Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Truth Hurts

I don't usually post on Saturday, and most don't comment on the week-end. If you don't get the drift of this post, please go to yesterday's and it will make more sense. Barb is finding blessings in difficult circumstances today. I thank Nancy for helping us learn to do that more. I'm thankful I didn't win Pea's contest! No, really. I am an avowed chocoholic, and after this morning, I definitely didn't need to have that beautiful package of chocolates arriving in my mailbox next week. The truth is: I bit the bullet and stepped on the probably-very-accurate scale at the gym this morning. The good news is that I went to the gym! I have been among the missing there for way too long. The second piece of good news is that I had the courage to walk over there, take off my shoes, and step on the scale. WAAAH!! I want my old scale back that blatantly lied to me every time I stepped on it! But, as Dr. Phil says, you can't fix what you don't acknowledge. So now I've acknowledged that my suspicion was correct (you know when your clothes aren't fitting!) - I weigh more than I ever have.

More good news/bad news?? I have a colonoscopy scheduled for the Monday after Thanksgiving. What timing!! I understand I can lose up to 10 pounds during this process. Hmmm. Maybe I can keep it off! Blessing??

God has such interesting ways of getting my attention. I chose a stationery bike in a different spot than normal this morning. Right in front of my face was a magazine rack. I always have my book with me, and intended to make a good dent in the last third of Warsaw Requiem this morning. But this Woman's Day magazine caught my eye - it was an old one from September. I read much of it, and then "borrowed" it to copy some of the articles. I'll take it back. I promise! I could not believe it - this magazine covered almost every subject of yesterday's post. It's not anything that I haven't heard or read in a woman's magazine a thousand times. But it was the timing - a nudge where I needed nudging. "Lose Weight Without Dieting," "Look Fabulous Over 50," "Got an hour? Change Your Life," "Clutter Control 101." Now I'm not on the clutter level of the young woman who was on Dr. Phil the other day (do you think I watch Dr. Phil too much?), but there are definite piles that I need to get to and sort and throw.

I thank all of you who took the time to care and give me ideas. I appreciate them all. I'm going to definitely take some time to list the tasks that need to be done, and then cross them off one by one. That is such a good feeling. I think what bothers me so much is that I used to be that energetic, organized, in control-of-my-life-and-schedule kind of person. I need her back!

My sweet DC has suggested that I take a week off of work and get a feeling of control back in my life. I love the idea, but I don't have vacation time coming from those little kiddoes - any suggestions for that problem??

One more blessing I must acknowledge - my niece, Karen, gave birth to her third child Thursday afternoon - my 14th grand (great?) niece/nephew, with one more on deck! He is adorable, as are all of these little kids - we need a new group picture!

I hope everyone has a super Saturday and a blessed Sunday. Talk to you later!


Diane said...

Good for you taking charge of your life, Dawn. Doesn't it feel better, knowing your DOING something??

As for the kids, do you know someone you can trust that you can swap time with? You keep their kids along with your grandkids, then they keep your grandkids along with theirs. It's a win/win situation, especially with Christmas shopping coming up fast.

Just a thought.....

Morning Glory said...

You can do it! I'm cheering you on.

Don't worry about the colonscopy. The prep time is the worst and you don't feel the procedure.

Why don't you offer to pay for a sitter for Kristen, so someone else could watch the kids so you could truly have a week off? You so deserve a break and some TLC just for you.

nick said...

is it ok to respond in comments from other comments....? who knows? oh well. we'll be down on thurs. i absolutely agree on the universal truth of book better than movie, but we'd recently read it, and i wanted to see depp do wonka cos he's a bit of a hero as far as actors go.

i was wholly gratified, though, when oliver said that the book was much better than the movie. but it's a bit fun to do both and chat about them.

we're going through the narnia chronicles at the mo. there's a definite film short falling on that one, but.... what'ya going to do?

have fun with your ... procedure. =)

Linda said...

Glad you're getting things back to where you'd like them to be. It's funny how some things will just hit us right between the eyes!
A little break sounds like a good idea to me. I hope you can work something out. We all need that every once in a while.
Have a good weekend.

PEA said...

