Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Show and Tell - and Twin Update

It has been a sad day in many ways. Steven Curtis Chapman's family tragedy was shocking. I pray that their teen-age son will be able to forgive himself someday. My husband works with a man who ran over his 10-year-old daughter several years ago. It took him years to gain some semblance of normalcy again.

Then a horrendous tornado hit a small down just east of us - I was having lunch with a friend from that town just as the tornado was hitting - we were oblivious as we ate and talked and caught up on the last few months. Our youth director's home was badly damaged and both cars as well. She was at the church watching the news with the staff when she saw her house on the screen - or what is left of their house. They haven't been able to go back there yet. Sadness.

My week has been very difficult. But we know God is working, and you are praying. For this I am very thankful.

But - on to lighter things! Today I want to share the first in a series of "things I used to do." They are many. When I realize how creative I used to be, I feel somewhat guilty and sad. But I'm glad I took so many pictures.

When I was in my early twenties, before I was married, I had a good friend a bit older who was married with two kids. Her little girl was so tiny and adorable. I did a lot of sewing, so I began making dresses for her out of all of my scraps - I used the same pattern over and over, creating a new look with each one. It was so much fun, and I know Sharon loved getting free dresses for Tonya.

I made myself a red gingham dress, with 3 different sizes of gingham. I used the left-overs to create one for Tonya as well.


When I had a daughter of my own, for some reason I decided to do it all over again. I didn't have my dress any more, and by then, I think I was wearing my dresses a bit longer. I also found a little outfit for Kev (or maybe I made it, I can't remember) that would fit right in.
As I look at this picture, though, I realize I don't look so happy. I remember now that it was taken at my grandparents' 50th anniversary celebration. I was there without DC, who couldn't get away. I was the only one of my siblings who was there without my helpful spouse. The airline had left my luggage back in Denver, and had to deliver it to my grandparents' house from Minneapolis late that night, long after the kids should have been in bed - with no clean jammies, no diapers (I had carried on the minimum - I think I had bought a rare package of disposables for the trip and had two or three in my carry-on), no toothbrushes, etc. etc. I was tired, I remember. Lugging purse, diaper bag, carry-on, a baby, and hanging on to a toddler - we didn't have nice double strollers back then - was exhausting, let alone losing the checked baggage! I remember it so clearly.
Fast forward about 30 years - I still have Kristen's dress (mine is long gone, and long grown out of). I pulled it out and gave it to Kristen for Care Bear to wear. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of her wearing it. Or maybe I just can't find it! But we did get one of Feisty wearing it. This was taken right after Care Bear did her famous haircut on her sister.
The little girlies are growing and developing so quickly all of a sudden. Kristen has wondered if they'd ever really become buddies - they seemed to ignore each other when we laid them down together for a bit of play time. Suddenly they are looking at each other, reaching for each other. They are also smiling, laughing, gurgling, cooing. It is such fun. The big girls continue to be such good helpers. They LOVE their little sisters.
Anakin has finally gotten over his fear of holding them. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to get a picture of that yet. I'll have to rectify that situation soon.
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Susie said...

Hi Dawn,
I was wondering about that tornado. I'm so sorry to hear of the damage it caused. We've had some huge fires in the Bay Area whipped by the high winds.
I love the outfits you created. I don't hardly sew at all anymore either and I used to love it..
those twins are just growing by leaps and bounds!!

Mary said...


I'm so sorry you are going through such a difficult time right now. Keep your eyes on HIM. He makes no mistakes and there is a reason for all this.

I love the gingham dresses and your Feisty looks wonderful in hers.

I am continuing to pray for your situation and will also pray for those who were hit by the tornado.

Thanks for your comments on my show and tell. Maybe someday we will get to take a walk together. If not on earth, then in heaven.


Jewelgirl said...

Everyone has hard times, we can
only pray that people will get
through the hard days and believe
things will be better.
A very cute post with the dresses
and the cutie grandkids! (Hugs)

Diane J. said...

I wondered about you and your family, and about Mandy and Aaron when I heard about the tornadoes and storms in Eastern CO. So thankful you're all okay.

I used to sew a lot more than I do these days. Emmy might inspire me to start again, who knows?

Good job on your sewing, and maybe when you retire you'll pick it up again. After all, you have 4 little girls to beautify. ;o)

Love that picture of the big girls holding the little girls! That's definitely one for the scrapbooks.

I don't know about hollyhocks, but we used to suck the nectar from honeysuckle blossoms. Occasionally got a bug along with the sweet nectar, LOL!

Have a great Friday and weekend, Dawn, and we'll keep praying about that family situation. I know it's going to be a long standing thing, but God is in control.

Love and hugs,


Karen said...

I love those pictures! All of them! Feisty looks so sweet in her mama's dress. Do you have Kevin's outfit still too?

Becki said...

