Thursday, February 28, 2008

Friday Show and Tell - and Twin Update

It's been quite awhile since I've shared a Show and Tell. Remember this picture? Back in November I posted about this minor disaster. We didn't get a lot of fancy things for our wedding, but mostly received very practical gifts - which was good. But I really didn't have a beautiful salad bowl until my MIL gave me this one for Christmas years ago. I loved using it for my 7-layer salad, which I took to almost every family dinner.

I am not an avid shopper - well, let's be honest - I really do not like to shop at all. Remember when we were told in commercials to "Let Your Fingers Do the Walking?" Now I led Google do my shopping. I found this beautiful bowl at It was listed as at $75.00, and was on sale for $16.95, if I remember correctly. It is extremely heavy and lovely, but quite a bit bigger than I envisioned. My 7-layer salad is going to have to grow. I haven't used it yet, but have enjoyed just looking at it.

And - speaking of wedding gifts -- this was the first one we received. My doctor and his wife gave us this state-of-the-art-at-the-time percolator. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I have not worn it out in all of these 35 years. I only used it for company. But -- recently my son told me that the coffee I made tasted metallic - he suggested I throw the antique reliec away. So I took a picture for posterity and put it in the recycle bin. Kinda sad!

The other day on my way to work, I pulled off onto a side street and stopped to take one of those pictures of the moon setting. As I made a U-turn to head back up to work, I spotted a bright pink notebook on the side of the street. I picked it up, discovering that it belonged to a college student. It was such a well-organized notebook that she had her schedule on the front page. I looked her up in the computer system, sent her an e-mail, and told her where she could stop by and pick up her lost notebook. Turns out that someone had broken into her car, stolen her backpack, which included this notebook, a lab manual, a friend's notebook, and her Ipod. Obviously, the thief didn't want the school things, but tossed them on the street and took off.

She came into my office and was so happy and relieved to get her notebook back, and I was so happy to have been able to help her out. It literally made my day. Two days later, I was on the phone when the student receptionist in our office brought me this:

The cute little gift box was filled with delicious home made chocolate chip cookies, and she wrote such a nice note. Unfortunately, I didn't get to visit with her this time, but I wrote her a thank you for the thank you. What a nice treat!

Last but not least, a bit of an pictorial update on the little girlies. Kate now weighs 5 lbs. 9 ounces and Emma is up to 5 pounds! They are just doing so well. I took all 4 girls to the library the other day. By the time I get 4 little girls in and out of their car seats several times, and the little ones into their stroller and back into the car a few times, I don't really need a trip to the gym!

I couldn't resist putting these little outfits on them today while I had them for awhile. They are Newborn size - a bit big, especially for Emma. They didn't really want their pictures taken!

They look so incredibly alike in this picture.

Little tiny Emma is trying to turn over on her tummy already! She went from her right side to her left in this picture.


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Nadine said...

I won't ever get tired of seeing pictures of these two lovelies. They are so adorable.

Greatfullivin said...

So glad you were able to replace your bowl at such a savings! BEAUTIFUL babies! So small and sweet! Have a grand Friday!

Cheryl said...

Great show & tell...made me laugh at tossing out the ol' coffee pot. Then I got lost in your twins...sigh...such LOVE BUGS! Lucky you!!!!

Jennie said...

I have a big glass bowl a bit like your new one that was my mum's and we used to have trifle in it at Christmas. LOVE the two little ones. They are SO precious.

Penless Thoughts said...

Beautiful bowl!

jennifer said...

Where to start? This was a full post! I like your repalcement bowl. The percolator made me laugh for some was just sort of ....I don't know, it made me giggle. I am weird that way.
And the BABIES.....AAWWWW. They are so beautiful. What a blessing from God! Jennifer

jennifer said...

AACK!! The notebook. I forgot the notebook. The fact that you went through all that trouble to find the girl and get it back to not only deserve the cookies but the Treehouse and the Keebler elves to go with it! Jennifer

Diane J. said...

We used to have a percolator just like that one! Not that Mama usually perked coffee in it. She kept hot water in it to make instant coffee. To this day I can't stand instant coffee. I have to have brewed coffee.

How nice of that student to say "thank you" with homemade cookies! Yum!

