Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Grandma's Gleanings

You may recall that this past week-end we had the kiddoes while K&M went on their anniversary outing. I have them every afternoon during the work week, but a "sleepover" was especially exciting to them this time. We've done it often before, but for some reason it meant a lot to Care Bear especially this time.

Anakin was with us most of the day Saturday, and then went to be with his mother. Saturday was a day filled with Grandpa-type fun for them. I stayed home and did those "blasted grade point averages."

After breakfast, Care Bear decided to create a road on the living room carpet. I call it the "Yellow Corn Chex Road." Anakin was being the Loch Ness Monster. I'm not sure how that fit in to the scenario, but it made sense to him.


After all the dressing and tooth brushing was out of the way, and way too long for their liking, Grandpa bundled them into his red pick-up (they love to go truckin') and they headed for the "nuseum" to learn a lot about our once little town's history. Care Bear is at the age where everything is an "adventure" for her. It makes it so much fun.

Following a fairly raucous lunch at McDonald's, where Feisty was not in her best form, they prepared for their next adventure - swimming at Great Grandma C's place. She is in an assisted living facility, but still has access to the exercise area. They LOVE to go swimming out there. Unfortunately DC's camera was on the fritz, so we didn't get pictures of them in the pool with 88-year-old Grandma C. They had a blast.

Both girls managed to fall out of bed - one Friday night and one Saturday night. I didn't think Care Bear even woke up enough to know what had happened, but the next morning at breakfast she said, "I fell out of bed and bumped my head - hey, I made a poem!!" She then told us about a movie about Humpty Dumpty. I said I didn't think there was such a movie, but she said, "Oh, yes, I met the author and illustrator and he said there's going to be a movie." Author and Illustrator?? Other discussions we had included the different sounds that the letter "c" makes - both "k" and "s" - and the puzzles of the English language. And this one - "What is the last number?" When we told her there wasn't a last number, that numbers went on forever, it kind of blew her little 4-year-old mind. I have to say I wasn't trying to figure out infinity until I was at least 13!

When Feisty fell out of bed, she wasn't quite as sanguine. She was very angry, and I don't blame her. It was a long ways down for her. All of her body parts were working okay, but she didn't want to be hugged. She wanted to be mad. When I finally got her to calm down enough to understand what she was saying, it was "I want a Band-Aid, I want a Band-Aid." Fortunately for me, a regular old brown Band-Aid was good enough for her. It didn't have to be Dora or neon or anything. She put it on her shoulder and she was miraculously healed and happy again. Oh, if only our grown-up hurts could be healed by a Band-Aid, even if the hurt doesn't show! Something Max Lucado said in the devotional I read yesterday was so apropos to what happened to little Fiesty.

"I like the story of the little boy who fell out of bed. When his Mom asked him what happened, he answered, 'I don't know. I guess I stayed too close to where I got in.'

Easy to do the same with our faith. It's tempting just to stay where we got in and never move.

Pick a time in the not-too-distant past. A year or two ago. Now ask yourself a few questions. How does your prayer life today compare with then? How about your giving? Have both the amount and the joy increased? What about your church loyalty? Can you tell you've grown? And Bible study? Are you learning to learn? . . .

Don't make the mistake of the little boy. Don't stay too close to where you got in. It's risky resting on the edge." (from When God Whispers Your Name).

Have a learning and adventurous Tuesday!


Praying for your Prodigal said...

Love this post! Love the food for thought!

A sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's is always an adventure....for all involved! It just ain't as easy to be up for those middle-of-the-night-things-that-go-bump! Even when it is our cherished grandbabies that are bumping!


Kristen said...

I hadn't heard about the yellow corn chex road. Very interesting!

Morning Glory said...

Nice wrap-up to the falling out of bed story. Definitely something to think about.

Susie said...

Grandkids do have some thought provoking moments don't they!
Love that line "risky resting on the edge"
Great post!!

Lala's world said...

that was a fantastic post, really loved it. thanks for the wisdom!

Linda said...

Nicely done Dawn - sounds like a fun weekend. I can't get over the careful work that went into that road. Great job!
I love your ananlogy about staying too close to where we got in. I think the Lord had you write that just for me. It's something I've been thinking about a lot recently. Thanks so much. I always love visiting you!!

groovyoldlady said...

What a nice post. Thanks for sharing. I don't get to spend time with my grandkids due to family discord, nor did I ever have grandparents that I knew. (Welcome to disfunction junction!) You are very blessed!

My hubby's aunt just gave us an odd little gift - a rock wrapped in pretty fabric. here's the poem that accompanied it:

I'm your little prayer rock
and this is what I'll do

Just put me on your pillow
until the day is through

then turn back the covers
and climb into your bed

And "whack" your little prayer rock
will hit you on the head

then you will remember
when the day is through

to kneel and say your prayers
like you really meant to do

Then when you are finished
just dump me on the floor

Where I'll stay throughout the night
to give you help once more

When you get up next morning
"clunk" I'll stub your toe

So you'll again remember
morning prayers before you go

put me back upon your pillow
when your bed is made

and your clever little prayer rock
will continue in your aid

Dawn said...

Did anybody notice the little tongue action on Feisty in that picture? She came out of the womb with her tongue going like crazy. So cute!!

Nancy said...

What a great post! I was reminded of the times my children would fall out of bed and I look forward to grandchildren so they can spend the night. I am glad it was a fun weekend and thanks for the great quote from "When He whispers your name".

PEA said...

They sure keep you on your toes but your grandkids sure are adorable!! Loved the story and it goes to show there is a lesson to be learned in everything we do:-)

Barb said...

What a fun weekend, Dawn. And what a fun grandma and grandpa you two are. Love that little chex trail. It would last two seconds around here with Chelsea on the job. On the days I have Cameron here, I don't even have to feed Chelsea. Of course, the stuff she's eating isn't going to make my vet very happy. :-) In spite of all the falling out of bed, I'll bet those little kids had a blast.

Kathleen Marie said...

This was a precious post and what precious time with Grandpa.

Love the Yellow Chex Road...kids got imagination and I love the Max Lucado reference.

We can sure learn a lot from our kids and grandkids.


Maine Mom said...

I like this thought provoking post!
I'm glad the band-aid cured the hurt :-)

Diane J. said...

I saw your comment somewhere?? that Kevin will posting his next segment of his story sometime today. I'm looking forward to reading both your installments.

Thanks for praying for Mikki and Jessica. Mikki is about the same, but Jessica is feeling better today, praise God!

Tammy said...

Dawn, I loved this...not only hearing about your adventures with your grandkids (because mine are about the same age and it's funny to hear how similar they are...) But I also loved the analogy. I'm still letting it soak in...wonderful.

EmilyRoseJewel said...

Awww...what sweet kiddos! I bet you enjoyed every minute. What a fun time they seemed to be having. Thanks for stopping by. Titus is due on March 14th, but the doctor is concerned about his growth and may take him sooner through induction, some issue with my body may be the reason he isn't gaining as he should, so he may do better on the outside. Looking forward to welcoming him next week possibly, we shall see. Blessings!Emily