Saturday, February 02, 2008

Welcome Home, Kate!!

We had a bit of a party in the NICU yesterday afternoon. It was a coming out party for Miss Kathryn Hope, otherwise known as Kate. I wonder if Emma Faith misses her. She slept through the festivities. She will be home soon - as soon as Monday, they say.

It took awhile to get the paper work finished. Kate was all dressed up for her coming out party - and the sisters were very attentive.
The going-home process begins.
Feisty was very involved in the process.
Was the light in the elevator too harsh for her little eyes? Or was she just worn out from the process of getting ready?
The ride home was good - she made a few little squeaking noises, but for the most part she slept the trip away. The big sisters were enthralled.
Home at last. After 25 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She weighs 4 lbs. 4.5 ounces - almost an entire pound gained since she was born. What a proud big sister!!
Welcome to your new bed.
It has been an exhausting journey! Oops - where'd my other sock go??
Plenty of love to go around.
Kristen, Care Bear, and I all ended up with a stomach disorder as the day wore on. That was really scary to realize if we had known this was going to happen, we could have left her in the hospital for another night. But God is watching over her, we believe.
The miracles continue. Stay tuned for Emma's homecoming soon!


Myrna said...

How wonderful! That little thing is in for a ride with hose sisters! They will love her to pieces! And soon they will have two at home to love on!

Thanks for coming by!

Diane J. said...

Praise the Lord! One down, one to go.

That bed is a cadillac, isn't it? The playpen I bought Emmy has a changing level and bassinet insert that fits into the playpen but she was already too big to use it. I'm so short I have trouble reaching toys and her pacifier on the bottom of the playpen.

Speaking of Emmy, I have her today and she's playing in her playpen as I type this. Hard to believe she wasn't much bigger than your babies when she was born. She's still tiny for her age but growing all the time. She's long and slim.

I'm looking forward to more pictures as Emmy comes home and they grow and change every day.

Y'all have a blessed weekend, and I hope the tummy bug moves on quickly.

Love and hugs,


Diane J. said...

Sorry - I meant to type "Emma" but I guess my fingers have grown accustomed to typing "Emmy" so much that they just took over for a minute. ;o)



groovyoldlady said...

Yippee! Welcome home little Kate!

Mary said...


Praise God! I am so glad that Kate is home. I do love the twins' names. Faith and Hope tells the entire story. She is adorable. Enjoy her. I will pray that Emma can come home soon. I'm sure she misses her sister.


Linda said...

Rejoicing with all of you Dawn. This wonderful picture story just brought tears to my eyes. What a miraculous story. I pray you will all feel better quickly. Won't it be great having everyone home by next week?
I would have been here sooner but my blogline feeds have disappeared again! They seem to eventually come back (I can't figure out what's wrong), but in the meantime I am really out touch. I simply cannot remember everyone's blog address :-)
I continue to pray for all of you Dawn. I hope you will be able to get a bit of rest amid all of the goings on.

Mimi said...

I love homecomings for little new babies...and big sisters were decorated for the event I see!!!
I pray for a peaceful night at home tonight!!

PEA said...

Big smiles here:-) How wonderful that little Kate is now home with her big sisters...Emma will be anxious to follow suit!! It will be quite an adjustment in that household but you know, we always manage, don't we:-) xoxo

Sharon Lynne said...

Isn't it nice that God provided 2 big sisters to help out. As the babies grow, the big sisters will grow too--and they will be even more helpful! God knew all of this ahead of time!

And this household will need alot of help! Which is a very nice problem. Praise God for answering all the prayers...

I'm looking forward to seeing Emma at home too!

Kelli said...

WooHoo! doing the happy dance for you :) Now, come on Emma!

Kari said...

Happy to hear of Kate's homecoming. Looking forward to Emma coming home too!

My Ava was only 3lbs 10 oz when we brought her home! What was I thinking? But she grew faster at home where the love is!

Penless Thoughts said...

What a great day.

A Chelsea Morning said...

When I see that little sock on her foot, I really realize how small she is, Dawn.

I'm so glad she's home and I'm rooting for Emma to join her early next week.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh praise the Lord that one is home! I know soon the other will be as well!

Brenda said...

Oh happy day! She may be tiny, but she's just the right size for her big sister's arms. Love the photos! Looking forward to Emma's homecoming!

Penless Thoughts said...

Hi Dawn, Thanks for leaving me the commentment on my 1 year anniversary. Come back by and ask me a question so your name will be in the drawing for my little give-away. Ruth Grahams book, can't remember the name of it!!!, about her believing for Franklin when he waa a rebel gave me much hope!!

Laura said...

OH, that's wonderful! SO glad that Kate is home...and praying that Emma will join the family at home soon! Hope the rest of you feel better soon!

nancygrayce said...

Praise God she's home! I hope they have a good nite tonight. I remember being nervous the nite I brought Paul home. They look so good and so healthy!

