Friday, January 11, 2008

The Twins - Day Five

You know part of my camera story - the part where I wrecked it on the lava rocks as I crashed into the ocean on our first day in Hawaii. I used DC's camera for the next few days until I was able to make it into W*l-M*rt to replace mine. I was happy with my new camera - until it quit working. We took it back - but somehow the cord had dropped from the box into my suitcase, so they wouldn't take it back. We took it to our store when we got home and they gave me a refund that was more than I paid in Hawaii. Hard to believe.

I didn't replace it there, but went to B*st Buy, where DC thought I'd get better quality service. I found one I really liked, but wanted it in red instead of black. You can only get red if you order it on-line. I did so as soon as I got home, and paid even less than for the first one. It took 9 days for it to get here.

The first day I had it, I forgot it at home, so could not take pictures of the girls. Yesterday I finally was able to take a few. Today, when Kate was out of her isolette and being held by Kristen and M, the battery died! I cannot believe it. This battery has to be recharged with my computer, but I haven't figured out how. Evidently the batteries that come in the cameras are not in the best condition.

Enough about my camera drama.

This afternoon Kristen came home. She is very happy to be out of the hospital. But of course, it was very hard to leave the little ones behind. She'll be pumping milk and heading up there often and for as long as possible each day. The kids are very happy to have her home. Care Bear wrote in her journal at school: "I don't want any more sleep-overs!" It didn't even hurt Grandma's feelings!

The other really good news - Kate and Emma got to move up to Level 2. I forgot to ask how many levels there are. But Level 2 means that they have their own little spots in the NICU - a place where their sisters and brother can draw pictures for them and they can be hung up. Where they can have little toys in their beds. They really don't like the paraphernalia they are attached to. Kate pulled the tube out of her nose while I was there. They let her keep it out for awhile, because she needs it for feeding and could go without it until then. They've each had a little bit of Kristen's milk, to start getting them used to something in their tummies.

It's Friday, so I won't be going to work, which is close to the hospital, until Monday . We'll see if we can get up there and take some pictures at some point in the week-end.

This morning, as I was reading in Job, I found this underlined verse that I had discovered on 9/13/07, the day we learned that Emma and Kate were just fine - no chromosomal abnormality for Kate, and Feisty the Sequel, otherwise known as Emma, was thriving, though tiny. Job 10:11-12 (The Message):

Oh, that marvel of conception as you stirred together semen and ovum --

What a miracle of skin and bone, muscle and brain!

You gave me life itself, and incredible love,

You watched and guarded every breath I took.

Amen and Amen!


nancygrayce said...

I'm so glad kristen got to come home for the girl's sake, but I'll bet it was hard leaving Emma and Katie. I'm praying they grow and are able to go home real soon!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Dawn, It is great for Kristen to go home to be with her other big girls....She will be very busy pumping her breast milk for the little ones and going to visit them.May all of you get some needed rest.. My blessings to you and the family... Hugs, Baba

Laura said...

Will keep praying for everyone.

Karen said...


Lala's world said...

I am so glad she is home! what an ordeal to have to leave them at the hospital, we had to leave our 2nd daughter in the hospital and it was really difficult so my thoughts and prayers go out to her.!
I also get your camera struggles I went thru that till I got our last camera (from the Brick) and it is great! finally a battery that lasts!

A Chelsea Morning said...

I try to stay on top of my camera's battery as much as possible, but sometimes it dies on me and of course it's never at a good time. It took me forever to discover (OK, Rob told me LOL) that I could plug it into an outlet and use it while it's charging. What I don't know about digital technology would fill volumes. :-)

Poor Kristen - it had to be so hard to drive away from that hospital. But those babies will be home before you know it - it sounds like they're doing really well.

Myrna said...

trying to catch up on my reading. I love the emma and Kate story! They are just precious. I am so glad they are doing so well--and Kristen is home. I know those "big" girls are glad to have her home. Does she know how blessed she is to have a mother like you to help her?!