And the girls are still so tiny! Emmy weighed 5 lbs. 14 oz. and lost down to 5.7 and she was so little. It's hard to believe your little ones were so much smaller, and now to hear you talk about how big they're getting and still under 6 lbs.

Emmy weighs 16½ lbs now so both your girls together don't even make a good armful next to her. ;o)

Hope your Friday and weekend are good ones, Dawn.

Love and hugs,


Karen H. said...

Good Morning Dawn,
I remember you posting about your Salad Bowl back in November. I am glad you were able to find a replacement for it at such a great buy. It is beautiful. You may have to go from a 7-layer Salad to maybe a 9-layer Salad. LOL. There should be plenty for everyone at the Family Dinners. My Mom still has a Perculator. She used to use it to heat water in when my Dad's Brother and his wife came up from Mississippi. His wife passed away a little while ago and my Dad's Brother hasn't been up to see him in a good while now. My DH used to drink Instant Coffee while we were dating and first got married. Then, later on, my Parents got us a Coffee Maker for our Anniversary one year and he and me both has been drinking brewed coffee ever since. My Parents still drink Instant Coffee, but my Mom just heats the water in a Tea Pot. That was such a sad story about someone breaking into that young ladies car and stealing her backpack. I just don't know what is wrong with people these days. Such a sick world we do live in. I'm glad you found her Notebook and was able to get it back to her. That was so nice of her to send you some Cookies and a Thank You Card and very nice of you as well to Thank her with a Thank You. When you do something good, it always makes you feel good. The twins are just growing. They are so adorable and "THANK YOU" for showing some more pictures of them. I never get tired of seeing pictures of them. They look really precious in the little Pink outfits you put on them. I can't believe that Emma is turning over already. She must be ahead in her age. Take care my friend and have a great day/weekend. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my goodness...Oh my goodness!!!! Four?!!! Oh my goodness. How so very precious. I'm just tongue tied Dawn. Wow. God is good.

The bowl you found on sale is gorgeous...what a good price I might add.

Ya, it's been a long long time since I've been here through to visit through the show n tell. I see you visiting over at Karens a lot tho....and the W W photo below. I KNOW that place. Giggles...beautiful shot.

My S n T is shared. If you haven't dropped by, I sure hope you can stop and say "Howdy Do!".

Happy Weekend to you and yours.

Constance said...

The girlies are precious! What a double blessing from the Lord! I love their names too!

Great find on replacing your bowl and I loved how the student thanked you for what you did in returning her notebook.

Too many younger people tody I fear haven't brought up that way. I made my kids write Thank You notes for every thing as well as monthly letters to all of their grandparents since we live out of state! Thanks for sharing!

Judy said...

Oh my they are so precious. The bowl is pretty.

Hootin' Anni said...

I just read about your tale of two cities Dawn. Thanks for the invite. But just by the photos and your description a while ago, I knew where you were. And I still LOVE the idea of having Valentine's sent from there. It's just an old tradition and means a lot.

Your story and your photos make me yearn for the good ol' Colorful Colorado!!! [My sister still lives on the Western Slope and she's telling me of the record snowfall this year...and I'm thinking...flooding...Big Thompson...bad feelings.]

Do keep in touch. Love reading about your two towns.

livin with me said...

Oh my goodness- those twins are so adorable!!

Nora Lee said...

What a wonderful show & tell! And what beautiful babies! You are truely blessed.


Barb said...

That salad bowl is beautiful, Dawn. You got a very good deal on that. It looks like it's crystal?

And the percolator is a hoot. I do remember those - it took forever to make a pot of coffee. That would not work for me these days - I want my coffee fast!

The babies are so sweet. It's hard to really understand how small they are until you see them in these photos. Kristen looks good. I hope she's fully recovered.

LBP said...

That is a beautiful bowl! BTW, I love 7 layer salad!

The twins are absolutely adorable!



Laura said...

First...the broken bowl? I have one JUST LIKE IT! Wedding present, too..

So neat that you were able to return that notebook!

Loving the pictures of the twins! So glad they are doing so well!

Anonymous said...

You boosted that girl's faith in humanity, that there really are some nice people out there! What a great story. BTW, in regards to my belly picture, when I was posting it I thought, "Kristen wasn't this big on her THIRD pregnancy, WITH TWINS!!"


nancygrayce said...

