Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Musings

Wow, it's been almost a week since I wrote anything (except silly little things on Facebook). Somebody turned on the furnace today, and I'm not thrilled. It got to 92F this afternoon, and a laptop on the lap doesn't feel good at this temp!

We had a wonderful service yesterday morning, and a good time with loved ones for lunch and the afternoon - one of those serendipitous occasions - I had nothing in the house to eat and didn't get to the store because - Kristen moved Saturday, I had the babies and did Kristen's laundry, and waited for some new furniture to arrive. I have to say I think I got the best end of the deal! But I didn't sleep well last night and am quite tired and wishing I could just sit here. But I wanted to go to church, because I needed another shot of blessing!

The reason I didn't sleep well - I couldn't get the sight of Kristen's new garage out of my mind, and my brain wanted to solve the problem of where in the world she's going to put all of this stuff in a house much smaller than the one she's moving from. She thought that was pretty silly of me, but I ask you, can you tell your mind what to think about and make it shut down so you can go to sleep??

The new furniture has been needed for a long time. Remember all the times the big girls "played cushions" with the old couch? Well, the littles only got to do it one time, but they made the most of being the only ones here before Grandpa moved the couch out of the house and delivered it to ARC or Good Will. Oh, the giggles!!

One really good thing about this six-week "furlough" (read shutdown) is that Grandpa has been home, and is a really good entertainer to the bigger girls especially. They are just all over him!

But then he has his own days where he gets to do what he loves almost as much as being with the girls --

The twins are learning early - and it is a good thing they are learning. Kristen heard some commotion in the kitchen the other morning and caught them (on her phone camera) in the act - of cleaning the floor! Feisty's little toy broom and mop were being put to good use.

The beds were in their new place, but who could find the sheets? And Kristen was totally wiped out. So they stayed one more night with us. There is absolutely nothing more precious than the sight of sleeping grandgirls - especially in their mommy's old room.

Kristen just sent me this shot of the first picnic in the new back yard - one of the very good things about the new spot --

Changing the subject drastically -- last Thursday was the anniversary of Dan's death. The first grandbaby was due on July 16. My friend really did not want the baby to come on the anniversary, but God had other ideas. The little girl was born at almost the exact time our friends were being told of the death of their precious son. Now they have a happy connotation to counter the sadness. I think God knew what he was doing!


Sharon Lynne said...

I love the picture of the twins cleaning cute (and original). I've never seen toddlers clean a house!

I also was tossing and turning last night. I was wide awake at 3:00 a.m. Couldn't get problems out of my mind. Also my mind has trouble shutting off and I can hear voices and all kinds of noise in my mind. No, I'm not crazy. It's just something my brain does.

How nice that Kristen has a back yard for the girls. Back yards are great!

Christa said...

Love the pictures of the girls, especially playing with the pillows. Brings back memories of when mine were little and did that, so much fun.
Moving, not so much fun. Glad Kristen is moved, now for the arranging and getting things in place.
Sleeping and brains, I understand,(wish there was an on/off switch at times) and pray you get a good nights sleep tonight.

God bless

Sammy said...

Oh my gosh, the photo of your husband in the pink headband is quite possibly one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. :-)

I love the phrase, "another shot of blessing." It describes that good-for-the-soul feeling perfectly.

Glad Kristen is moved and I hope she's settling in easily. How wonderful that she has a nice backyard.

Have a wonderful week, Dawn! I'm off to L.A. on Wednesday, so I'll probably be a bit scarce for a little while.

Robin said...

I have noticed how smitten Chuck is with Ava Claire - he makes a downright fool of himself with her! And it totally melts me heart to watch it as I'm sure yours does too.
Grandparenting - you just have no idea until you are there! It's is incredible and amazing.
Those twins - they are just the sweetest little things!

Coe said...

I love seeing the little girls' personalities came to life. Kristen (and you) will have her (your) hands full! Check my blog - I have a new post.

Tammy said...

All the pictures of the little ones are so adorable! Can't believe how big those twins are getting now!

Our first house we owned was SO tiny...a little over 800 sq ft! But it had a big backyard...bigger than the house! :) We were able to have a veggie garden as well as have lots of room for our firstborn to toddle around in. (She was two and a half when we moved to our present house...still on the small side but much bigger than our first!)

Anyway, I just saw your comment over at my place, and congrats again on winning my giveaway! When I saw I drew your name, I was truly pleased!
I do wish you were a coffee drinker though...;) but as you said, you can have hot chocolates, or even some yummy goodies that have to eat, or a tea...hopefully you'll find something good for yourself! :)
So, you wanted "The Negotiator" right? I will be sending that, along with the gift card very soon! Be sure to email me your addy...or send me a private message on FB with it. :)

Linda said...

Your pictures are always so special Dawn. I can't say it enough - you are the most wonderful grandparents I know.
I hope Kristen and the girls are all settled in.
If you ever do figure out how to turn your mind off when you should be sleeping let me know right away. I lose more hours of sleep that way - and the harder I try not to think the worse it gets.
I think that was a wonderful "God thing" that the new little one was born on that date. He does so many precious things like that for us.

Mary said...


Beautiful photos. I'm so glad the girlies got to take the cushions off the couch at least one time. It looks like they had a lot of fun.

What a great grandpa to entertain the big girls and have fun with them. They will always remember that about him.

The photos of the bubbles below are adorable. Looks like they had a great time.

Take care, Dawn. I hope Kristen is able to settle in quickly. Moving is such a drag.


Needled Mom said...

Why is it that we can't turn our brains off for sleep? I think we must all be the same way.

I'm glad that Kristen is getting situated in her new place. The girls will love the yard. That is like extra square feet in the house if you ask me. Kids spend so much time outside. My in-laws lived in a 900 sq. foot place with six sons and one bathroom for 18 years. The boys all still speak so fondly of their time there and it is mostly about the fun they had with neighbor kids and the yard.

Imagine....God knowing better than we do about planning things! Hmmm. The coincidence of the birth and death on the same day is definitely His plan.

Have a good week.

PEA said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who can't sleep at night because my mind is wandering all over the place, worrying about something or other! lol I hope Kristen and the girls will be happy in their new place...even though it's smaller, we always do manage, don't we:-)

I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures, I'm still giggling at the one of grandpa playing! hehe The girls seem to be living life to the fullest and loving every minute of it:-)

Congratulations on winning Tammy's giveaway!!! xoxo

A Hint of Home said...

Your pictures are so sweet. What good memories they will bring.
Hope she got all settled and I'm sure you have been a huge help.
Take care and I hope your patio makeover goes great.

SentimentsbyDenise said...

Such cute pics of the girls (love the sleeping ones!).
How are we not Facebook friends yet? You need to connect with me there!
My husband just went back to work this week after a temporary layoff of 4 weeks. Whew - now to get a paycheck again! God has been so faithful, though!
Hope your week is great!

Susan said...

Adorable pictures of the girls. When do you show the new furniture? Are you still coming to Oklahoma?

Becky said...

Great pictures! Send those girls over with their cleaning supplies :)

And I am thankful for a healthy new baby girl for your friends. A gift.

RainyD's said...

As usual, those girls are sooo darling. I can't believe how quickly they are growing.

I seemed to have misplaced your regular email address and Eleanor is trying to get in touch. Could you please send it to me so I can pass it on? Thanks - in case you don't still have it - it is shawna.knight at