Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Meme and Other Things

Over at Pea's place yesterday, and at Susie's place today, they did the Book Cover Meme.

***Rule (there is only one): Go to the advanced book search on Amazon, type your first name into the Title field, and post the most interesting/amusing cover that shows up.

When I entered "Dawn" into the Title field, I had a choice of 222,840 books. That's a lot of books! Of course, most of them had to do with the time of day, dawn of the morning. But a few were about a person named Dawn.

Dawn book

In her fine new Virginia school, Dawn Longchamp feels happy and safe. But nothing is what it seems...

Now Dawn and her older brother Jimmy have a chance for a decent, respectable life, and Dawn's secret, precious hope to study singing can come true. Philip Cutler, the handsomest boy in school, sets Dawn's heart on fire. She is deeply devoted to her brooding brother; but with Philip, she imagines a lovely dream of romance...

Then Dawn's mother suddenly dies, and her entire world begins to crumble. After a terrible new shock, she is thrust into a different family and an evil web of unspoken sins. Her sweet innocence lost, humiliated and scorned, Dawn is desperate to find Jimmy again and...strip away the wicked lies that will change all their lives forever!
Dawn book 2

Dawn has always thought there was a secret passage hidden in her house. But she never thought there was a ghost...until now. All kinds of creepy things go whenever Dawn's at home. There are even spooky noises behind her bedroom wall! Dawn is sure there's a ghost in her house. And so are the other BSC Members. But they are so busy with their baby sitting jobs that they hardly have time for a ghost hunt. Will Dawn and her friends solve the spooky mystery or will Dawn have to share her house...with a ghost?

I don't think there's chance I would read either of these books, but it was fun to see what was out there.

That leads me to talk about my name a bit. Do you like your name? I didn't like mine when I was a kid. It was too different. I had so many friends named Mary and Linda and Sue and Carol. I wondered why I couldn't have a more common name. My parents named their first 4 kids very unusual names, at least for that time and place. My biggest issue was people thinking it was a boy's name. I would say, "Not if you say it right!" I still have this problem to this day.

One of my dearest friends, a co-worker for 10 years, would answer the phone. I'd hear her say, "Did you want to talk to the man or the woman?" What she meant was - there was a Don and a Dawn in our office. I would get on her case every time. But she honestly couldn't differentiate between the two names phonetically. I would tell her, "How do you say the word for the grass outside? It's lawn, not lon. How do you say what you do when you're tired and yawn, not yon. How about the word for when you need some money and you take something in and get a loan? It's pawn, not pon." She never did hear the difference.

I love the way people from New York say my name - kind of like Duwan. I love how southerners say my name - Dauun. It's hard to spell phonetically, but maybe you get the point.

I have made peace with my name. But I still want it pronounced correctly - Don said with "AWE."

I couldn't resist another totally different sunrise this morning.

Then I had to get in my car and catch these shots as the sun set over the mountains. I just love those silver linings!
I'm sorry - I just can't resist posting them all - I couldn't decide which one to leave out!


Susie said...

Your book sounds like a fun read! I enjoyed reading about your name problems (I would never have thought of them!)
Your photos of the sun/sky are magnificent. I never tire of them, and I'm glad you chose them all!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Cool meme and awesome photos!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

I am going to try the book theme one day..I hope Kristen has found her purse??? It is bad to start all over with getting your ID stuff back again; and then you worry if your ID is safe... Baba

Diane J. said...

I've never liked either of my names - Lena Diane. I do like Dawn, though. Funny how we're rarely happy with much of anything!

I love that sunrise! It's spectacular!

Love and hugs,


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dawn,
Hope this finds you doing good this morning. I just love the pictures of the sunrise you posted. They are just beautiful. So calming and relaxing. I love your name Dawn. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. But, I am glad you have come to peace with it. I have always liked my first name. It's my middle name that I never liked. So, now since I am married, I use my maiden name as my middle name. I am going to do the book meme later on today. I can't wait to see what they come up with the name Karen. LOL. Take care my friend and have great Wednesday. May God Bless You in all you do.

Karen H.

Mary said...


I did go to Amazon the other day and add my name to see what I came up with. I may post it later.

I have a little something for you over at my blog. Enjoy!


Robin said...

I think your name is lovely - like a sunrise!
I have the same male/female problem with my name Robin - not in the pronunciation but in the spelling. Most people think the female version is spelled with a 'y' instead on an 'i'. But it's just something I've become used to. Like Anne of Green Gables always said Anne with an 'e' I always say Robin with an 'i'!

PEA said...

Don't ever be sorry about posting your gorgeous pictures, they certainly brighten up my day, they're so beautiful!! Loved the two books you chose with your name on it...they do sound quite interesting!! Like you, I never cared for my name but that's because it was so common, I always wanted an unusual name! lol Now I'm ok with it as long as people remember to put the e at the end...I'm French so Carole is spelled with an e:-) xoxo

Jungle Mom said...

My girls loved th baby sitter Club books!!!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I'm going to try that and see what comes up when I type in "Barbara."

I've never particularly liked my first name - I don't actually dislike it but have always thought it sounds very old fashioned.

Of course, now that I AM old fashioned, I guess it fits. LOL

Amazing photos, as always.

Nadine said...

That's a fun and interesting thing to do. For the record I love your name. I have a close friend named Dawn. I'm from NY so I know how to say it correctly.Thanks.

Linds said...

I never really liked my name and there was always the fact that more men than women are called Lindsay. However, it was a Scottish family name, so I got stuck with it. Once I went to university, though, I discovered a few others with the same name, and my best friend and I both have the same name and both married Geoffs.Now... it is me.

I loved the photos!

Chris said...

Love the pictures.
Love your name, I understand how people like to try and change names.

Maine Mom said...

My name gets annoying when people think I should be a guy since my name is Joey. Just today I had to confirm about 3 times that I am Joey...this is MY credit card and I'd like to cancel it...it can be a pain!

Beautiful pictures as always! I never tire of them. :-)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures! I never liked my name growing up either. There were too many Cynthia's or Cindy's. I even went through stages of spelling it differently thinking that would change it :)

I will have to try that meme.

Diane said...

What a fun meme! As to our names.....I think it is only appropriate that your name is Dawn...considering the magnificent photos of sunrise and sunsets that you are able to capture!!!!!

I am indifferent regarding my name....there have been times when I have wished that it was something more interesting....like Tiffany, or Chelsea, or even Diana! Diane is so predictable for someone my age! What is interesting is that if someone misidentifies me...it is ALWAYS a Kathy or Linda! Also, typical names for someone my age.

But, I don't mind being called Kathy, Linda, or Diane....half as much as I mind being called, "Ma'am!"

Interesting food for thought! Way to get us thinking!

Diane (or, as I'm known in our blogging community.....the "other" Diane!)

Tammy said...

I absolutely love the beautiful sunrise pictures! That first one in just incredible!

And look how perfect it is that you like to post sunrise pictures...it does, indeed, go with your beautiful name! DAWN! :D

Midlife Mom said...

I too disliked my name growing up. I always felt that Louise was a name for an old woman not a kid! ha! I guess you could say that I've grown into my name! lol!

Love your picutres, they are gorgeous!

Sharon Lynne said...

"I couldn't decide which one to leave out".

I totally understand. They ALL took my breath away. Beautiful!

Boy those sunrises and sunsets are keeping you busy...

Glad you made peace with your name. I think I probably would be one to pronounce it wrong. I don't think I could hear the difference between "lawn" and "lon" over the phone.

I'll try to practice...DaWWWn.