Thursday, February 21, 2008

This and That Chit Chat

Would that be the same as rambling? Probably!

Have you ever made one of those phone calls where a disembodied voice asks you questions and you can either answer out loud or you can press something on your phone's keypad? This morning I was trying to pay a couple of bills this way. I really don't like talking to disembodied voices, so I normally choose to key in the numbers. This particular day, I had a lot of throat clearing going on, and the disembodied voice kept thinking I was trying to answer its questions - "I'm sorry, I did not understand that response." Kinda made me laugh. Kinda made me frustrated.

Did you ever make a split second decision that changed the course of your day? Not that this was anything earth-shattering or life-changing. Just an example of how something you choose to do or not to do can have an impact.

We enjoyed a bit of the lunar eclipse last night as we came out of church. It was 8:30 MST - I should have looked out again later, but I didn't (I have seen some amazing pictures out there in blogland today). This morning, as I was leaving for work, I chose to leave my camera at home. I should know better than to ever leave my camera at home. I always regret it. Sure enough, about a mile up the road to work, I peered over at the mountains and saw an amazing sight - a slight sliver of the moon was going behind a cloud, just above the mountains. I was stunned with the beautiful and unusual view. I was so sad I didn't have my camera - so I did a quick turn back south, hoping I could get back in time for the last glimpse. Of course, in the 5 minutes it took to get back to that spot, it was completely gone. You'll just have to try to imagine it. But I did get a winter view of Long's and Meeker peaks.

Then I looked to the east and was rewarded with this beautiful sunrise. Thank you, Lord!

I hope these next three things tickle your funny bone as they did mine and give you a good chuckle to start or end your day (depending on when you read this).

When Kristen was going to the hospital twice a day to feed Kate and Emma, Feisty was often with her. One thing the nurses stressed was the importance of "skin to skin" contact with the babies and their mommy. Since they've been home, Feisty and Care Bear have been a big help. But when Care Bear is in school, Feisty cherishes her time with Mommy and the babies. She loves to hold them, especially Emma whom she named. She'll pull off her shirt and say, "I want her to feel my skin!" Oh, my, how they are watching and listening and absorbing everything around them. Behooves us to be careful what they see and hear!

This morning when I got to work, I looked at the white board, which faculty use to check out and in, so we have some semblance of an idea when they might be available to students. I got a real kick out of this entry:

QUICK LUNCH? 4:00-ISH?? (Hope she left 3:30-ish!)

And, last but not least - you can tell you have been married a long time when - you hear the hall closet door open, you hear your husband say, "Hmmmm," and you know exactly what the problem is (because it has taken all week to get last week's laundry done, since I was a "tad" busy and a lot tired) - the clean towels haven't been brought up from the laundry room yet!

(Our last picture in Hawaii)

Have a great Friday!


Mimi said...

cute post..enjoyed the little snipits of humor..I especially liked the one of Feisty letting Emma "feel her skin" that was sooooooooo cute and loving....
what a beautiful drive to work you enjoy!!!

Lori said...

Yes, the same thing happen to me with my comcast bill. Very frustrating!


Diane said...

Really fun update!~

I am so glad that Feisty and Care Bear have welcome Emma and Kate into their hearts! The photos you've posted are precious!!!!

Yes, if Mama don't do the laundry--it don-et git dun!

It's a universal rule!

Have a great Friday yourself! Hey--take one of those quick lunches today at work! Start a trend!


Needled Mom said...

4:00 ish??? That sounds like my life! Very humorous post and, like you, I never thought of snapping a photo of the eclipse. I just enjoyed it with a few of the grandkids.

Susie said...

I enjoyed catching up on your newsy posts. Love seeing the darling pictures of the twins. They are really growing :)
Your sunrise picture was absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing..

Becky said...

Fun rambling! Enjoyed it all. Beautiful sunrise and view of the mountains. And that "quick lunch" is the kind I like to take with a friend :)

Gardener Greg said...

Yes you were rambling but I like that kind of post. Nice post.

Chrissie said...

I spent a couple days going over your son's story, and have been quite blessed. Thanks to both of you for posting those stories - what a hard place to be - Praise God for His amazing Grace! My parents went through similar situations with my brother. It wasn't until the last 6 months of his life that he really showed the grace of God on his soul. His death from heart failure has really been hard on my parents, but they always are smiling and cheeery in spite of their sorrows.
Praise to God for His gift of answered prayer!
I love your sunrise pics - so beautiful! Thank you!

