Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Meme and a Thank You

First of all, I want to thank Maine Mom for the "You Make Me Smile" award.


It is so nice to know that people enjoy coming to see you. If you haven't visited Maine Mom, go on over there and get acquainted. She is the mom of 5 kids and I have great admiration for her ability to keep it all together in a small space. Thanks, MM!

One of my favorite writers and thinkers is Kim at Can You Hear Me Now? One of the most fascinating things to me about this blogging adventure is the great variety of us who have become acquainted - deep thinkers, those who can write devotions worthy of publication, those who chronicle their daily lives, those who give gifts, those who are awesome homemakers, those who school their children at home, those who are writing their life histories, and on and on. Kim is a thinker who has a great ability to write those thoughts for us. She is open and honest about what she's going through spiritually and personally, and I appreciate her. She's been very busy lately and is just now getting back to blogging more regularly. She tagged me for this Profile Meme. I haven't done one for awhile, so here goes:

My Blog Name is: Grandma Dawn

But people usually call me: Dawn, Mom, Grandma, Honey (only one person is allowed)

I was born here: Minneapolis

And I've lived here: Minnesota, Arkansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas

Until I wound up here: Colorado

My occupation is: Coordinator of the Master of Social Work admission process; coordinating the students through the two year program

My favorite color is: blue, with hunter green a close second

My favorite hobby is: reading. I used to have lots of others, which I intend to post about soon, but now reading is about it (hopefully retirement will rekindle some of the others)

My favorite season is: FALL (or autumn, which is a much prettier word)

A few favorite books are: Way too many to name - I read so many mystery series it's ridiculous. I particularly love Earlene Fowler in that area. I love the Mitford Series, Eugenia Price, Boede Thoene, Max Lucado. I am currently reading two new authors that I will expound upon during Woman to Woman next Tuesday.

Some of my favorite music: Choir is my love, and we sing so many different styles. For listening pleasure while I work, I love classical guitar, piano, flute, pan pipes, orchestra

My favorite kinds of movies are: the few I watch have to be pretty much chick flicks with no bad language or sexual content - so that limits it pretty badly!

My favorite actor/actress is: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan (they need to do another one together - see above!)

My favorite food indulgence: chocolate, no contest

My favorite drink indulgence is: Diet Dr. Pepper

My favorite dessert indulgence is: really good homemade apple pie (strange, since it's not chocolate!)

One weird thing about me is: I add and subtract numbers on license plates, and type the numbers in my head

One of my fantasies is: to not have to worry about anybody ever again

One of my pet peeves is: people talking on cell phones in public - airports, cars, sidewalks, restaurants, grocery stores, work - hmmm, guess we hit a nerve there!

I'd love to see others pick this one up and do it. It's fun to learn these little details about people.


Robin said...

That is a fun meme. I will work on one for sometime soon!
I love Diet Dr. Pepper too, and I love to read, and I get frustrated with people on cell phones, I like romantic movies, I enjoy AUTUMN, I love chocolate - do you think we might be long lost cousins or something! LOL!

Morning Glory said...

That IS a fun meme. Maybe I'll get around to doing it after I catch up the rest of my life.

Diane J. said...

I've done so many memes over the last 2 years that I'm certain I don't have many unknown facts about me.

I used to have several hobbies before I started blogging, reading, sewing, crocheting, cross stitching and gardening among them. Not so much these days.

Enjoy your cool Autumn days. It's still nearly 90ยบ here today and for the next several days. Bleh!

Love and hugs,


Baba/night owl said...

Hi Dawn,Your post is educational..For my TT I got the idea from Lazy Daisy.We are going thro the alphabet letters .Have a good day. baba

PEA said...

Congratulations on the award, dear Dawn!! It certainly is wonderful to know that people appreciate you and love coming to visit you...just like I do:-) I so enjoyed the meme...what, I can't call you HONEY???? hehe I do hope your fantasy comes true one've had so much to worry about, more than one should in a lifetime!! xox

Linds said...

Perfect award for you! And I love the meme... I will do it soon too. It is always great to learn a little more about my friends. I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend!

Barbara said...

Hi! Dawn
Nice to meet you. You have some beautiful photos and I enjoyed your neighbourhood. There must be some spectacular scenes around you.
A lot different to your brothers area in Manchester.
I have not met Linds but do blog with her. Someday who knows, that would be nice.

Susie said...

Hi Dawn,
I enjoy most memes as they do help us learn more about each other. Cell phones in public are one of my pet peeves as well

kpjara said...

Thank you for 'playing'. I love learning more about everyone.

Jungle Mom said...

I will try and do this this week end.

groovyoldlady said...

I love chocolate and I hate anything at all to do with cell phones.

I don't do weird things with license plates but I used to mentally leap over every single telephone pole we passed in the car. The compulsion almost drove me insane (some would say it succeeded!) but I finally overcame it about the same time I stopped pulling out my eyelashes and eyebrows.

Nancy said...

Congrats on the award. I agree, this is one of my favorite places to stop and the meme proves why... we have so much in common. Max Lucadoo is at the top of the list... plus retirement right around the corner. Have a great weekend! said...

Congrats on your award! I like Max Lucado, too.
I have added you to my sidebar. I hope this is okay! Grams

Angela said...

Congratulations on your award, you are so deserving!!

I also enjoyed the meme, it does let us get to know each other a little better.

Well, Congratulations again my friend, stop by for details. I have passed on an award to you as well.

Have a wonderful day filled with love and laughter!

Sharon Lynne said...

I know what you mean about movies. I can't seem to find any that I like. When my husband says, "You want to get a movie?"
I think, "Oh no."
We usually end up getting something he likes...(guns and such)

I do like political movies, and chick flicks.

groovyoldlady said...

Hey Dawn, you've won a fabulous award of wonder and goodness! Check it out on MY blog! :-)

Maine Mom said...

Your welcome. :-)

Fun meme!
I've never been to the places you have lived or currently live. Maybe someday.
Reading is great, isn't it? I'm looking forward to cuddling up with a good book this fall/winter with a blanket and cup of hot chocolate.
I like the same kind of movies and yes, chocolate is a must!

Kathleen Marie said...

A cute meme. I am saving it for the future.

I also am amazed at how rude people can be with cell phones. I try to be polite. If I am talking to someone I can let it go to voice mail. I try to always have the ringer off in church, restaurants, etc... I have seen people in restaurants gabbing away while the person they are with looks bored to tears...RUDE! My other pet peeve is people making out in public...good grief!

Hugs to you!

Nadine said...

Congratulations on your award. I can see why you received it. I had to stop by and say. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back.