Sherry said...

Could Kate be any cuter! Seriously, she's a doll. Glad that she's home and healthy. Sending prayers your way that she stays healthy through the stomach bug. Brek had RSV when Sy was a few weeks old, scared the daylights out of me. I love the one of Fiesty holding her-she looks so proud and caring of Miss Kate. So exciting!!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

How wonderful! Thank you for sharing the news and the photos with us - and I'm looking forward to seeing the babies reunited together at home soon. :)

Linds said...

Well done to the big sisters for beign such a help, and welcome home little Kate! Wonderful nres, Dawm. I hope the stomach thing was fleeting.

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! I am so glad she was able to come home! I have been praying for these wee ones and their mommy since I read about it on 5 Minutes for Moms (I think that was the blog). Thanks for keeping us up to date and the photos are wonderful.

A while back you asked people to come out of lurkdom and I didn't. I apologize. I didn't have a blog then and I couldn't remember my gmail password. (excuses, excuses) Anyway, here I am! I have been reading your blog for a while and enjoy it. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Praise the Lord! \o/

What wonderful big sisters! ;o)

Chris said...

What a blessing!

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Dawn,
"PRAISE GOD" that Kate got to come home. Praying that Emma will get to come home on Monday. When I saw the sock on Kate's foot, She looked so small. In the other pictures that you had shown, she didn't look that small. Looks like the Big Sister's are having a good time Welcoming their newe Sister home. I remember when our youngest daughter was born and we came home with her, our oldest daughter was 2 1/2 at the time. She wanted to be all over the baby. LOL. She would lay down beside her and put her thumb in her mouth and rub her head. It was one of those priceless moments. Sorry I haven't been by to visit. I have been having trouble getting on your page. I had that same problem with Pea@Pea'sCorner around Christmas time. I guess it must be a blogger thing. I'll come back later and try to catch up on everything. Hope yall are feeling better today. Our youngest daughter came home from School Friday and wasn't feeling good. She started throwing up later on. I had some Phynagrin in a syringe that the doctor had given her back in October, so I gave her one of those to rub on her wrist. She had a restless night Friday night, and was finally able to eat some Potato Soup yesterday afternoon and keep it down. She is feeling much better today. Take care my friend and have a great afternoon. May God Bless You and Yours. "WELCOME HOME KATE"!!!!

Karen H.

Angela (Gran) said...

Celebrating your blessing with you, Dawn. You have one home the other is on her way too. I know that the big sisters were so happy to have one of their new baby sister's home.

Praying for your family and I hope that you are feeling better soon.

Have a wonderful new week with many blessings, lots of love and family.


Nancy said...

God is good! What a special day for all of you and an answer to prayers.

Sorry to hear you got sick. I hope that passes soon.

You are all in my prayers.

Lala's world said...

so exciting congrats on her home coming!
hope you guys are all better now!

Sue "Sioux" Seibert said...

Welcome home, Kate. She weighed just what my Christi weighed when I brought her home, and as I said she is one feisty 38-year-old nurse! God bless you all. Love the photos! We are in Arkansas tonight...home tomorrow.

Fresh Girl said...

Oh, she is just precious! What wonderful news, what a great answer to prayer. So glad almost the whole family is together, and I'll be praying that Emma is home before you know it.

Y'all take care of yourselves and feel better!

Nadine said...

Welcome home Kate!!! What wonderful news for everyone. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Emma joins her. The pictures are darling.

Andrea said...

So happy to hear Kate is home.
I'm looking forward to hear about Emma's homecoming.

And I hope you all are feeling better by now!!

Robin said...

I can see there will be no lack of "mothering" in that household! I'm so happy to hear little Kate got to come home!

Midlife Mom said...

How wonderful!!! This was such great news for me to come home to! Of course I always check my blog before unpacking! Great pictures too Dawn!
Thanks for answering my question, it was a great read, I always like to know 'how it all began'!
Now for that unpacking.....

Maine Mom said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, Dawn! Kate looks so adorable in her pink "going home" outfit. She will definitely be loved by her big sisters. :-) These pictures are so much fun to look at. Bringing a new baby home is such a big event...and you'll soon be doing it again!

I hope everyone gets feeling better and Kate stays healthy.

Needled Mom said...

How exciting it will be when both little girls are home and tucked in their very own beds! It certainly looks as though Kate will be able to hold her own there.

I hope all have overcome the stomach bug and that it did not have to make the rounds in the family. YUCK!

Love seeing all the pictures and cannot wait to see both of them at home together!

Diane said...


How wonderful! What a joyous occasion! Thanks for sharing it with us.

And what beautiful grandchildren you have. I love all the photos....they are precious! You are so right...the miracles continue! Praise God!

What a year it has been! AND, what a year it will be!

Blessings to all of you.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful children! Congratulations on the homecoming!

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.