Sunday, February 24, 2008

Doubly Blessed

Yesterday afternoon we had Kristen's shower given by the church. Kate and Emma didn't get to attend the festivities - just too many flu germs still flying around here and it's too risky for their tiny little bodies.

The two young women who planned the shower did a beautiful job. The cupcake design was so creative.

The big girls were so excited to help. They were so eager that they opened the gifts too fast - like they do at Christmas. They would immediately claim one outfit or another for their own baby. Halfway through, they opened gifts from one of the guests, a very thoughtful grandma who gave them coloring books and crayons, etc. They immediately dropped to the floor and begin creating.

One of the younger guests - her mommy was one of the hostesses.

Oh, my goodness - the people of our church were so incredibly generous. These little girls will be the best dressed twins in the state, maybe the region. When you think that everyone bought double - and some bought several double outfits - it was overwhelming. It was if they looked at all of the cute things and couldn't resist any of them!

Some close-ups - they're going to look like little models in these outfits.

These little "Baby Kakes" are made by a gal who works in a deli at Albertson's. She takes the angel food cake containers and makes these wonderful gifts. Unfortunately, Care Bear and Feisty got so excited about them that I didn't get a picture before they were dismantled. I put one together as best I could. The core is filled with diapers, with a receiving blanket lining the cover. In the middle of the diapers is a colorful bottle. Also included are two little tiny hats, a brush and comb set, and some little bows for their future hair. Just adorable!

Do these burp cloths look familiar to you? Thanks, Barb, for doing such a wonderful job for us! She loves them and they have been put to good use already today.

Between the diapers I bought every week since I learned of the twins coming, and the ones she got yesterday, plus the huge box of wipes, we should be in good shape for quite awhile. What a blessing!

Another blessing I need to acknowledge - last week I posted a message from our DIL, Sema, about the conditions her family is living with in Kenya. She has been so blessed by the checks and prayer pledges she has received from you. She also got money from her church small group and her co-workers. She finally reached her dad by phone, and he was totally overwhelmed with joy, amazement, and surprise. Please go over and read her new post at Twenty-Eight Celsius. It will bless you.


Diane J. said...

Boy, what a haul! And what a blessing! I know that looks like a lot of stuff, and it is, but they grow so fast and go through so many clothes and diapers and such before they're a year old that the stuff won't last as long as you might think, especially with twins.

I was blessed by Barb with some of those burp cloths for Emmy and they do come in handy. I'm still using mine, and I shared with Jessica.

Now I'm off to visit Sema....

Have a great new week, Dawn.

Love and hugs,


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a blessing to be so loved! I am so very, very happy!

Nadine said...

Wow...she did get so many beautiful clothes for the girls. Your church family is generous, but with twins I'm sure every bit is so helpful. Babies are expensive.

Now I'm hoping that when the girls where some of their cute new outfits you will have your camera ready and posts pictures.

Mimi said...

aren't church families wonderful!!!
those babies will be sooooo loved it will be fun to share with you through blogland as they grow...

groovyoldlady said...

Oooo. Hurry! They have to wear all that great stuff before they out grow it!

nannykim said...

what fun and what blessings--showers are such a beautiful expression of love!

I will go read 28 celsius

Penless Thoughts said...

God blesses us abundantly and He does it through our hands. How wonderful and what a display of HIS love.

Barb said...

I think baby showers are one of my very favorite things, Dawn. It's so nice when your friends come together to bless you like this.

The angel food container gift is very clever. You may have started something here.

You're very welcome. I enjoyed making the burp cloths for Kristen. A dozen seemed like a lot and then I remembered - she's got twin burping going on. She'll need a dozen!

Needled Mom said...

What lovely gifts those little girls received. I could just see the big sisters claiming the outfits for their little "dolls." You are so blessed with your church family.

Robin said...

What a beautiful outpouring of love to your family! I've always believed the family of God is the most generous group of people on the earth!

Tammy said...

Wow, what a wonderful baby shower! Those babies (and their mommy) were so incredibly blessed and I just love that!
So cute that the big sisters were claiming gifts they opened for "their" baby! :D

Midlife Mom said...

What a joy and a blessing our church families are to us! That was quite a shower of beautiful and useful things for the babies! I got a kick out of the big girls claiming certain things for 'their' baby! What a bond these four girls will share!

Susie said...

You can certainly tell these babies are well-loved. All the darling things will be such a blessing in the months ahead. Loved the angel food gift idea!

Maine Mom said...

Looks like a very fun baby shower! You'll have to take pictures of the twins as they wear all of those adorable new outfits and post them!
What a blessing for Kristen to have diapers stocked up from you. You are so thoughtful and generous. When I was pregnant with Kate I told my Mom that if she had a baby shower for me that I wanted a diaper shower! I ended up having a regular shower from the ladies at our church, which of course was fun and appreciated. :-)

nancygrayce said...

What a great shower! Kristen looks beautiful and like she hasn't had one baby much less two! I love the Church family....what would any of us do with it?

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Looks like it was a wonderful shower - can't wait to see pictures of the little twins in some of those cute outfits! :)

Kathleen Marie said...

How perfectly wonderful! And Kristin looks fabulous! Who would ever guess she just had a baby! God is good!

Linds said...

I am catching up... what a wonderful blessing for Kristen! And don't the little ones look wonderful.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dawn,
I am trying to catch up once again. I didn't even post or visit at all yesterday. I am feeling some better this morning and I am out visiting a little here and there. Looks like Kristen had a great Baby Shower. She did receive alot of nice things and useful things as well. One can never have enough diapers and wipes especially with twins. They will go thru them in not time tho. All of the outfits are just adorable and they will both look like little princesses all dressed up. I remember dressing our girls alike when they were smaller. They weren't twins, but I always loved the look of having them dressed alike. They outgrew all the clothes really quick and could only wear them for only one Season. The Baby Kakes the lady made are just adorable and I never would have thought of something like that. Barb did a great job on the Burp clothes and they always come in handy. I used cloth diapers for my burp clothes. I can't wait to see pictures of the twins in some of their new outfits. Kristen looks really beautiful and it looks like she hasn't even had any twins at all. That was a good thing that one of the Grandmother's got Fiesty and Care Bear something. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

PEA said...

Oh wow, the baby shower certainly was a huge success...look at all those darling clothes!!! The twins certainly will look like little models:-) I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures and the cupcake theme is just perfect. How wonderful that Selma has gotten so much's so heartwarming knowing that people do care!! xox

Mary said...


Wow! Those ladies put together a beautiful shower for Kristen. The twins certainly are going to be very well dressed. I'm so glad that your family was blessed so abundantly by the generous church ladies.

Thanks for commenting on my post today. I'm a bit behind and trying to get caught up.


Penless Thoughts said...

Dawn - Thanks for your comment to my blog on prayer. I left a little comment back so please come by and check it out.