Friday, October 26, 2007

Some More Random Rambling

A mind is a terrible thing to lose, and I feel sometimes like it's happening! Often I will think of something that I want to write here, and I'll think of just how I want to say it. I'm so positive that I'll not forget this brilliant phrase, but it lasts about 10 seconds. I truly need one of those little recorders so that I can capture my brilliance before it disappears. So sad.

I have little slips of paper all over the place with notes to myself - I try to write things down while I'm driving, but that's not such a hot idea, and I can't even read it most of the time. So here goes - I'll dump some of the overload from my "memory card" or "hard drive" and call it good.

You know how many times I've written about my chocolate addiction? There's good news - there's a reason! I read this article in the paper the other day. "If that craving for chocolate sometimes feels like it is coming from deep in your gut, that's because maybe it is." It seems that there is a "small study" (meaning, it's probably not going to prove to be true) that "links the type of bacteria living in people's digestive system to a desire for chocolate. People who crave daily chocolate show signs of having different colonies of bacteria than people who are immune to chocolate's allure." That explains the difference between me and say, Barb or Diane! It's such a relief to know that I'm not just weak or powerless, but there's a good reason!! Ha.

Has anybody read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom? I've heard of it for years, but just recently saw the author on Dr. Phil, and decided I needed to read it. I got the cd version from the library and am listening to it on the way to and from work. It is wonderful, and very well written. But it has me thinking and questioning - Morrie was a wonderful man who acquired ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in his 70s after teaching sociology in a university for 35 years. His outlook on life was amazing - he refused to let his disease ruin the rest of his life, short as it may be. The thing that puzzles me about him and the other guests that both Oprah and Phil have had this week, who know they are dying, is how they can have such good outlooks on the end of their lives with no mention of eternity. No mention of God's help in making it through their illnesses. No feeling of hopelessness. I can't imagine facing the end of life without knowing that God was going to be there to greet me when I die.

I have not often been rebellious in my life. In fact, my brothers give me a hard time for being what they like to call "Goody Two Shoes." Once as an adult, they were teasing me so much that I actually cried to my mom, "So what's so bad about being GOOD?" But I must confess to all of you that I am in a state of rebellion - against the parking services department of our university. They are the largest money-making entity, next to the athletic department, on campus. They are raising parking fees every year, and significantly so for the next 5 years. (Interestingly, when you retire, you are privileged with FREE PARKING on campus for as long as you live!) But I digress. This year I decided not to buy a parking pass, but to park on the one free street on the periphery of the campus. Don't ask me why they haven't grabbed it up and make it into restricted space. But they haven't yet. Trouble is - you have to get there by 7:00 a.m. to be sure you get one of the coveted spots. That's not a problem for me, because I love getting there early and having a bit of time to myself before the busy day begins. The unexpected plus is that I make someone happy almost every day. You see, I leave at 11:30. Almost every day, someone spots me getting ready to leave and waits for my spot, holding up a line of traffic behind them. I can only imagine how excited they are to get it. It's nice to make someone's day!

The moon has been so awesome this week. Quite a few people have taken pictures and posted them. When Kevin was in Africa, every month I'd look at the beautiful moon and think of it hanging over Africa as well, and hoping he was looking at it. It made me feel closer to him.

It's been a year now since my father-in-law went to heaven. Mom C has done remarkably well. She's had a hard time with her memory, but it has improved. But one disadvantage of sort of coming out of the fog of the first year is that the pain becomes more acute. She has been dreaming about him almost every night. After 65 years of marriage, it is certainly understandable. But the dreams usually involve her looking for him in some large place like Wal-Mart. But then that really happened when he was alive - he tended to wander off and do his own thing without thinking to tell anyone where he was going! I just know he's up there in heaven waiting for her to join him.

On my birthday a month ago, DC gave me an IOU for this:


The promise was for "when he had the money." I thought it would be awhile. Imagine my surprise and delight when he wrote me an e-mail yesterday saying he had heard from Dell that it was being shipped. He wanted me to know that I should be watching for it. I can't believe it! I am so excited. The only down side is that now I get to learn a new operating system, Windows Vista™. I'll be way ahead of everyone at work, because we haven't been upgraded there yet. I'll keep you posted.

