Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Twins - Day Three


I know, I know. If I were Kristen, I could change this to pink and have the right names. But I'm not and I wanted a visual. This is pathetic - my new camera arrived on Monday from Best Buy on line - and I forgot to take it with me today so that I could take new pix after work. What kind of Grandma does that??? I guess a Grandma who is still trying to play catch-up at work, get the house in order, finally go to the grocery store, do laundry, and visit the babies and their mommy! I haven't had time to visit any of you, but thank you for coming by for the updates.

I will definitely be taking pictures tomorrow - I have the camera in the car already. Today when I got there, I found that little Kate was under the blue light - they both have a bit of jaundice - there she lay on her side, with tiny little shades over her tiny little eyes - with her tiny little hand kind of resting on the shades - she looked like a celebrity at the beach. Emma's turn was next, but when I went over to visit with her, she opened her tiny little eyes and gave me a good once-over.

Kristen is doing better, but still experiencing discomfort and pain when she moves around. We're trusting that they do NOT release her tomorrow. She's not quite ready to make the transition to real life yet. I have a feeling those bigger little girls will think she's back to normal once she arrives at home.

It is uncanny - Kate looks like Care Bear and Emma looks like Feisty - just as it should be. I must get a picture of the "big" girls with their babies.

Kristen's MIL has been wonderful. She has more energy than any 3 of the rest of us, and has a heart bigger than she is. She's a teacher in North Dakota and is taking leave without pay to stay around and help us this week. What a blessing it has been to have 2 extra hands.

Tonight at choir practice we were singing an old song from 1969-70 called "A Day of Miracles." The words are something like this:

Some folks say that miracles
Are not for today.
They say that it's old-fashioned
To trust and to pray.
But I believe that miracles
Still happen today
To those who trust and believe.

There's much more, of course, but that is the part that sticks in my mind - we have been blessed with miracles this week, and it has been a joy to share those with all of the docs and nurses in the NICU. Many of them agree!

It is truly a small world. When Diane, my dear friend, found out where Kristen was in the hospital, she told me that she has a good friend who is a NICU nurse in that hospital. I met her today. She is wonderful. Isn't God good?? Also, Care Bear's kindergarten teacher has a sister who is a nurse there as well. It truly is a small world.

There is an organization called "Parents of Multiples Club" - I had looked them up months ago and put it in my Favorites. I decided I'd better get serious about contacting them last week. The young woman who is the chairperson called me, e-mailed me, and was ready to do anything to help. They have two garage sales each year, where new parents of multiples can pick up equipment and clothes, and things get recycled efficiently, but we missed the last one. The next one's in March. So she put out a call to the membership for things they need - like the double stroller that accommodates two car seats. We've been trying to figure out how you carry two babies in those heavy carseats to the kindergarten room to pick up Care Bear - you are required to meet her at the door. I've been thinking how wonderful it would be to have one of those strollers. Thank the Lord, somebody has one they are willing to GIVE us. What a blessing!

Now - does anyone know of a gently used minivan for sale cheap??? In about a month or less, there will not be enough room in their little Saturn for all of these little darlings!

Well, I'd better hush for now. I hope Kristen is able to post again one of these days. She's pretty busy resting up, pumping, visiting the NICU, watching her soap opera. I have told her to cherish EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of solitude. It is about to come to a screeching halt.

We are so grateful to all of you for your prayer and care.


Sherry said...

I've been to one of their sales...lots of great stuff. So great to hear everyone's doing well.

A Chelsea Morning said...

You know, Dawn, another great idea is a baby consignment store. We have one here in Grand Junction. It's all gently used baby and toddler things at ridiculously low prices. I bought a high chair, infant seat, and a baby swing there. So if you can find one of those in your area, I'll bet you'll find a lot of things, times two, she's going to need.

Poor Kristen. Recovering from a c-section is nothing to sneeze at (literally) - thank goodness she has so many helping hands.

I fully expect to see some photos over here tomorrow, young lady!


Becky said...

It reminds me of what I thought 22 yrs ago when I gave birth to my 2nd. I had a c-section and was stuck in the hospital with IVs and tubes.

My roommate was recovering from a vaginal birth and it was the 4th of July. The nurses told her she could get a evening's leave and go to the fireworks with her husband. They would of course keep the baby.

