Monday, January 28, 2008

The Twins - 3 Weeks Old - and More Answers

Three weeks already! Where in the world has the time gone? Here it has gone very fast, with keeping up with admissions, running to the hospital every day at noon. Kristen has been going up twice a day to feed both girls.

Kate has become the star! She is eating so much and growing so fast that they were predicting a Wednesday release - but I think they've changed their minds on that. She's at 4 pounds. I got to feed both girls today, because I was the only one there. Kristen went to the mid-afternoon slot today. Kate is out of the isolette, and both are wearing fetching little stocking caps. Kristen is wondering why they aren't wearing the ones she made for them. We'll have to remind them.

This was before I fed her the bottle - notice no more feeding tube!

Full tummy - very contented!

Emma after her bottle - making the same face her big sister, Care Bear, made as a teeny tiny baby.

Now - back to the questions!

Diane at Diane's Place asked, "What's your favorite meal that your Mom prepared - including dessert? Any special memories attached to the meal?" That brought about so many happy thoughts. My dad was a poor preacher - now I don't mean that he was not a good speaker - I mean he was paid very little, and had 7 mouths to feed. We never knew we were poor, and we had such great times.

Mealtime at our house would have been good for the commerical that we see on t.v. often these days - about how important the family table is. As if they just figured that out! Oops - I've gone to preaching myself. Back to the topic at hand - we didn't have a lot of grocery money. We all went to the store together on Saturday. Though there was a tight budget, one of us 5 kids got to take a turn picking out a bag of candy for the week - which lasted till later Saturday night!

Saturday night was hamburger night - when we finally got a t.v. set, we watched Perry Mason while we ate. Sunday night we ate after church, because Dad couldn't preach on a full stomach. But it wasn't a real meal - it was very snacky. Fun memory. It must be why I have never been able to bring myself to fix Sunday evening meals.

Sunday noon - ah, that's where the best memory is. No matter how much we had to scrimp on food for the rest of the week, we almost always had roast beef with all the trimmings for Sunday dinner. What good memory is involved? Aside from yummy food after Sunday morning church (roast; mashed potatoes and gravy - Dad makes the BEST mashed potatoes; either peas, beans, or corn - Dad's only acceptable vegetables; I don't remember what else filled out the menu), the best memory is waking up to the wonderful aroma of the meat searing in the pan before Mom put it in the oven on low. The very best memory in this regard is the year we lived in the tiny two-story apartment attached behind the platform of the church - the size of a tiny two-bedroom townhouse - 5 kids, as I mentioned before. Toward the end of the sermon, our dinner would start reaching the olfactory senses of all of us in the congregation. I wonder if Dad cut his sermons short every Sunday while we lived there??

As for dessert, we had something almost every meal - most likely the reason all of us fight our weight! Most likely something chocolate. Most often chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Nadine of Just Being Me asked, "If there were such a thing as a time machine what time period would you like to visit?" That was a tough one. I really think God knew exactly what He was doing when he put me on earth in a period in history when life is pretty cushy. I'm not very adventurous. I can't even fathom myself surviving the trek across this huge country in search of a better life. Or worse yet, one of those Swedish immigrants trying to get to the land of opportunity on one of those wretched ships where many died during the crossing. Or during the Civil War. Or having to wear long, hot dresses every minute of the day. I thought seriously about the period during World War II. Though it was a terrible time in our world's history, it was a time when our country was very patriotic and everyone worked together for a common cause.

I like the 50s and 60s, at least as they're portrayed in books and movies. I lived then and it seemed like a more innocent time, though I know there was a lot of political unease at that time as well.

I love fiction based on history. I love Maude Hart Lovelace's writings of the Betsy/Tacy/Tib books - they took place in Minnesota in the early 1900's. I think I could have enjoyed living then.

Myrna, of Cherish . . . the Word asked, "What is the best book (or author) you have read in the last five years? Why?" Oh, my goodness - that is a tough one. I have read so many books. Most of them were for pure pleasure, not with any higher purpose than for escape. I read about 10 different "light mystery" series. I like so many of them, but I think I need to choose Earlene Fowler as the best of the lot - every book is named after a quilt pattern . She's a Christian, the plots are well written, and I get lost in them and look forward to every April when a new one comes out. I am also very fond of Jan Karon and the Father Tim series. I love Rosamund Pilcher's books, because they take me to England. So - that's a round-about answer to a simple question.