Thank you for your comments on my blog. We are taking one day at a time. Lee has been a little better today--He had a writing task he wanted to finish and worked for awhile. I think it really took a toil on his energy. He sleeps a lot these days.

Keep those pictures coming!

Diane J. said...

Yay! Kristen got to come home and the girls got to move up! Hopefully they'll be home soon.

I want a new camera but dread the "getting acquainted" period. Same with a new computer.

Y'all have a good weekend, Dawn. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Nadine said...

That is so wonderful that the twins are doing better. May they get stronger every day.

Mimi said...

So happy for Kristen and the older children that she can be home with them... even tho she will be a busy little bee..pumping and spending time at the hospital...
but with Emma and kate moving on up it won't be as long as it has been before they will be going home to be with the rest of the family...
Blessings and prayers!

inspired said...

And AMEN \o/\O/\o/

Midlife Mom said...

Oh Dawn, what a miracle! God is so good! I have been catching up on your latest posts and loving every minute of it!! So glad Kristen is home, just hope she takes care of herself and gets her strength back before the girls come home too. Things will sure change around that household! :o) Good thing she has those two little helpers that I am sure will be ready to run and get whatever she needs. Great that her MIL was able to stay and help out also. You all pitch in just like my family would. Aren't families great?! This certainly has been a saga and it will continue so we will be anxiously awaiting each installment! Still praying for you all!! :o)

Nancy said...

Amen indeed... I know I've read every verse in the Bible but that is the first time this one hit home. Thanks for sharing it today.

Now about this camera saga- you poor thing. Surely, it will be charged now and that will be the end of this saga... for good! Good luck.

My niece had 3 steps for her twins. The final step was a different isolete and no feeding tubes or oxygen tubes.

I am so glad to hear about the twins update. It sounds like God is answering our prayers but I will keep praying. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Yellow Mama said...


C. H. Green said...

I enjoyed catching up on what your family's been up to. It made me smile. I've had so much going on. What precious little bundles!

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Dawn,
I'm sorry your having trouble getting aquainted with your camera. LOL. You will get the hang of it before too long. "PRAISE GOD" Kristen got to come home. I know she hates to leave Emma & Kate there alone, but they will be home before you know it. I'm glad she is pumping her breast milk and can take it to the girls. She can also freeze it as well. Take care my friend and have a great evening. Get some much needed rest yourself. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

PEA said...

Amen and Amen indeed!! It sounds like the little miracles are doing really well and I'm praying that they continue that way:-) I can well imagine how glad Kristen is to be home but it will mean a lot of traveling for her every day...what a joyful day it will be when she can bring them home!! xox

melody is slurping life said...

Thank you for the update. Prayers continue...the girls are beautiful miracles.

Mary said...


These babies are a gift from God. He is so powerful. Kate and Emma are both beautiful. I will be keeping them and Kristen in my prayers. I'm glad that Kristen and the babies are doing well. Thanks for keeping us updated.

When Melissa had Griffyn, they kept her in the hospital for 5 days. Kristen really needs more time to rest. Too bad hospitals push everyone out so quickly. Please tell her hi for me.

Congratulations on the new arrivals. Yes, lots of babies are being born in 2008.

Blessings to all,

Linda said...

Miracles indeed Dawn! God is so faithfully good - I just don't know how else to say it.
I will show great compassion concerning your camera woes. I am a total bust at using the digital camera my daughter gave me. Pictures too dark; can't find pictures once I've downloaded them onto the computer (they are all over the place!); can't seem to upload them to my blog posts! So... no judgement on the camera thing.
I hope you all are able to get a bit of rest now and slip into some sort of routine. I pray the babes will be able to come home sooner than anyone expects!

Angela said...

Good Evening Dawn,
I am so glad to hear that Kristen is home with the big girls and that the two little girls are doing so well. God is GOOD !
Kristen has such a BLESSING in you, Dawn. God has blessed you all with many miracles.

You are in my prayers daily. Please try and get a little time for rest as you can. You are a special friend to us all.

May you have a restful nights sleep.