I told her those were the most expensive babysitters she would ever have.

Same for Kristen right now. Tell her to take advantage of those nurses who give excellent care. She needs to recover and get strong. But not too fast.

Becky said...

Dawn, Kristen's itching is from the pain meds they are giving her. She can request something different. I had the same thing. It drives you NUTS!!

Karen H. said...

Good Evening Dawn,
"THANK YOU" for the update on Kristen and Emma & Kate. I will continue to lift them all up in prayer. I was beginning to think I was going to have to come out West and tie that Camera around your neck. LOL. I am so looking forward of seeing some more pictures of the Girls and with Care Bear and Fiesty. I bet they are really excited. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD!!!! I'm so glad someone has a stroller that has the double carseats for Kristen. Well, I'm sorry I don't have a used or new Van. If I did, I would be more than willing to let her have it. I'm sure something will come up before it's time to bring the Girls home. GOD will take care of that as well. It will take a while for Kristen to recover from the C-Section. Everyone will just have to talk to Care Bear and Fiesty and let them know about their Mom and her not being back to herself for a while. I'm sure they will understand and be willing to help out. Yes, Kristen better soak up all this Relaxing time. LOL. It will be a drastic change for sure. "PRAISE GOD" for Kristen's MIL taking some time off to help out. Take care my friend and have a great evening. Get some rest yourself. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dawn,
I'm just dropping by to let you know I have something for you on my today's post. I know things are busy and hectic right now, but I wanted you to know about it. Be sure to take lots of pictures for us today. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Bev said...

good to hear all is going well - Kristen is going to be busy, busy so let's hope they let her stay put there for another day. How excited you must be - TWO new babies in the family! xxoxo

Bev said...

Dawn, I was thinking - we have a MOPS group at our church and they have a yearly garage sale to raise funds. Half the $ goes to MOPS, the other half to the mothers, but man can you get some great deals. I wonder if you have the same there?

Angela said...

Thanks for your visit. I have two awards for you on my wednesday's post. You can pick them up later.

You and your family are still on my prayer list and remain there until the need subsides.

Have a joyful and blessed day!


Laura said...

So glad the little girls are doing so well! Praying their mom recovers quickly...I had a C-section with my first...I'm glad that she has help!

Diane said...

Say it aint so! You forgot your camera??????? I bet that just nearly killed you! So many moments to capture.....and we can't wait to see them all!

Enjoy this time of wonder! I am still getting goosebumps (or as my friend Jan calls them "God bumps") over the miracle of these two little girls. Praise God....over and over again!

Thanks for taking the time to post an update....your faithful blogging friends are hungry for reports! We appreciate your spite of what must be a very frantic new schedule. So glad Kristen's MIL is there to share in the joy...and the busy-ness! Emma and Katie sure have a lot of hearts waiting to love them!!!! It's what family really is! comment just disappeared so I'm gonna sign off before I really lose it this time. Don't feel bad about not knowing how photo-shop photos....I am still having trouble commenting!!!!!



Chris said...

God bless, and tell Kristen to rest while she can.

Penless Thoughts said...

Your description of the one baby looking like a sunbather on the beach was so adorable. Eager for pictures.

How wonderful the double stroller has already manifested!!!!

nancygrayce said...

I'll be praying about the van.....and thanks for the wonderful update. I agree with the person who said she's itching from the pain meds....they make me scratch holes in myself! Can't wait to see more pictures of those sweet girls! All four of them....I mean five, Kristen sure deserves to be in some! :)

Yellow Mama said...

Well g'ma...thanks for the pics of the twins. I pray Kristin is improving and the little girls will be a total blessing to that family....

Kathleen Marie said...

My last baby was a C-section and make sure she takes care. The recovery is a LOT longer than regular birth. At least it sure was for me.

I can't wait to see more pictures! Wonderful! God Bless you all!

Stacey said...

Check out this site, it helped me...

Robin said...

Oh your rendition of each day is so exciting to read. I love the idea of the little one looking like a movie star - I can just see her pose!
Don't worry about the camera - you are a wonderful grandma!

Sherry said...

I'm not sure the exact price range you're looking for in mini-vans--but I just glanced on craig's list out of curiousity. There are a TON of them in the $5000 range (1997-2001ish). Go to Click on our state, then on the next page it takes you to, click on our area. Good luck!