Tuesday, August 22, 2006

They're Ba-a-a-a-a-ack!!!

I love my job. I really do. Most of the time. I am into my 14th year shepherding MSW (master of social work) students through the grad school process, which can be pretty niggly and not very student friendly, IMHO. I am known as Mother Dawn here instead of Grandma Dawn. This is a gift that was given to me by the Class of 2001.

reunionbikes 003

I feel it is my calling to be light and salt in this place where the lessons taught are often counter to my beliefs. Each year I have at least one Christian student who really needs a soft place to land after a day of being hit on every side by non-Christian ideas.

But I have to say that I like summers on campus a lot. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that the reason we exist is for the students. But summer is so nice! Even though there are conferences almost every week and hundreds of future students come for orientation, it is still so peaceful and beautiful. Lunch hour is a true break.

Unlike now - all 27,000 are back! Almost 4,000 freshmen are here! Have you ever gone to the parking lot and forgotten where you parked? Imagine this sight as you come out of class and are ready to go home ~~~~ This is one of the larger parking areas, among probably 30 of various sizes.

reunionbikes 001

I am a people watcher. I love go sit at the airport and watch people. I enjoy the people at the zoo almost more than the animals. We are fascinating creatures. I cringe when I see some once-handsome young man who has died his hair BRIGHT BLUE - I feel for his mom! I can't tell you how tired I have become of belly buttons - I look forward to winter when they have to cover up. I am fearful for the guys whose pants are so loose - they have no hips to hold them up. It's almost OOPS sometimes. Scary!

I almost lost my lunch one day as I gazed out of the windows of the student center at the panorama of the mountains to the west. It was an awesome view - until I zeroed in on a young couple sitting on the hill eating their lunch on a beautiful spring day. She had her back to me and suffice it to say that her jeans or slacks or shorts, or whatever she had on, were not sufficient - her entire thong was on display for the world to see. YEWWWW!

One day I decided to count the students wearing flip flops. Just for fun. It was fun. I couldn't believe it - on my lunch hour, I counted over 350 pairs of flip flops - all varieties, colors, materials, sizes. It was hilarious to me.

Yesterday I almost laughed out loud as this young man walked by me. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it. I don't know if he was a wanna-bee Pirate of the Caribbean or what. He had jet black hair (not given him by God, I am sure). He was wearing black leggings with almost hip-high pirate boots - leather with the top folded down. Quite dramatic (wish I'd had my camera!). Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where Jerry was supposed to go on the Tonight Show wearing this really frilly shirt? That's what this young guy had on. It was like watching a train wreck - it was painful to see, but I couldn't help looking! It made my day.

When I was in college, we worried so much about having our hair combed (teased, sprayed, covered with a scarf so the Oklahoma wind didn't take it away!) We couldn't even wear pants! My, my I am getting old. Better stop reminiscing.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Humor is to life what shock absorbers are to automobiles. Proverbs 17:22 (The Message) "A cheerful disposition is good for your health; gloom and doom leave you bone-tired."

Have a cheerful day!


Kristen said...

Good thought for the day. And I really must be getting old when college students annoy me and seem immature to me. I remember being in college thinking that about high school students...and being in high school thinking that about jr. high students...and on and on. *sigh*. Great picture of the bikes. That is just crazy!

Linda said...

Hi Dawn,
I read your comment in Blessed Beyond Measure - and I am a more "mature" blogger. I just started my blog about three weeks ago. I too enjoy reading these amazing young women's posts, but I was beginning to feel like the old lady of the group.
I'm a grandma too (seven grandchildren) and have been married almost 40 years. It is good to know you are out there. I enjoyed your post. I have been a homemaker nearly all of those 40 years, and I like to hear about other women's lives who did different things. Good to meet you.

PEA said...

Omigosh, I'd never find my bike...I'd have to wait until mine was the last one standing!! lol I love people watching too and it's always fascinating to see how different everyone is!! I loved reading this post, made me smile:-)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

lol - yes it is so funny to see the differnt trends!

how nice that you are so treasured by your students!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

This: a "student who really needs a soft place to land" - I loved that. That we could be that for somebody every day, one somebody at a time. Nice reminder.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Your sentence, ".....at least one Christian student who really needs a soft place to land ...." should be in your College's marketing brochure! As a parent...I'd send my child to you!

Great insight! Great humor! Great golly, Miss Molly--those bikes!


P.s....and that thong! I learned that a "whale tale...." is that part of the thong that shows when a girl wears jeans that are too low on her back. Interesting!

kpjara said...

I worked at UNM for 4 years and I still miss the summers and FALL there. The excitement and wealth of diversity that always came with the new students and returning ones. Good for much people watching and LAUGHS!

sweetmagnolia said...

The worst is seeing butt crack.

"Just say no to crack!"

Nikkie said...

I'm afraid I'm going to feel like that when I go back in two weeks! It really is insane what people wear to school these days. At my university there's always a ton of people in sweat pants. I have nothing against sweat pants, but I do think its not apporpriate school attire!

Grafted Branch said...

The puffy shirt! Yeah! I remember.

If I'd known someone like you in my school years, I wonder if the course of my life might have been dramatically different. Well, funny to say, but I guess I'm glad I didn't know someone like you because it all worked out pretty good despite me. lol.

People do strange things to their appearance. Have the tribal-type ear holes (piercings fitted with increasingly large rings to expand the hole) come to your part of the woods? They're really sad. There will be no fixing that later without plastic surgery.

MugwumpMom said...

We have so much in common. Watching people for hours on end, just sitting and watching them go by, totally floats my boat! God is such a Master of variety! And He has a great sense of humour