Thursday, May 01, 2008

Friday Show and Tell - and Twin Update

I am not a collector of antiques. I don't collect beautiful little things like so many of you do. My son used to ask me what I collect, so he'd know what to get me. I said I mostly collect dust!

But I do have quite a few pictures of ancestors, and recently gained some more. My brother scanned a lot of pictures and passed them on to me. My very first Show and Tell was a picture accompanied by a great story from my husband's family. You can find it here, if you're interested.

This wedding picture is my mother's grandparents. I wish I knew the years these were taken.
Anderson Wedding

Here they are with both of their children - my grandma sitting on her daddy's knee.
Anderson Family
This is my mom's grandparents on her dad's side.

Great Wildmans

This is a cousin gathering on my dad's side - his mom and dad with the offspring. It was taken when all our missionary cousins were home for their every-four-year furlough. I am on the far left, with my slip showing under my wonderful green taffeta Christmas dress with plaid trim. I loved that dress. My oldest brother (two years behind me) is sitting on Grandpa's lap, my sister is right below him, also with glasses, and my second brother is on Grandma's lap. Our baby brother had not arrived yet. Note how several are holding up their little gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. They didn't spend much money on Christmas gifts. But we had a wonderful time together with delicious food and so much fun. I need to write about those days. (We learned after Grandma died that she "hoarded" Christmas gifts that she received - they were too nice to wear, etc. She also had quite a large amount of money that none of her children knew about when she went into the nursing home and it was all used for her care. I am glad she wasn't aware that this happened, because I know she was saving it for her children).
Swanson Cousins

Moving from the past to the present - and the future generation. (The Apron Queen just brought it to my attention that the couples in the antique pictures above would be great-great-great grandparents of the twins below!)

Emma and Kate will be 4 months old next Wednesday - it seems like yesterday and it seems like forever. It is an amazing contrast. They are developing amazing little personalities and are smiling and cooing. It's hard to catch the smiles, but I managed a couple.

On Wednesdays, Kristen and I switch schedules and the kids spend the morning with me - the twins arrive around 6:45 - this time all smiles and messy dried-milky faces. So precious!

They're sleeping longer hours! They've slept 8-9 hours straight for the last two nights. Kristen is delirious with joy for a little more sleep. She looks so much more alive! If you want to hear her comical take on it, please go visit her

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Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

I absolutely loved those old photos, Dawn!

And the twins are getting cuter every post. How is that possible? ;)

Sioux said...

The twins look great, Dawn! And I love the old family photos. You were fortunate to have so many cousins and siblings. I'm an only child, the daughter of an only child mother, and my mother didn't like to go to Daddy's family, so we seldom saw those cousins.

Have a good weekend!!

nannykim said...

Wow, they surely are growing!!

Looney Mom said...

I love to see old pictures. Very cool. And those sweet little girls are so precious and lovely.

I have to admit that I used photoshop to clear up Dakota's face (and make it look pro with the bg and all) but it's not AS bad as it was though he still has some bad spots. ;)

Morning Glory said...

Awesome pictures! I really like those two wedding photos.

Glad the babies are doing so well.

Jewelgirl said...

Hi Dawn, I am not an expert but
I see by the clothing styles you
may be able to date your old photos. The one dress has a leg o
mutton sleeve, (google that) and
you may find an answer. That was
from a quick peek of the photo.
I may be able to help you find
answers to age of the photos.
I am always up for a family history/photo question!!! By the
way that's my 3rd blog. The
twins look great! (Hugs & kisses)

The Apron Queen said...

How many greats are their in the relationship of the twins to the antique family photos? Three? Great-great-great grandparents?
How cool! :D

For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays.

Mary said...


I visited Kristen earlier tonight and read her take on the babies sleeping longer. I'm glad she is getting more rest.

My S&T Friday this week is a photo of Dad in his army uniform. The year was 1940 and he was 22. I enjoyed the photos of your ancestors. Thanks so much for sharing.


Feathering My Nest said...

I love your pictures. Your great great grandparents were blessed to have such nice photos taken with nice clothing. I do not think we have any photos that far back in our family. The twins are just adorable.

My very first show and tell was way back in January or February. I showed fairy lamps. Two ladies mentioned that "Pea" would probably like those, or that they reminded them of "Pea." I think you might be the lady they were mentioning. If you are, you are welcome to search my blog for those fairy lamps. I'm glad to finally place your face with the name "Pea." Oh by the way how did you get the nick name? Just curious. Enjoy your Friday.


Sharon Lynne said...

The twins are growing so cute! I keep thinking back about how they grew--before they were born--they are truly miracles--God's miracles.

I loved the old pictures. What a treasure you have to own so many old pictures of your family.

How do you post you have a scanner? I need to get one of those.

jessica said...

i luv old pictures their awesome. the twins are sooo cute!!!

Nadine said...

What great photos of great grandparents. Thank you for sharing your memories.

Anytime you can throw in a picture of those beautiful twins, I'm glad. What great smiles they have.

Penless Thoughts said...

You are so blessed to have these wonderful old pictures of your family. That is something I do not have. I enjoyed them all!!

SentimentsbyDenise said...

Very precious old photos! Love those!
ANd those baby girls are so very sweet!
Yes, Em is graduating from ONU this weekend. What are the names of those traveling this way? I'd love to meet them and say Hi.

Have a great weekend!

Maine Mom said...

Family pictures are a treasure! The family gatherings are much more important than the gifts. I'm sure you have many wonderful memories with your family. :-)

P.S. My husband DID buy his car on ebay. It was a great deal and so far it is running well. :-)

Have a great weekend!

