Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thirteen Reasons I Haven’t Written Lately

thursday thirteen
  1. Thanksgiving preparation. It wasn’t like I had everyone here or anything. It was just the baking of the pie and the rolls to take to my Mom’s. I had all three kids that day, because Anakin didn’t have school.
  2. Thanksgiving Day. We had a great time with Mom and Dad, my sis and her husband, my daughter, husband, and 2 of the kids (the other was with his mother), my son and his wife, my nephew and his wife and 2 kids, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law, and a niece and her husband who stopped by for awhile on their way to somewhere else for dinner. It was a smaller crowd than sometimes, but plenty of commotion and enjoyment – and food. But not many left-overs.
  3. Friday after Thanksgiving. We just took it easy and had a good time being off work.
  4. Saturday after Thanksgiving. DC put up the Christmas lights outside, because it was such a nice warm day. I can’t remember anything else, but I know I didn’t get on the computer much.
  5. Sunday. Church, Sunday School, Church. But the big thing for me was that I couldn’t eat anything after an early breakfast. I had to fast for the big procedure coming up on Monday morning at 10:30.
  6. I had to start taking the yucky bitter water mixture at 7:00 p.m. I am a real wuss at drinking stuff that doesn’t taste good. I didn’t do a very good job of it. I was up most of the night, netting about two hours of sleep.
  7. The Procedure! It was a piece of cake compared to the preparation. If you have to get a colonoscopy, there’s nothing to fear once you get to the medical facility. It’s that terrible prep time! (Update: I had a polyp that they removed - I was hoping for none).
  8. The Aftermath. I was awake and ready to leave at 1:30. My mom’s house has become “The Recovery Center” for the family. I slept on her couch most of the afternoon, and then she kindly fixed dinner for us.
  9. I crashed as soon as I got home, making up for the lost night before, and sleeping off the remnants of the anesthesia.
  10. Work. Yes, I had to go back on Tuesday morning. I had over 300 junk mails in the Junk Mail official folder, plus about 75 in my regular e-mail. Not to mention the real messages I had to answer, plus the phone messages, plus the snail mail (which I never got to).
  11. The Meeting. When I got to work, my calendar reminded me that I had a two-hour meeting. Since I only work 4 hours on Tuesday, that didn’t give me much time for the e-mail, voice mail, and snail mail. Not to mention that the meeting outlined all sorts of changes that are coming that affect me very directly. I think I’m ready to retire. Too many changes.
  12. Christmas. I’m finally getting in the mood and mode. Tuesday after I got off work and got Care Bear to preschool, Feisty and I did a bit of shopping. She’s fun to take shopping, because she doesn’t ask for everything she sees (yet). She’s content to look and hold and feel. I have been preparing a box to send to New Guinea to a missionary family that our church is taking care of for two years with gifts, messages, prayer, encouragement. It has been fun, but time consuming. The girls each picked out some of their stuffed animals to send to the 3 little girls so far away. I was also preparing a basket for one of my profs who is taking a new position at the end of this semester. We’ve been good friends and I’ll miss her. She stops by often for a piece of dark chocolate and a chat. I bought enough pieces of dark chocolate to last her the first semester of her new job – she’s allowed one each day and she has to think of me when she eats it.
  13. The Tree. I finally bit the bullet and got an artificial tree today. I have one already, which I decorate as my “designer tree.” But we’ve always had a real tree. I love the aroma when I walk in the door. I don’t love the complaining DC does every year as he struggles under the tree to get it standing straight and securely, or the fact that it never drinks any water, or that it sheds needles everywhere and is bone dry within a week. I’ll miss a real tree. But practicality has taken over. This will be the one with the hodge podge of memories on it. Anakin helped me put it together, I got the lights on in between crises, and I had more help than I can remember in decorating a tree since my kids were little. Total chaos, but lots of fun to watch them enjoying my collection of ornaments. We also need to make some gingerbread men and some sugar cookies. I also got my Christmas letter composed, and that feels really good. So – not much time for thinking and writing. But I have thought of all of you often. I hope to catch up soon!


Anonymous said...

All completely understandable reasons for not blogging, Dawn. It's called living your life. We have lives, too, and we understand that life takes precedence over blogging. When blogging starts feeling like an obligation instead of a pleasure, I back off for a while. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Everybody needs a break now and then, even if it's forced by events in your life.