Two people have asked me about my romance with DC. I thought I'd written that story, but in searching through my archives, I don't find it. So I will be glad to do that in the near future. I also have been tagged for a meme about my quirks - me, quirks??

Any more questions?


Diane J. said...

Sunday Dinner (lunch here in rural Arkansas) was always our biggest and best meal of the week as well, Dawn.

Thanks for answering my question. We have a LOT in common, my friend.

Glad the babies are doing so well. It won't be long now before you can hold them as long as you like. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Kathleen Marie said...

So precious! Wow, time just flew! Beautiful girls to be sure. Take good care of yourself. Bedtime for this ol' lady!

groovyoldlady said...

" My dad was a poor preacher - now I don't mean that he was not a good speaker - I mean he was paid very little..." Hahahaha!

The babies are looking super!

Maine Mom said...

This was a very enjoyable post to read! As always I love seeing Kate and Emma.

It was fun hearing about your mealtimes. It makes me wonder what will stand out in our kids' minds when they are older.

I always appreciate new authors and books to try out!

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for answering the questions in such detail. Fun and interesting. I can almost smell the roast. STILL one of my families favorite meals.

The twins are sooooo growing and precious. What a blessed experience for you to see and enjoy this day by day. Thanks for letting us be a tiny part of it.

Quirks??? I had the same problem and I really couldn't think of a quirk so I just listed some consistant things about me. Someone else could probably point out my "quirks" but I even asked my husband and he was blank too.

Needled Mom said...

The girls are just darling. Have they determined whether they are identical or fraternal twins yet? At four pounds and eating well, she will be in her own crib really soon.

Our Sunday dinner was fried chicken. Ahh....I can almost taste it as I write.

nancygrayce said...

Ah, the babies are so cute and they look so healthy! They'll be going home soon. We also had roast beef every Sunday! We didn't have desert though! :( I'm battling the weight anyhow!

Mary said...


The girlies are beautiful and they are doing so great. Our prayers are being answered as they continue to grow and do well.

I enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. Your imaging is great in describing the food that your parents put on the table. The roast beef sounds great.

Take care, Dawn and thanks for dropping by my blog. I always enjoy our visits.


A Chelsea Morning said...

The babies are so sweet, Dawn. It really is hard to believe it's been three weeks, but really, I'll bet they go home soon, as well as they're doing. They're just so sweet and looking at the photos makes me all the more excited about meeting our new baby girl in a month.

Let me tell you, I just this morning finished the entire Little House series. And as many wonderful things as there were about the late 1800's and early 1900's, no way. There is just no way I could have done it. How Laura Ingalls Wilder survived the first four years of marriage, with all the crops ruined and her young husband having a stroke and the death of her baby son, I'll never know. But I know it would have done me in.

I honestly can't think of a time other than now I'd like to live in.

Great answers! And wonderful photos.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Dawn, here it is my very first little look at the beautiful Kate & Emma and they are already three weeks old, gosh time moves so fast why...before you know it they will be rushing up to you with lovely grandma hugs.......(smiles)

Always something very special about visiting your blog.


Nadine said...

Thanks for answering my question. It's fun to think about things like that, I often wondered what it would have been like to see Jesus walk the earth.

The twins looks so good. I'm so glad to see that they are coming along so nicely.

Linda said...

Those little, bitty girls are getting cuter all the time. How sweet to see them doing so well. Please give love to Kristen.
I really enjoy these question/answer posts.
I am a HUGE Rosamunde Pilcher fan. I can't tell you how many times I've reread her books. Whenever I just want a good,cozy read I go back to her books. How I wish she'd write more!
Praying for all of you Dawn.

Tammy said...

Oh, those babies are so precious!

Loved reading these answers...and I think I would answer the same one about the 1940's...I'm fascinated with that era, even though it was a terrible one for some many. But the patriotism, and even the styles and the music..just love it.

OK Dawn, don't forget about my question on how you met your hubby...! :)

Lala's world said...

the twins are getting bigger! that is so great!
I love the ask and answer's... gives us a chance to get to know each other better!!
I'll have to think of something no one has asked yet!!

Becky said...

The girls are so beautiful and looking healthy. They are getting stronger and bigger and will be home before you know it!

Chris said...

Such precious little ones. My post was dedicated to them. God bless that they are doing so well. I will continue to pray for them and the family.

Sherry said...

Look how cute they are! I need to go back up and visit them sometime soon, I'm sure they've changed so much!