Monday, January 14, 2008

Trying to Catch UP!

It is a very cold morning in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I am wearing a very warm sweater that I have no recollection of having. But I really like it and it fits!

It seems that "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get." I am taking a few minutes before beginning my work day to write a bit. I am in the throes of that terribly busy time of the year when there is not enough time in my half day of work to do all that needs to be done. So, as usual, I am parked in front of my t.v. in the evenings, figuring grade point averages on dozens of applicants. It is tedious, but can be done with about 75% of my brain - which allows 25% for what is playing on the tube - I don't think you even need that much, do you??

Yesterday I left work early to go see the teeny ones and take some pictures that would truly show you their size. I was NOT happy when I came out to my car and found a catering van parked illegally, perpendicular to the back end of my car. When they came out and learned of my displeasure (I'm afraid I wasn't very nice), the young woman came rushing over to my car to assure me they were leaving soon - as soon as her boss went back in to get his keys. Then she came back over to tell me that her boss was a Ph.D. in engineering (made me wonder, since he's using his degree to cater?) and that I could easily get out of there with the correct angle. I informed her that I had been trying for quite some time - I really didn't want to hit their red van with my white one. Finally they left and I rushed to the hospital, only to find that Kate was under the blue lights again - her bilirubin was a bit elevated, so they slapped that headgear on her again and laid her on her tummy to "blue light bathe." Nothing alarming, but she was tired, so they weren't going to get her up again for awhile.

I decided to come back today instead of waiting for Emma. I did get this shot, though, of the big sisters in their new shirts sent to them by Kristen's cousin, who works as a social worker in a NICU. Big Brother also has one (in blue, of course), but he was at school.


Then I decided to go get a bowl of soup at my new favorite place - Culver's. It has become my new routine since visiting the hospital at the lunch hour, before heading home. BUT -- can you understand the condition of my brain when I tell you that I locked my keys in the car for the THIRD TIME in two weeks?? Once at the hospital, once at the dry cleaner's, and yesterday at Culver's. Good grief!!

If you're one of my regulars, you will remember that it was a cold day last winter when I did that here at work - with the car running. I had to stand outside the car, watching students come and park and go on, wondering what this crazy lady was doing standing by her car with it running, in the very cold morning. After DC came to rescue me that morning, he did rush right into Ace Hardware and purchase one of those magnetic key holders for me, and had them make me a spare key. The good news is that there is actually still some metal on the underside of my car to attach it. The bad news is that there is a lot of mud that hits the underneath of your car in a day's driving (at least in the wintertime around here), so getting the thing open is a challenge - not to mention the grime that is on the fingers when that is finally accomplished. Oh, my word!

So - here I am at work, hoping my brain functions this morning, and that I can get pictures this noon, and that nobody will be parked behind me in the parking lot so that I can get there on time.

It is now 2:15 p.m. - I am attempting to complete this post and get it published.

Kristen's new routine is to go up to the hospital twice a day to nurse Kate and Emma. They are fed and changed every 3 hours, but can only be handled every 6 hours. So, with school schedules, etc., that means she tries to get up there at 11 - Kate's hour is at 11 and Emma's at 12. That means she goes back for the 5 and 6 feedings. Very complex! But Kate is figuring it out. Emma's a bit tiny yet.

Today when I was there, I didn't get to hold either one, but I did get some shots of Kate. Emma seemed to be a big overstimulated for some reason, so they didn't even let me touch her. She's fine, but they have to be super careful because she's so tiny. They've each gained back to within an ounce or two of where they were when they were born. I caught a picture of Kate with the hugest yawn - almost as big as she is! She's not crying, just yawning!


I held her hand for quite awhile, and she clutched it and actually pushed on my finger - she's strong. She is doing great with the pacifier almost as big as her head.


I brought a Cabbage Patch Doll and a Pound Puppy up with me, to do comparison photos. I only got to do the doll, and then not as I had hoped, with Kate out of the isolette. But here's what I did get. She seems to be sucking her thumb.


I wasn't able to get any shots of Emma this time, but will definitely keep trying! She is so active in the evenings when her family is there. I'd like to see that sometime.


nancygrayce said...

I think she's looking at the cabbage patch doll thinking "who is that giant?" :) She's adorable! And I know how frustrating it is to lock the keys in your car! Only I start crying! I'm such a baby!

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Dawn,
Wow, you seem to be having some luck huh? Okay, I would have been so mean and rammed that van. LOL. No, just kidding, but it probably would have gone thru my mind tho. The girls look so precious in their "Big Sister" shirts. I bet they are just itching to love all over Emma & Kate. I guess you are going to have to tie a string around your neck Dawn with your car keys on them. Maybe that way, you will always know where an extra set is. I'm glad Kristen is getting to go and Nurse the babies seveal times a day. Oh my, that picture of Kate looks like she is throwing a hissy fit. LOL. I know she is just yawning, but still it looks like that. Well, like you, I must say the pacifier is about as big as Kate. She is precious tho. Both of them are. "THANK YOU" for sharing your precious Grandbabies with us. Hopefully, they will get to come home soon. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Diane J. said...

There's got to be a better way to rig up a spare key hiding place.

Love the pictures of the tiny one. I'm so glad they're doing so well. In no time at all they'll be home and growing like weeds.

The big sisters look like they're ready to assume their duties. ;o)

Laura said...