Good morning I'm taking the time to get caught up on the posts I've missed! Good for you for going back to the gym...I've noticed I always weigh more when I get on the doctor's scale or the one at the gym (when I used to go!)...I think they add a few pounds to their scale so that it will shock you! lol As we get older, it's so much harder to lose the weight that has crept up on us but we can do it!! Good luck my friend!!

Sue said...

Those pounds do have a way of creeping on and I think blogging has contributed to a few of mine! LOL!
I'm not doing anything more than trying to cut back on portion size during the holiday season.
Try to get some rest. I know that's easier said than done, but you'll feel totally different about things when you're refreshed.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

good for you girl!

and have fun with the colonoscopy! Woohoo! ;)

Pamela said...

Way to go Dawn! That's really nice, and I am so impressed! Going to the gym, when it has been a while can be a little intimidating to say the least. Never mind the SCALE thing! I have no room to talk, so hope you enjoy it! lol

The colonoscopy thing is good. Heard you have to drink tons though! lol

Looney Mom said...

Good for you that you made it to the gym. It's a great first step!

That new little bundle is a cutie for sure!

Tammy said...

Ahhh...I just got caught up a bit on your posts. I so completely know how you feel...I have gained weight, too, and can't seem to find a way to stay consistant in my working out, ect. And of course, the holidays makes it harder!

But I'm so proud of you for actually going to the gym! I really, really want to get back into the routine of working out again...but this week, my workout will be cleaning the whole house for Thanksgiving!

Hopefully, the colonscopy will be less awful than just the idea of it!


Anonymous said...

Your 14th great niece/nephew?!? WOW! You must be a proud Auntie! :)

Ok the little box isn't coming up for me to type my name and website addy so here ya go: Jessica and

Dawn said...

Actually, I have 22 grand nieces and nephews - I was only counting my own side of the family! Bad me!

Grafted Branch said...

10 lbs?! Really! Sign me up! That's just the quick fix I've been looking for...LOL

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Oh my dear blogging friend; in spite of the distance of seems our lives are on a parallel path! My post today, entitled, My get-up-and-go is GONE...echoes your post today! I know the old expression, "Misery loves company," may come to mind...but I prefer to think of this parallel experience as a God-provided support system! Sounds like you could benefit from a bit of a break.....looking for the same clues I am looking for! Thankfully, we serve a God who always shows Himself if we only seek. I know you are always on the look out.....may you find your much needed answers quickly!

I am off to dust the ole treadmill that calls my name daily! Maybe I'll turn it on and get on it...and watch the dust fly! You have inspired me! What is it with the weight gain that each decade brings! My daily mantra when getting on the scale sounds something like Popeye's, "I am what I am!" But, still, I know that lugging those few extra pounds around each day is depleting! Loved Kristen's idea of going to the gym with you----there really is nothing more lonely than exercising alone! Back to that "misery loves company" thing! :)

Will it help to know that I am starting my treadmill up today? Of course, I mean it in a supportive way--rather than that miserable company thing! :)


Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the colonoscopy...and I'm sure the weight gain isn't that much, you're so tall, you can pull it off, I'm sure no one notices AT ALL.

Barb said...

Boy, that's not the most excellent way to lose 10 pounds. Ugh. But of course, it's an important test.

No quick fix for taking vacation from work but having the kids. Maybe there's something around there they could do to help?

When I feel overwhelmed by things that need to be done, I do the list. I make a list and start with the easiest task, start marking it off. I find it gives me a steadily increasing momentum to get things done when I'm not in the mood.

I don't remember the last time I stepped on a scale. Two years ago maybe? I'm like you. I can tell if I've gained weight by the way my clothes fit. I never diet. If I'm feeling like I need to lose a few pounds, I just cut back on portions. It would help if I liked diet Coke but nope. It's the real thing for me.

Good luck with all this. I agree that some time off work might help you get a better grip on it all.

Kathleen Marie said...

I know last week was a hard one for me to keep on track so I definitely need to try harder this week. Thanksgiving is going to be super quiet. We will celebrate as what family I have here on Saturday so it's just me the hubby and Joey so that should help me this week.

Nudges! I have had a lot lately and you gave me another big one! Thanks! I need that!