Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rush to Justice

Today's title is a term you hear often if you watch detective/cop shows. Need I apologize for watching Law and Order? The term refers to the tendency to blame someone for a crime before all of the facts are in.

I am afraid that I have been guilty, along with most of the known world, of rushing to justice in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case. For ten years, I have been in agreement with the Boulder justice system that John and Patsy were "under an umbrella of suspicion." After all, Patsy had to be a bit crazed to put her daughter out there for the world to see, dolled up like a woman 4 times her age! Or maybe it was the much older father. Or maybe it was the slightly older jealous brother. Or maybe it was her step-brother.

There didn't seem to be any obvious evidence that someone came into the basement from outside the home - no tracks in the snow, no broken windows. John and Patsy took their surviving young son and ran back to a place where they wouldn't feel the constant scrutiny. But they couldn't escape the National Enquirer, the Globe, or any number of other supermarket rags constantly reminding us that the murder was still unresolved and that some "new evidence" still pointed fingers at Patsy.

Patsy died in June, having fought ovarian cancer for many years, even before the tragedy that forever changed their lives. I can't help but speculate that all of the negative press could have shortened her life.

I am so happy that someone has confessed. I am so sad that this man had taught school and was seeking another teaching job. Who knows what other horrors he has inflicted upon children. I imagine we'll learn more than we ever wanted to know. But there is so much I want to know.

I watched footage of Patsy's funeral where her pastor eulogized her in a way that made me realize she truly loved God and was living for Him. John was quoted this morning saying he would not speculate or comment on anything he knows, especially in light of the trauma they had been through as a family. He said that we should all learn a lesson from this "episode" - that we should be very careful to jump to horrendous conclusions. I thought he was very gracious in light of what they had endured.

The news reports say Patsy knew before she died that there was a viable suspect. I hope God gives her a peak at the news today and that she can rest in peace. I know in the theological part of my mind that she knows no sorrow in heaven. But in my mother's heart, I want her to know that she has been vindicated. I hope she and Jon Benet are having a great reunion.


I hope we didn't rush to excitement, now that so many things are out about this guy. I wish the media would cool it. The first thing I read that concerned me was that he said he picked her up at school and took her to the basement - it was Christmas night, for crying out loud!! Whether or not he did this horrendous crime, he needed to be caught. And put away. Forever.


Maggie Ann said...

Hi Dawn, sorry its taken me so long to get over to visit. I've missed you..=). Our common love of reading good books is so nice to contemplate. I felt grieved for Patsy R. that she had to endure those tormenting e-mails over the years from her daughter's murderer. It seems to me that only God could have kept her from going over 'the edge' in grief and perhaps having a nervous breakdown. You would have thought the police would have been suspicious of this 'teacher' who obviously had access to Jon Benet, and then he leaves the country?? I'm thankful the case is 'cracked' but how horrible the details must be. ~~~What have you been up to? We've been away for a week to visit our daughter & her family and now I'm playing catch-up with laundry and clutter. My craft table is buried under all sorts of 'important' things...=).

kpjara said...

I'm ashamed to admit I've always felt they were guilty as well. I'm so glad they've found someone.

God help us to remember to seek truth and forgiveness in this time of repentance.

Karla said...

I think we were all so "desperate" to put a face on what kind of sicko would do this to a sweet child (or anybody of any age, for that matter), and with NO one else even in the picture, it came naturally to want to place blame on the ones closest to her.
Even if this suspect had nothing to do with JonBenet, sounds like they need to put him away for the rest of his life anyway!
God help his soul, literally. *shutter*
Thanks for posting your thoughts on this.

Nikkie said...

I'm afraid I thought they were guilty too. It was just so hard with the evidence. None of it really pointed to them but there wasn't any to say otherwise. It was a tough one. I'm glad that man confessed.

Yellow Mama said...

I was talking to my Hubby about this. In a very weird way, the rag magazines kept it in front of our eyes long enough to get to the real murderer.

