Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm Losin' It!!

What am I losing, you ask? Well, anything that's not tied down, it feels like. My mind, perhaps?? Friday I reached for the pocket in my purse where I keep my sunglasses - the first pair of really good sunglasses I've ever sprung for. What in the world made me think that I could hang onto an expensive pair of prescription lineless bifocal sunglasses, when I can't keep a pair of $10 Target ones?? I took a chance and really loved having such a nice pair of sunglasses. But, alas, they were not in the pocket where they belonged Friday morning. I wracked my brain for my last memory of having them in my hand. I was certain I had them when I came back to my office from lunch on Thursday.

I e-mailed my co-worker, asking her to hunt in my office, to put my mind at ease. No luck. They weren't anywhere to be found in my office. I fretted all week-end.

In the meantime, I went to the grocery store on Saturday, as is my custom. I'm a list-making, menu-planning kind of shopper. I have had this little rectangular Tupperware box for I can't remember how many years, in which I keep my coupons. Two of those coupons were worth $20 this week. I had also bought a birthday card for my aunt, had bought two garbage stickers (we have to put stickers on our garbage bags - long story!), my menus for the last year at least, and my little grocery list notebook, which contains a calculator on which I keep track of how much over my budget I am going.

I no longer have this little box - I feel lost without it! I have checked back with the store twice. I remember having it in my hand at the store. Where in the world could it be??

Some good news finally - I went to work this morning, praying that I would find my sunglasses. Sure enough, they were way under my desk. I keep my purse under there and when I went to put my sunglasses back in the appropriate pocket, I guess I missed! Thank you, Lord.

Now, if only I could lost these extra pounds so easily! And never find them again.


Sue said...

Glad you found your sunglasses! I carry much the same stuff (list, menus and coupons) to the stores. I've left it behind a time or two, but always have managed to get it back.
Good luck finding it!

kpjara said...

I love how God even helps us find our 'lost' things!

I pray you find the 'box'.

I pray we both lose the pound or two for good!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Boy oh boy...can I identify! I am the queen of losing things around my place.....and being married to the King of organization--I can't tell you how many lectures I get! If you only put things in the same place every time....if you would just slow down and not be in such a hurry...if,....if....IF! Yeah--like I hadn't thought about THAT!

It just makes us more exciting than those predictable people who always know where their glasses are...their keys, their cell phones...their purse! Love a good advenutre...don't you!?!?


Pamela said...

Cute post, and you are definitely not alone. I don't know how many times I have lost my glasses, the worst, I found them in the frig! lol I was probably picking up the house really fast. Hope you find your coupon box.

Bet it was interesting spending time with the missionary from Rwanda! :)

theresa said...

You are not alone....I am getting very forgetful!

Thank you for your prayers regarding my post yesterday, it means a lot to me.

Linda said...

I love this post Dawn. It makes me feel so better. Have you heard that old saying, "I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached." That's me these days. I'm glad you found those sunglasses, and I hope your little box turns up. As for the pounds, if you find some amazing way to lose those please let me know.
Maybe the box went to that mysterious place where lost socks live. :)

PEA said...

You mean I'm not the only one who "misplaces" stuff like that?? I swear I need to have everything tied around my neck not to lose it! The worst thing I'm bad for is finding a place to put something for safe keeping....then forgetting where I put the darn thing! Glad you found your sunglasses at least..hope you can find your Tupperware container too!!

mouse said...

Around here we are all constantly losing things until we finally go out and buy a new one then boom the old one shows up so does having two mean we will always know where at least one is? Heck no at times they can both be lost. Really hope you find you coupon box soon.

Nikkie said...

I do that stuff all of the time too! I'm glad you found your sunglasses!

EmilyRoseJewel said...

I love how God is so good even in the little things in life. I really appreciate those little blessings in my day. I love the look of your new blog. It has been awhile since I have done some blogging other than posting to my own. I love getting your comments. You remind me so much of my mother and I love the wisdom you pass on. Stop by anytime and give me your take on my life. Blessings!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

When I lose something I become instantly obsessed with finding it, to the point that my obsession with looking bothers me more than what I lost. Where on earth you got $20 coupons, good grief. Mine are at the most 50 cents. Glad you found the glasses and hope you find the box. It's my #1 make me instantly crazy thing, losing anything at all.

Nancy said...

Yea! You found them... I know exactly how you feel. The older I get, the harder it is to keep up with things.

Morning Glory said...

I see my many senior moments are in good company. Whew!!

Tammy said...

You know...God almost always honors my prayers (and my mom's and kids') when we've misplaced something and just have to find it! :)

Kathleen Marie said...

Cute post but a bit too close to home, ha! Sometimes I think we just have too much on our minds and we hit overload and well, somethings just got to go (but it never seems to be those extra pounds!).

Maine Mom said...

I'm glad you found your sunglasses! How frustrating to lose things. I hope you find your box soon. Why can't we lose things we wouldn't extra pounds? :-)

Kristen said...

Oh No!! You lost the COUPON BOX?! That is no good. What are you going to do? For real. I've never seen you at the store without it.

Dawn said...

And that comment alone should tell you how long I've had that crazy box! And I can't remember what I had on the menu for this week - I've made it through 3 days, but can't remember tomorrow - you'd think I could tell by looking in the fridge, freezer, or cupboard, wouldn't you? Maybe we'll just have to go out. HMMM.

Lala's world said...

ah that is so frustrating when that happens! glad you found them though

Looney Mom said...

Well if it's any consolation, you're NOT alone. My mind is GONE.

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