Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart!

I'm thankful:
  1. That the PC police haven't grabbed onto Thanksgiving yet and ruined it. If it were more commercialized and didn't get lost in the mess of Halloween and Christmas advertising, they probably would have. We can still say "Happy Thanksgiving" without worrying that someone is going to accuse us of "offending their sensibilities." I'm surprised they haven't, though, because it is a holiday based on gratitude to God for what He has given us and brought us through. Calling it "turkey day" debases it, and I guess that's their way of trying to hide the real meaning. But I'm grateful we can still thank God openly in this country, though it is not popular.
  2. That I have a sense of smell. My dad has lost his and the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving are no longer available to him. (I have to say he's thankful for that loss when sauerkraut is around!) It's not something we think about often!

  3. That I can see the beauty around me. I don't like wearing glasses, but I am thankful that they are available. Interestingly, getting my camera for Christmas last year, combined with blogging, have opened my eyes so much to the world around me. I have always enjoyed the beauty, but I am really experiencing it every day now more than ever before.
  4. That I get to retire soon!
  5. That my kids and my grandkids live close by and I get to see the kiddoes change before my eyes. And that God has brought them through lots of "stuff."
  6. That I have a wonderful, loving church family who prays for each other and supports each other. I don't know what people do who don't have prayer partners when the going gets tough.
  7. That my parents live 7/10 of a mile from me. They retired from the ministry and came back to one of the places they pastored, where both my sister and I live. They still are active in the church and, though they've slowed down, are still healthy for the most part.
  8. That my sister lives across town, less than 4 miles away. We are very close in age, and have been best friends. We're both retiring this year, so hopefully we'll get to spend some more time together than we have these past busy years of working.
  9. That God gave me the husband he did. I waited a long time for him, and God knew just who would best put up with me. DC is a blessing to me and we'll celebrate 35 years together next month.
  10. That God spared the lives of the twins who are safely growing, waiting to be born and change our lives dramatically! That so many of you prayed for them and for Kristen to bring this to pass.
  11. That I have personally met 3 blogging friends in the last year - what a blessing! That I have so many wonderful friends out there to share with, laugh with, cry with, care about.
  12. For this, because we really need the moisture and because it's so beautiful and sparkly (but praying that it doesn't affect the travel of those loved ones on their way here from North Dakota and Oklahoma, and my son and DIL on their way to Idaho):



    That only scratches the surface of the things in my life to thank God for. But it's a good start. Now I'd better get busy on getting ready for the influx of wonderful people tomorrow!


Robin said...

I love your thankful heart! I count my blogging friends among my blessings to - God is so good! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow with your loved ones.

Where in North Dakota? That's where I was born and raised! We seem to have a lot of similiarities!

Kristen said...

Great list! Great pictures. They didn't think we were going to get much snow. What do they ever know, though?

I didn't know G'pa didn't have any sense of smell left!

Diane J. said...

I love snow, and the only thing better than snow for Thanksgiving is snow for Christmas! It just makes my heart happy and puts me in the holiday mood more than anything.

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love, family, good food and blessings. :o)

Love and hugs,


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Dawn,
I just love your Thanksgiving posts. We sure do have alot to be Thankful for. Everyday should be celebrated as Thanksgiving and not just once a year. I live 12 miles from my parents and sister. My In-laws all live here in town where we live. I do have 1 sister-in-law that lives about 30 miles from us. I just love the pictures of the snow. I love snow, but not ice. Could you send some snow here please? LOL We have just been put under a Tornado Watch until 8:00p.m. It is 71 degrees as I'm typing this. I totally agree with you Dawn, Christmas is so commercialized now. It makes it really hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit. We go from Halloween right into Christmas. They just leave Thanksgiving out. Well, I wanted to comment on your post for today. If you have time, come back by and get what I have for my blogging friends. It's just a little token for everyone. Take care my friend and have a great Wednesday and may God Bless You and Yours. I pray for travel mercies on your family members that are traveling. May God Watch over and Protect Them.

Karen H.
P.S. I know what you mean about blogger being a booger. LOL. I was commenting on Barb's blog one day and she had 2 different messages in 1 day. I was commenting on the very first one about her train trip to her mother's, but it ended up in the second post about her fruit cake. LOL.

Linds said...

Great list, Dawn. Have a happy time together!

Maine Mom said...

I'm so glad you are blessed with so much! That is neat that you and your sister are retiring together. I hope too that you get to spend more time together. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Midlife Mom said...

Great post! Love your thankful list!! Hey, you got more snow then we did and ours is all gone already! Tomorrow is going to be iffy weather so I hope all my clan gets here without problems. Have a great Thanksgiving!! xoxo

Mary said...


We don't think about our sense of smell often, but it is something to be thankful for. I'm sorry that your Dad can no longer smell the wonderful fragrances of Thanksgiving dinner.

Your snow is beautiful! We are getting rain here in Ontario right now and have been all day. I can't complain, as we also need the moisture. It is to change to ice pellets later tonight and snow tomorrow morning. If we get the amount they are saying, I will be sure to take photos.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. May everyone traveling for Thanksgiving arrive at their destination safely.


sentimentsbydenise said...

I'm thankful for you, Dawn, and the friendships forged through technology (blogging).
May you enjoy your day of thankfulness with your family and I will praise the Lord with you for His ultimate goodness!


KreativeMix said...

Amen!!!! happy thanksgiving to all!!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Wonderful things Dawn!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today.

PEA said...

You got more snow than we did! hehe It sure does look pretty, though, doesn't it! May today and every day be blessed with simple, quiet moments of thanksgiving!! Happy Thanksgiving to my dear American friends from across the border:-) xoxo

Nancy said...

What a great post!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind words you left me with about your son...I pray for children everywhere today.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sherry said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks again for a great meal!!

Myrna said...

That snow is beautiful!

Thank you for sharing your thankful thoughts. Hope you Thanksgiving was great!