MugwumpMom said...

In 2001, John and Patsy Ramsey wrote a book called the Death of Innocence...I bought it and read it, and Patsy in particular became a hero to me. Her grace and strength kept her from resentment and bitterness..she never lost her hope nor her faith, and she and JonBenet are indeed dancing at the Father's feet while He watches His two beauties with such pride and love.
Thanks for sharing this post Dawn.

Shash said...

I stopped in my tracks when I heard the news bulletin about his man today. What a long time to wait for answers!

sweetmagnolia said...

I can't imagine the agony the Ramsey family has endured losing first JonBenet in the most horrible fashion, and then losing Patsy.

With all my heart, I hope that the man who confessed is not throwing another red herring into the investigation. I would like to see a real killer removed from the street. I would like for justice to be done. I hope that the killer has been apprehended.

Grafted Branch said...

I felt compelled to write about this yesterday too. Today, though, we're hearing news that the confession may be questionable. Was he really there? His ex says he was with her. Is this just a sicko making the most of his 15 minutes?

Regardless, I seeing that perhaps all that stoicism that made me question Patsy was actually just Patsy living out her abiding faith with patience and grace.

Maine Mom said...

Thanks for posting about this. This post is the first I've heard about a confession in this case. Now I need to go read up on what's happening.
I was pretty convinced that the parents were guilty. I didn't know that Patsy had died in June, either. That family has definitely endured a lot!

Brenda said...

I wonder. If it turns out that this guy didn't do it, who will the media put on trial next?

Ashley said...

i have been really missing out on reading your posts. i apologize! i'm adding you to my blogroll though so i shouldn't have problems anymore :)

i am so sad for patsy that she never got to see this happen. i don't think when we get to Heaven we will care about what has or is happening on earth but from my earthly standpoint, i wish the Lord would allow her to know her name is being cleared. at first i didn't think this guy really did it. i thought he was crazy and just brought it up b/c her death had been in the news recently. however, i heard this morning that he is giving details that weren't released to the public. evidentally he knows something about what happened! i was young when all this happened so i don't know a lot of the details but he should have to suffer the same death.

Barb said...

Yes Dawn, whether he killed JonBenet or not, he needed to be stopped and put away. We lived in Frederick, near Boulder, when this happened. And in spite of the media hype and all the craziness in the way it was all handled, I never thought John and Patsy or the brothers had anything to do with it. I'm glad Patsy died thinking the murderer was going to be caught. After all the horror she suffered, her cancer, her daughter's death, being accused, I'd like to think she had at least that one last small comfort. It's all just heartbreaking. And I too know that she and JonBenet are reunited in Heaven. There is comfort in that, too.

Crystal Breeze said...

Dawn I could not have wrote that better. I wanted so much to write about my feelings too about JonBennet and Patsy. I first always felt suspicious of her because she put her make-up on before the police arrived and that they moved her body and that they crumbled up the ransom note instead of tring to secure the evidence. Come on even back then we had NYPD Blue on TV. These were not stupid people. I always felt they knew the killer or maybe they knew it was accidental and a cover up was formed.

Anyway I have been hoping and praying that this man that has confessed that his DNA matches the seamon found in Jonbennets underwear so that justice can be served.

I also pray tonight for the families that walked their kids to school out in California and other states that knew this man and are asking themselevs and wondering if their child might have been molested or harmed physically by him. I pray he hasn't harmed anyone else.

MSUgal86 said...

If he did not committ this crime and no other viable warrants are issued, Karr gets to go free. Let's hope he is the one.

Sara said...

Dropped in blog hopping through MSUgal and I have so enjoyed reading your posts! Grace!

PEA said...

Hi Dawn:-) Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment..I hope it won't be your last visit!! What an interesting post this is...I never believe it was any of JonBenet's family members and I cringe at what they were put through at the hands of the media. The MEDIA can make you or break you and it's very sad that they have so much power over everyone.