to deliver. Moses had to come to that place where he trusted God to make a way where there seemingly was no way. There is no deliverance without faith, for faith brings God's power into play.
  5. Explicit obedience to and cooperation with God's methods of deliverance. God has ways to deliver that we know nothing about. Naaman had to go God's way. So did Moses. So will you. His methods may seem strange, but results come.
  6. Joyfully give God the glory for deliverance. The first thing the children of Israel did following their deliverance was to sing. The joy of the Lord is still our strength. When God delivers, give Him the credit.
  7. Continued obedience avoids a return to bondage. Israel had trouble at this point. So do some people today. The way to insure a continued deliverance is the way of continued obedience. You can keep the victory!

- Fletcher Spruce


kpjara said...

One of my favorite stories of "deliverance" is the story of Jericho!

I feel like such a goof. I never put 2 and 2 together to figure out that the 'prodigal' Diane wrote about not so long yours!

Praise God on his deliverance and I pray he's constantly wrapped in the arms of our creator!

Brenda said...

So glad to hear of your son's progress! He and his wife are in my continued prayers.

Thanks for sharing this article.

Rhonda said...

It seems that the whole book of Judges is about disobedience, bondage, repentance, deliverance.

I am glad that it is God who does the "delivering", because so often, humans make a mess of it.
Praise God you your answer to prayer.

Jessica said...

I love reading "The Bible" it can be our best reference for life itself and it can be our guide to what we should do!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

WOW! The 7 step program....of deliverance! How profoundly accurate! Thanks for sharing this article. It really hits the nail on the head, doesn't it!

I'm so glad you are sharing what God has done in your life! Way to bring glory out of pain! You go girl!


MugwumpMom said...

Excellent post. I've never those deliverance steps laid out before. Powerful stuff!
I'm so happy for you, your son and his wife..deliverance brings it's wonderful rewards doesn't it!

Thanks for sharing.


Diane said...

I'm glad your son is still doing so well, Dawn. God is good! :-)

MugwumpMom said...

Hi Dawn,
In answer to your question..I am taking a psych 101 correspondence course from Prairie Bible Institute, which is part of the PACE certificate in counselling and care that I'm working on from them. I must admit though, I haven't been that disciplined. I have till December to finish it, so have to get busy!

Praying for your Prodigal said...
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Grafted Branch said...

God bless you all!

I can certainly attest to the miracle that is full deliverance of sin by our great God! He has delivered me from so many things, surely, but the one that pops to mind is the one I was sure, sure, sure would -- at best -- haunt me every day for all of my life: smoking. But, glory to God, I almost never think about cigarettes now! I go whole years without thinking about them. He's incredible!