I think that's about enough, except for one great quote from Care Bear. We didn't have a birthday party or cake for me this year. In fact, the adults all went out to eat, and we didn't really tell the kids where we were going. She asked me a few days later when we were having a party. I said I guessed we weren't. She said, "What's a birthday without a party?" What indeed??

Have a wonderful week-end!


Diane J. said...

Hey, if doing without a party means you get a laptop, I'm there! I didn't have a party, either. I don't really think there's any need for me to be watching the mail for a laptop, though...

I want a laptop and wireless system but it's not likely to happen anytime soon.

I've heard a lot of bad stuff about Vista so I'm interested in hearing your take on it. One of my blog friends just got a new notebook loaded with Vista and had some initial problems with it, but now it seems to be working fine and she loves it. Mixed reviews, it seems.

Have a great weekend, Dawn. :-)

Love and hugs,


Becky said...

This was a very fun little catch me up post.

I wanted to tell you that Tuesday's with Morrie was made into an incredible movie. You can rent it everywhere I am sure. Jack Lemon play Morrie and he is amazing.

It is so worth the time to see. We actually own it. My husband uses parts of it in his teaching from time to time.

And ... that author has written other amazing books as well. Enjoy!

AND ... Belated happy birthday. I can't remember telling you so before. Perhaps I missed it altogether.

Diane said...

Keep these "flashes of brilliance" comin'!

I read Tuesdays with Morrie years is a lasting favorite.

I thought of that exact same thing as I was reading the book. In fact, I have talked with some of my Jewish friends about their understanding of eternity....and to the last one....they don't give it any thought. Intersting and tragic. Imagine someone who has lived their life...and their impending death with such grace--not grabbing God's grace for their eternal future???!!!!???

So excited for your birthday gift! That Dwight is a KEEPER!!!! What a great gift.

You always make my day! And I'm not even stalking your parking spot! Just your blog!!!! ;)


Susie said...

I love catchup posts! Feels just like a nice visit hearing all your news.
I can't remember if I wished you a Happy Birthday. If I didn't please accept my belated best wishes. I'm anxious to hear how you like Windows Vista.
The moon is supposed to be just beautiful tonight!

Angela said...

I too love the catch up post...I agree with does feel like a visit.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

Please stop by I have an award for can grab the button and details.

Have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love and laughter!


Nadine said...

I love my laptop. What a wonderful gift. You will love the freedom it gives and find that being able to take it with you on trips is great.

PEA said...

That Care Bear is wise beyond her years:-) Ooooh a new laptop, how wonderful and it's no wonder you're so excited about it!! My computer is over 6 years old and I'm thinking of getting a laptop once this one dies on me. I'm glad to hear that my addiction to chocolate has a reason behind it! lol I truly enjoyed your random post:-) xox said...

I really like your post! I get to use Kelly's laptop and I just love it!! It is so easy and it is so comfortable sitting on the couch and going out to blog! I think you will love it! Blessings, Grams

Midlife Mom said...

I just wrote this big long comment and Munchie jumped up on my keyboard and I lost the whole thing! Rats~ I just don't have the energy to try to rewrite it but just wanted you to know it was a work of downright brilliance! lol!!! Take care and think of me as I try to make your crescent rolls this week!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I'm glad to know my aversion to chocolate is because I'm missing some bacteria, Dawn. Heaven knows, I have enough bacteria going on right now. I'm not sure I'm ever going to kick this awful cold. LOL

A new computer? Are you kidding me? My gosh, I'd be so excited I couldn't stand it.

And there's nothing wrong with being a goody-two-shoes. I can only aspire to being a goody-two shoes. It seems like I've been working on this my whole life.


I love it when you do these rambling posts.

Mary said...


I'm sure you make someone's day everytime you pull out of that parking place. Parking is very expensive.

Happy Belated Birthday. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

nancygrayce said...

I have been so struck with the people who have been interviewed lately with cancer who don't even mention God. It amazes me. I think I would be crawling to the cross to hang on.

Maine Mom said...

That is great that you take advantage of free parking on campus...I'm surprised it's still free, too! And how nice to make someone else's day by leaving early. :-)

Enjoy your new laptop!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the laptop!!