Good to see pictures! I'm glad they're doing so well, and that Mom's able to nurse them. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Lala's world said...

wow is she ever tiny!! I can't imagine how crazy life is for you... I love that you take it all in stride!
still praying for you guys! His Peace is great and never ending!

Nancy said...

Bless your heart... I'm not sure how anyone could handle the stress in your life. I love the pictures and I'm delighted to hear the twins are making progress. You are all in my prayers. That hospital routine is stressful!!!!!!!

Mimi said...

it is such a blessing to hear that both girls are doing well... even tho Emma is inclined to be too active for her own good... boy that's certainly an insight into her personality isn't it!! hee hee
she will probably be the one talking when she is supposed to be listening!!
I continue to pray for Kristen as she tries to keep this schedule, while she is recovering herself...
I know that God has the entire family in the palm of His Hand...

Maine Mom said...

Care Bear and Feisty look very proud and happy in their new shirts! Very cute.

I can relate to having a hard time getting a spare key. My husband taped our key to the backside of the license plate, so in the cold weather I had to take the license plate off, and then pry duct tape off the plate which was NOT easy! I didn't lock myself out, but my husband had left for church before me in a different car and had my car key with him. I hope you don't lock yourself out anymore. :-)

Thanks for more pictures of Kate.

To answer your question about the "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe", it is on the Discovery channel. Mike Rowe is fun to watch, but some of the jobs he tries out are just gross...but I guess it makes us thankful for the jobs we have. :-)

PEA said...

Omigosh, it wasn't until I saw that picture of Kate beside the Cabbage Patch Doll that I really realized how tiny those babies are!! WOW! Such adorable pictures...that yawn is so big, she almost swallowed herself! hehe Oh dear, what a day you had...isn't that always the case, though, when you're in a hurry and you have places to go, things to do!! Hopefully you'll soon be able to relax again. Give my love to Kristen! xox

Anonymous said...

So cute. Thanks for the t-shirt pics. What a group of girls this is going to be!!


Jungle Mom said...

Dawn, I have tried to email you with both addresses, but to no avail.

Chrissie said...

How fast the week went by! They are sooo beautiful -
God bless your weekend, dear friend!

Robin said...

What beautiful, sweet little lives! I LOVE the pictures you share. What a blessing these little girls are going to be to your family.
I'm so sorry about the key thing - you certainly don't need anymore frustrations. But I think it indicates that you are feeling a bit frazzled these days!

Nadine said...

Car keys and people blocking your way...that's such a pain.

All your grandchildren are beautiful. I love the girls shirt. Oh how little she still is. My prayers are that they come home soon healthy and strong.

Tammy said...

Oh, Dawn...loved reading this update! Precious pictures...(I did for a second think she was crying until I kept reading...) :) They are so very sweet!

A Chelsea Morning said...

Oh my gosh, Dawn, that's the biggest yawn I've ever seen! Thank goodness it wasn't a scream - she'd have brought down the walls.

I think more than any of them, that pacifier shows clearly how small they really are.

Poor Kristen. I hope she's recovering from her surgery nicely because all this back and forth would be hard of someone who was in tiptop form.

I love the photos you're posting - makes a person just want to pick those sweet babies up and cuddle them.

Linda said...

Dawn, If anyone has a right to be very tired and a tad absent-minded it is you. So much going on in the past few months.
The pictures are great!! That doll just dwarfs that sweet little baby. The girls look absolutley adorable in their new shirts.
Bless you Dawn for all you have done and continue to do for your family. You're doing good!!!

Kathleen Marie said...

Oh my! You just seem to be in 10 places mentally, physically and emotionally at once!

Once again, precious pictures! I'm keeping you all in my prayers!

God Bless!

Chris said...

The girls look real cute in their shirts. The babies are so tiny, but look alert. I still have my daughters cabbage patch doll, and they aren't real big, so I can see how tiny the babies are.
I feel when I read about your keys. I carry a spare door key in my purse, as I am prone to lock my keys in the car and the trunk twice. Not fun.
God bless all you

A Woman Who is: said...

Wow, I just got caught up on all the news of your precious granddaughters. Congratulations! Two precious babies all at once. My oh my. You are a very blessed Grandma Dawn.

I so glad all seems to be going well, in spite of your car keys behaving badly…mine have done the same thing :]

groovyoldlady said...

She's so itty-bitty! My smallest child was 8lbs5oz, so I can't even fathom that kind of tininess!

Laura said...

Hey, I left you something over on my blog...come see!!

Becky said...

The babies look SO good and SO tiny. I've heard that it is best not to hold them too much as they need to do all the sleeping they can, and not use up so many calories being cute. So maybe that is why they don't let you hold them all the time.

I am glad they are doing well.

Stacey said...

Such a blessing to see and hear all about these precious twins

What Joy, that Mom gets to breastfeed them-- My dear daughter never took from me so I just had to pump and pump and pump and freeze!

treasure these moments when they are small and have 24hour professional care~

Brenda said...

Okay, I didn't realize just how tiny the twins are. Makes that Cabbage Patch doll look huge!

Love the big sisters' t-shirts. Bet they can't wait to get to do their job.

Needled Mom said...

You are one very busy grandma right now. I am sure it feels like your mind will never be back to normal again. These days are so appreciated by the grands and the parents and they are all so blessed to have your help.

I love the photos of the preemies. That was my profession for 30 years so I find their story very interesting. I will be following it closely.