PEA said...

Hello dear Dawn!

Finally catching up on your latest posts...I haven't been spending a lot of time on the computer this week, so many other things needed doing! As usual, loved reading your news and seeing pictures of the babies:-) Love how the older girls are so loving their new baby sisters!!

I'm always scared of leaving home without my camera now! lol Sometimes I'll get in the car then run back in the house to get my camera...I'm asked why I need my camera...I say "just in case I see something for my blog"! hehe Love the pictures you took of Long and Meeker peaks...and that sunrise picture is gorgeous! xox

Nancy said...

You are so right about listening ears! I tried to stress this to parents of my kindergarten students. You would be surprised at some of the words they would use and then say "mom said it". The eclipse was fantastic in NC too- a special treat from God. You were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. I think I love them about as much as you do. It is a time that I feel close to God. Have a great weekend!

nannykim said...

it is pretty bad when us bloggers have to have our cameras with us everywhere; but ya know, I think it makes us appreciate everything and look for things to appreciate and share---it really does make our world a more childlike one, don't ya think. My server went down yesterday--along with my back --so I am confined to a semi prone postition--thankful for a laptop!!

Linda said...

It is always so nice to chat Dawn. The sunrise pictures are just beautiful. We missed the lunar eclipse altogether - too many clouds. I was so disappointed. I'm one of those people who go out at three in the morning to watch the meteor showers!
I love the last little bit. It's nice to have been married that things like nothing to wear only rate a hmmm. No big deal when meausred against life's real problems.
Have a blessed weekend Dawn.

Linda said...

I meant to say "nice to have been married so long...." I don't know why I don't proofread my comments.

jennifer said...


Mary said...


The photos are amazing. I especially like that sunrise. What beautiful colors and peaks are always a blessing to me.

I'm glad Feisty is bonding with her sister. It's so nice that she named her. They will be close.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my postcards. Thanks also for your prayers and support during Michelle's surgery. She is home and resting, though she couldn't seem to sleep today. I told her that as long as she was resting it didn't matter whether or not she napped.


groovyoldlady said...

It's amazing what kids pick up on, isn't it? Christmas 2006, my in-laws bought us a new toaster oven. It looked nice, but within a week I knew I hated it. However, it was rather awkward to just "get rid of it" because they live in an apartment attached to our house. So for over a year now I've been grousing every time I used it.

Then my mom brought her nearly new one over to stick in the yard sale pile. Mulletman suggested we try it to see if we liked it better. I finally consented.

Girly-Girl quipped, "That's good. Now maybe Mom will stop complaining every time she toasts something."

Ouch! Made me reaize I had some apologizing and repenting to do!

(PS. I DO like this one much better, though!)

Tammy said...

Loved this rambling post, Dawn!
And it's amazing how much our little ones pick up on everything. I've found this out the hard way!
As my mom says, "Little pitchers have big ears!" :)

Nadine said...

Feisty is adorable. It's amazing what little ones pick up isn't it.

Maine Mom said...

I would much rather push numbers than talk to a disembodied voice so I don't have to repeat myself over and over again!

It always cracks me up when my little ones get out their dolls and try to nurse them. It is true that they are watching and listening!

Morning Glory said...

What a glorious sunrise!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the snippets of humor! So nice to have a chuckle before I go to bed. That was after I stopped laughing at the automated bill paying-done that one enough times! Such beautiful pictures, you had the camera just when God wanted you to!


Karen H. said...

Good Early Morning Dawn,
I know I'm way too early, so I'll try not to disturb you. The pictures of the mountains are just breathtaking. The beautiful Sunrise is breathtaking as well. "THANK YOU" for sharing some of GOD'S beauty with us. I pay some of our bills over the phone as well. When I pay our Gas bill over the phone, I get that same message as you do. Just get's on my nerves so bad. LOL. I loved the humor about Fiesty wanting to feel her skin on Emma. I bet that was just priceless. I hope that person went home at 3:30 as well. LOL. Almost dinner time then at 4:30. At least it is here at our house. Very nice picture of Rob in Hawaii. I love the background. I am trying to catch up with everyone. I have been in bed for most of the weekend. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Sharon Lynne said...

My husband says, "I don't have any socks!"

Now I DO wash socks...but I don't always SORT socks...I put that job off.

Nice post.