So happy you are able to make someone's day with the parking spot! It is so wonderful you can reflect on such an act and not just pull out and drive on as we so often do in our busy world.

I am truly enjoying your blog.

Linds said...

You are going to have a ball with the laptop, Dawn! I am doing just fine with vista, by the way. It takes a little adjusting, and things like downloading photos are different, but easy to learn. So far so good, and my son is loving it. There are some great new features like the sidebar on the right.

I love random things. My life is random. I feel at home! And yes, I have read Tuesdays with Morrie and loved it too. Look out for his other books.

Linda said...

I completely understand Dawn (about the mind thing). Even as I'm reading posts and thinking of the brilliant and witty comments I will make when I finish - I forget by the time I get there and have to go back and reread. Yikes!
I wonder the same thing about people without the Lord and yet with such positive attitudes. I haven't figured that one out yet.
How exciting! A laptop is on my wish list for some day too. I know you're going to enjoy it.
Have a blessed sunday dear friend.

Bunny Trails said...

I'm happy to say that I, too, and receiving a Dell laptop this week! I also have not used Vista, so it looks like we can be on a learning curve together.

Pretty exciting stuff! Congrats and belated Happy Birthday! :D

Anonymous said...

Please stop by my blog. A little gift awaits you.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dawn,
Hope you had a great weekend. I bet you are excited about your new laptop. Hubby has one, but it tore up on him here while back. He uses his in his truck to keep track of the loads he delivers. I've played games on it several times, but I am used to using a mouse and can't get used to using my finger on his. Caraway is about 29 miles southeast of Jonesboro. I am in the very northeast corner of Craighead county. Maybe you can look it up on a may and it will show you. Well, just thought I would stop by and say hi. I've got to go do some more catching up. I just finished posting on my site, so I have some new friends to go and meet. Take care and have a great Monday.


Robin said...

What a fun catch-up post! And happy birthday to you! We were so busy enjoying your hubby's surprise party - we missed yours altogether! What an awesome gift - I wouldn't mind one of those at all! I hope you have a great time with it - learning all the bells and whistles!
I fully understand your parking woes - it doesn't sound fair to make employees pay to park where they work - what's up with that?! I think your outlook on making somebody's day is great!

Julie said...

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for stopping by and then realized that I have actually been here before (also thanks to comments on Nancy/Daily Blessings blog). You also have had quite the journey and have done a remarkable job of documenting your experiences as well!
Secondly, our Colorado connection. I actually was born and raised in Greeley, but now live in Ft. Collins. If your in the foothills, we must be close. Either way we are still mourning the Rockies loss but grateful they finally made it to the World Series. Back to the Broncos!
Last of all, wanted to comment about your most recent post. I haven't watched that Oprah yet (about the people who are dying) but have it recorded. Anyway, in your response to questioning why they never talk about eternity and God, etc. I actually heard/read through another blogger that was on the Oprah show to tell her story that they request that you dont mention God or religion at all. This blogger really struggled with that, as that has been her main source of strength and healing, but decided in the end that she still wanted to share her story so she reluctantly agreed to keep that part quiet. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me!

Anyway, take care!

Julie in Colorado

Sharon Lynne said...

You're pretty good at doing 6 posts in one! :-)

A teacher I worked for in summer school gave me a copy of Tuesdays with Morrie. I took it on vacation with me. The book really makes you think. Even though I'm not sure if Morrie knew the Lord, I still think the God uses books like that to speak to us.

I like to look at the moon too. And the clouds and everything in the sky. I have to be careful when I drive that I don't rear-end someone.

I enjoyed your post!

Linda said...

Hi, 1st timer here. I could say "amen" to every idea in this post!

groovyoldlady said...

My hubby's never bought me a laptop, but a few years ago he surprised me by ordering a short-scale bass guitar for me. I have short arms and small hands, so a regular sized bass is very hard for me to play. I LOVE my bass!

I read one of those Ladies Detective Agency books (In the Presence of Cheerful ladies) by Rra Smith in the midst of moving my Mom. It was AWESOME. I'll definitely be reading more of them!