Oh, I know that girl was so happy to get that back! It was kind of you to find her and let her know. I, too, love the bowl and the pictures of the girls are just too precious!

Morning Glory said...

The twins are amazing!

You really should put that percolator up for sale on Ebay. What a vintage piece it is! Or keep it for a kitchen decoration -- the rest of the family has fond memories of perked coffee in that. Well, sort of fond....

nannykim said...

What a buy on the glass bowl!! I used to use a percolater, but the one I had made an awful cup of coffee---I tried all makes of coffee and all grinds. I liked it because it looked nice--I ended up donating mine to the Salvation Army. Cute updates on the babies, and a nice story about the notebook. (Hey, ya gotta take the snowmen off the side---I know--a lot of you still have snow ugh!)

Needled Mom said...

My mom has always thought that the old percolators made the best coffee. A relic gone to the recycle bin! :(

The salad bowl is gorgeous. I'd love to have one like that. Thanks for sharing the photos.

And....thanks for the update on the girls. They almost look to be smiling in a few of those pictures. I can definitely relate to the "job" of carseat safety. Oh my, but the kids have a lot to do to go anywhere these days.

Sherry said...

what sweet pictures of the twins!!! love it!! Will they get to come tonight for the b-day celebration?

Mary said...


The girlies are beautiful and growing. I'm glad they are doing so well.

What a shame that the bowl was broken, but glad you could buy another to hold your salad. I know it will never replace it but it is lovely.

That vintage purculator is almost exactly like the one Mom had when I was young, except hers had a black handle. I like an old fashioned purculator that sits on the stove. Coffee tastes so much better out of those. It just isn't the same made in the coffee makers of today.

Blessings to you and the family.

Barbara H. said...

Oh, I am so sorry about the beautiful bowl that broke...but glad you found another one.

That coffeepot looks so vintage!

What a cute package the cookies came in.

Rick Rack Attack said...

I like to "let my fingers do the walking" too! Thank goodness for Google & e-bay. Love the bowl. The twins are adorable. I sear the one is smiling!

Pop on over to my show & tell at

Tammy said...

First of all, I just love the new pictures of the girlies! Those expressions are priceless...and they look so healthy and beautiful!

So fun to see the peculator. I remember when I was little, those were the only coffee makers you ever saw! :) Wonderful that it is still working after 35 years...that's like my parents' toaster...never stopped working, and she only had a the cord replaced and still uses it after 50 years!

mistyeiz said...

such cuties!! :)

Mimi said...

I just loved your show and tell...
especially the pictures of "Our Babies"!

groovyoldlady said...

Lovely post. I especially enjoyed the vision of you getting out of the car and dealing with all those seatbelts and crseats and diaper bag etc.

That's because I'm mean!

Or is it because I remember those days and am so glad I'm beyond them now?

Oh well, the truth is that all that hard work is a reminder of just how blessed you are!

Midlife Mom said...

Oh those beautiful babies!!!!!! Just makes me want to snuggle and rock them in the old rocking chair! You took all four to the library???????? Wow! Super Grammie!!

Jewelgirl said...

Beautiful babies, what mom or
grandma wouldn't want to hold
those precious babies??
Great find and price on the
bowl - I missed the 1st broken
bowl post.. so sorry.
And your coffee pot is
avacado green, I remember seeing
those in the store! Dates me

nancygrayce said...

Hey Dawn, I tagged you for a book meme over at my site!

Sharon Lynne said...

All I can say is: Good thing God gave us two arms! Cute pictures of the babies!

It's always thought provoking that God made us that we experience a deep satisfying joy, when we go out of our way to help another person.

gab said...

Awww it's too bad you had to toss your percolater. I have one at home back in SD and am missing it! Hubby doesnt like the new fangled ones lol. These are some great memories for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

I can't believe little Emma is already trying to roll over.

They are beautiful! Thanks again for sharing the wonderful pictures!!

Lala's world said...

I loved the show and tell. that was neat! the girlies are doing so well! and you are SO brave to take them all to the library! wow!!

Kelli said...

Awww...what sweet little babies, they grow up so fast! I'm glad you were able to replace the bowl, it's beautiful!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow, they really do look alike! I'm so glad that they're both growing well and I love seeing all of the photos. :)