I love all your old (and new) pictures. What a cute dress that gingham one in the first picture was.

You are a talented lady.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Dawn. Yes, I too have some tornado issues to deal with...which I wrote about. This is just all 'too close to home' for me right now...

My Show n Tell is bone china cardinals this week. And especially a favorite...a cardinal music box.

The show n tell is following a set of photos of a tornado that ripped through where my nephew lives!!! I had to post those first since it's family!! So, scroll down.

Happy weekend, and for the Americans, have a safe holiday!

Hadias said...

Very nice pictures.

Constance said...

I have been out of town, just returning last night and was stunned when I had heard about SCC and his family! That is so sad and like you, I am praying for his son that the guilt doesn't destroy him.

We lived in southern Colorado (Trinidad) for 3 years before we moved to Texas but I know where Windsor is. Living in Tornado Alley, I can relate to how scary severe weather can be!

I loved the dresses you shared! I used to do more sewing when my girlies were little. Now that I have 4 grand-daughters, I should get back into it! Poor you, lost luggage with 2 itty bitty kids, no diapers or nothing! UGH! The ailine should've made that up to you BIG TIME!

Barb said...

Yesterday afternoon was one of the longest I remember in ages, Dawn. Of course I was worried about my kids but you and your family were on my mind all afternoontoo. I didn't really take a deep breath until I spoke to Mandy last night and knew they were finally home and safe.

The little red dress is adorable. And I love the party in my playpen tees the babies are wearing.

So glad you all weathered that terrible tornado. What a day.

Timalee said...

I absolutely love gingham, I might just have to borrow your idea of using the 3 different sizes together. What a cute dress! Thanks for sharing.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

So sorry for the tragedy surrounding you! My prayers are with you, and the towns' people nearby who were affected.

I love your little dresses that you sewed. I did a lot of sewing for my daughter when she was younger, but never could make an adult size outfit or dress! :) I love red and white gingham...just timeless!

Take Care and may God be with you and the people of your area! ~Rhonda :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I love the dresses! You are so very talented. :) And I love how you kept Kristen's for her girls to wear. I have a few things that my mom made for me as a child too. :)

Look at those little twins getting so big now! Love the photos with their big sisters - so sweet!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with many more answered prayers.

Linda said...

I do love these twin updates and the pictures of your younger years. They bring so many memories of my own to mind. All the little girls look so very sweet.
I'm so sorry to hear about the damage to your friend's home Dawn. I didn't realize the tornado hit so close to you. I'm thankful you are all safe. We've had some really strange weather recently.
I will keep you in my prayers Dawn. It's never pleasant when we have to walk through these times, but I know it helps to know others are praying. And to know that He hears and answers prayer.

Tammy said...

I felt so sad when I first heard about that family tragedy yesterday fact, I was in tears.
I'm so sorry to hear about the tornado so close to home, too!

I absolutely loved seeing these photos...the cute dress you made yourself and your friend's cute little one...and even the one with your children where you look tired! ;)
Seeing the same on your, that is so touching and what a treasure!


nancygrayce said...

I love the pictures of the big girls holding the little girls! How cute! I'm still praying! I was so saddened about the tragedy with the TCC family. My older brother was in an accident when he was first married and a man died (he had a heart attack after the wreck) and my younger brother hit a man and killed him and they have both had hard times throughout the years. I am praying so for that young man.

Kathy said...

Your pictures are precious! Yes, the Chapman family incident is tragic and I'm sure the suffering is intense. As Believers we can pray for the healing of each member of the family, especially as you mentioned, the teenage young man. I read down a few of your posts and I was sorry to read that you in in the midst of your own worrisome storm. Every mother and grandmother knows what it feels like to worry! I truly will pray for your situation. None of us needs to know the details because God already knows all about it. Have a wonderful weekend...Kathy@ Mimi's Garden

Sharon Lynne said...

I really enjoyed the pictures. You sure know how to entertain us!

I will be praying for you! May God sustain you and give you strength during this time. Prayers arising...

Midlife Mom said...

What a lovely post! The pictures of you and the gingham dresses are wonderful! The one with the big sisters holding the little sisters is just precious!!!! Will continue to pray my friend, hang tight, there are better days ahead!

Carrie said...

God be with you in a special way during this difficult time.
I really love the multi-size gingham checks. Your designs are great.

Mimi said...

Girl I know what you are going to be doing when the retirement if will have that sewing machine cranking out beautiful things for the girlies...

I am so very sorry for your friend who lost her home in the tornado's...we have had all the people effected by the tornados on our prayer list at church and at home...

I am also still continuing to keep your and yours on my prayer daily that your situation will be resolved soon to the good of all concerned...
{{Love and Hugs}}

Nancy said...

I'm back.... I will come back and catch up at some point. I love your grandkids photos.

nannykim said...

Just catching up on some of your blog--love that last pic.