Hootin' Anni said...

These photos are such a terrific share for us to view. And the stories behind them all are great. I just wish MY grandparents had a wedding photo such as this. [well my paternal grandparents do....but---] My mother's parents had SEPARATE portraits done. I did get my grandmother's wedding portrait, but I have no idea who has my grandfather's!

I loved each and every snapshot you shared too. [Oh, and I love the two-colored eyed kitt in your W W too!]

Happy Show n Telling ---
Happy Friday.

Mimi said...

I just love looking at old photos and trying to imagine how their life was in the days the photos were taken...such a far cry from today...
the twins are growing like little weeds...and the smiles just make you want to kiss their little cheeks...
thanks for sharing

A Hint of Home said...

Family pictures are so precious. I hope more people get copies while they can and pass them down for generations to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

Constance said...

OOHHHH I get all tingly when I read other family stories! How absolutely awesome that your family's photo was in the show Growing Pains! I loved seeing the family photographs you shared this week. As a Genealogist and our Family Historian, I love seeeing other people record their own unique memories and recollections! Thanks for sharing!
Your girlies are getting cuter every week!

Needled Mom said...

The old family photos are such fun to look at. Don't you love looking at the clothing they wore? Imagine the ironing!!

The girls look great. Four months I can always remember that because they are about a week younger than our son's baby. Isn't it great that they are all sleeping better now?

Chrissie said...

It's amazing how strong the family resemblence is in those photos. I see you and your daughter in those first two pictures - amazing! God bless your weekend, dear friend!

Nancy said...

Everyone in the old photos look so serious. I guess they told everyone NOT to smile :)

The twins are just precious and how neat that they are sleeping more.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Shawn said...

Photos are such precious treasures, aren't they? The twins are just gorgeous!

Love Bears All Things said...

Oh, I love these old photos. I like seeing what they wore back then.
Your "grands" are precious! Are they both girls?
I'll be back to visit again.
Mama Bear

Sherry said...

Those are such fun pictures. I love the one of the twins grinning.

Robin said...

The photographs are great - such a great look back in time. Things sure have changed.
The babies are even more adorable than ever! They just look so happy and thriving. You and Kirsten are doing such a great job!

Barb said...

Your old vintage photos are amazing. My father has recently been sending me photos like this and it's so strange, knowing these "strangers" are actually my distant family.

The twins are as cute as can be. And yes, it really is hard to believe they're four months old. Seems like just last week Kristen was bored half to death, in the hospital.

Kristen said...

WOW!! Now THOSE are some CUUUUUTTTTEEEE baby girls!! Wow, are they cute. I know I'm not at all biased.

The pictures of the ancestors are great, too. Amazing they are still in tact!

Kelli said...

Beautiful old pictures, I loved looking at them. The wedding picture is really lovely!
P.s. The twins are getting so big!

Linda said...

Ah, the immeasurable blessing of a good night's sleep. I'm so glad they are sleeping so well. I always used to think I could face almost anything if I could just get sleep!
I love the pictures Dawn. I have lots of our family pictures too. I have had to sit with my Mom and have her write down who everyone is for me. She no sooner would tell me all the names than I would forget who was who!
Couldn't you just eat those two little sweet things up? My youngest grandchild is four already. I miss babies!
Y'all have a wonderful weekend.

Wanita said...

How wonderful that you have pictures of your great grandparents. My family has very few pictures of even my grandparents. And the twins are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Midlife Mom said...

Great old photos! I agree with Needled Mom, can you imagine ironing those clothes????! Yikes! The picture of you in your favorite dress is soooooooo cute!
The twins are so adroable, I just hopped over to Kristen's and read her sleeping story. Poor thing, she needs all the sleep she can get!! Too bad she had a midnight sailor that night to get up for. Sigh... that's the way it is with kiddos!!

Barbara H. said...

What precious keepsakes! I just received a number of pictures of relatives a few months ago and treasure them. The twins are so cute!

Jaderocks said...

It is wonderful that you have these precious family photos and history. It is the best antique to collect because it is your own family. The twins are so sweet and I bet you enjoy every minute you spend with them.

Judith said...

I just love those old pictures. Nice to remember when modesty still reigned. Wouldn't you love to know what they were thinking.

And the twins are just precious.

MammyT said...

Great photos Dawn. I remember the one you did on your husband's family. I think you collect more than dust. Loved ones, maybe?

RainyD's said...

Oh - I just love those old photos. They just show so much of our history. Thank you for sharing.

Those girls are getting mighty cute!!! Those fleeting moments where they smile and coo - oooh sooooo sweet!!!!

A couple more weeks and I will have time to finish reading about Kev., unfortunately - all my professors think I should be learning something so they assigned a LOT of homework -

Linds said...

I love the photos, Dawn. I have all the old family ones here too and have been scanning them in so they can be shared with the rest of the family. Such a privilege to have them!

The babes are growing beautifully! Have a great weekend!

Fresh Girl said...

I love seeing those old pictures! How wonderful that you still have the... I wish we had more pictures of my mom's family in particular.

The twins are getting so big! I love those sweet smiles.

Pam said...

Oh Dawn, I'm an absolute lover of vintage photos like that! Seeing you in the midst of all the cousins brought back many fun memories from my childhood. Oh and those little twins-how precious!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

What lovely family photos - those are something to cherish for sure. And the twins are getting so big - such little sweethearts! :)

groovyoldlady said...

This post is such a summary of the circle of life. It goes on from generation to generation until HE comes again.