I hope you got a good report from your colonoscopy. I had one last year, and like you said, the prep is far worse than the procedure.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

oh yes - it is a busy time of year!

glad to hear you survived the colonoscopy prep!

kpjara said...

You are a busy one! I'm glad the procedure was 'cake' compared to the prep (EGADS)!

I'm with you on the tree issue. My dear 'country' friends put some liquor in their tree water (per something they read) and it stayed alive the whole season...albeit it was most assuredly drunk...and of course we have pets that would be lapping that up to their demise!

Gattina said...

OMG, feasts apparently are very tiring ! I know that from Christmas, but then you can start your TT again ! Lol !

Anonymous said...

Your husband complains about that, too? Mine still enjoys the real tree enough after it's up that I'm not giving up on it yet.

Barb said...

Well, you've had a lot going on, Dawn, so don't worry about it. If it takes a while to catch up, we all understand that. I'm just now catching up myself.

I hope the changes at work aren't too difficult. I know how that upsets the routine.

I know what you mean about wanting a real tree. That's never even been open to discussion here - Rob absolutely has been to too many Christmas fires caused by lights on dried out trees.

Still, having the little ones help you decorate your tree sounds like so much fun, as does the gingerbread men. We haven't made those in years. Hmmmm. Maybe we should do that this year.

It's nice to read this post about all that's been going on.

Kathleen Marie said...

Awesome...a getting to know the life of Grandma Dawn Thursday Thirteen! Sweet! You are one busy lady. Glad you are back :)

Sue said...

You're one busy lady! Glad the colonoscopy went ok. The prep is never fun..
We broke down and got an artificial tree last year. So many of the tree farms have turned into vineyards it's almost impossible to go cut a tree nearby..

Morning Glory said...

Glad the procedure if over with. Didn't I tell you the prep was the worst? I had 3 polyps they removed, but the lab results were fine.

I'm so ready to get Christmas decorations out now, I can hardly stand it, but I won't have time until after this weekend.

PEA said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes life takes over and keeps us from blogging?? hehe I haven't had much time to visit anyone the last couple of days, just run out of time! I'm sure you're glad "the" procedure is done and over with...I remember my mom having to go through that and she also said it was the prep part that was the worst! An artificial tree may not be the same as a real tree but oh my goodness, it sure is easier to take care of...just buy the real tree smell in a can and spray it on! lol

Linda said...

Okay - you're excused, but I did miss you. I'm glad to see you have your priorities in order. The Lord and I have had several conversations about how much time I spend on the computer. Needless to say I am trying to do better.
How nice that you have that procedure over and done with (I was going to say behind you - but somehow that just didn't sound right). I'm glad you were fine. I haven't had it done yet, but everyone who has says the same thing you did. It's not something I'm going to mention to my doctor until I'm forced into it:)
I'm glad you're back!!

Anonymous said...

glad to hear it all went well!

Nancy said...

I hated the colonoscopy thing... that prep stuff is awful. I mixed mine with Mtn. Dew and I can't imagine drinking a Mtn. Dew to this day! I hope your report from the polyp is a good one (I'll say a prayer for you). I am loving retirement... maybe you really should think about it! I'm alergic to all varieties of pine trees so the real trees are limited to the deck and porch. They smell so good... it's the smell of Christmas. Thanks for the update.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

"Precedure was a piece of cake compared to the preparation" Could be said this statement is an analogy for LIFE! And what a life you are living.

I am thanking God for your good health! You're gonna need to stay fit and enjoy this Season of busy-ness with those little ones! What joy!


Pamela said...

My goodness Dawn you have really been going to town here! So relieved the Colonoscopy turned out with just a palip to remove! Still, things like that can be such an interruption, especially when your schedule is so busy! I had heard that drinking all that stuff was the worst part!

You are so ahead of me in the game of things that need to be done.

I love how your family pulled together and helped you decorate! How thoughtful! :)

Looney Mom said...

Yup that's a LOT of stuff to keep you busy. And I think we had a real tree the first year we were married. Thereafter it was an artificial tree. Less mess!

Grafted Branch said...

Good news about your procedure...NOW you have none! ;)