Friday, August 07, 2009

The Week in Review

How can it be? The "summer" is almost over - in the sense that school starts in 12 days. Care Bear will be in second grade and Feisty will be in kindergarten. I have a prayer request in this regard - many of you have prayed for Feisty over the last couple of years because of her frequent UTIs - caused from constipation for the most part. She is still struggling with consistency, is on a medicine to prevent infection, and large doses of Miralax. Nobody wants to keep her out of kindergarten, but this is a huge blockade. Please pray for her little mind and body as she prays about it every night!


August is a busy time in our town. There are three major events to promote community togetherness. Interestingly enough, I don't participate in any of them. I'm not much into crowds on hot summer Saturdays.

The first one was last week-end when the county fair hit the scene. The big girls got to go with great Aunt Grace to see some of it last week. It was before the rides were set up, and they hoped all week that someone would take them back out there for some more fun. But all of a sudden it was over and we never got out there. Well, maybe next year!

This week-end is huge. I've mentioned before that our town has become a huge center for the arts - particularly bronze sculptures. This week-end is Sculpture in the Park - an event that brings people from all over the world to enjoy sculptures - and buy - and spend lots of money in town while they're here. It's less than a mile from our house, but we've never attended.

Across the street in another park is
Art in the Park where dozens of artisans set up their wares. We usually try to make it to this one - it's free! But the north end of town is a massive mess of traffic for the week-end. If we do go, we'll walk or ride our bikes.

Then in two more weeks is the annual Corn Roast - an event that was held for years, then stopped, and reprised about 6 years ago. There is a parade, a corn shucking contest, a corn recipe contest, and lots and lots of corn eating. The committee gets 10,000 ears from Sakata Farms. This year Sakata was hit by a horrendous hail storm and there was great fear that there would not be 10,000 ears of corn available. But, happily, tonight's paper told us that there were enough ears salvaged for the event. Whew!!

A couple of weeks ago the downtown association hosted a large bar-b-que contest, and a cherry pie contest. We went last year, but decided not to go back - too many people. We're kind of party poopers, I guess. But I'm glad so many people do attend.


So - as I mentioned - school starts very soon. Care Bear arrived the other morning and said, "Can we go school clothes shopping, Grandma? There are three good places to go school clothes shopping - Target, Wal Mart, and K-Mart. I think K-Mart is the best."

"Why do you think K-Mart is best?"

"Because I saw a commercial and they said they're the best place for school clothes. And I know they wouldn't lie."

I really thought I should tell her the truth about commercials!


One of the best things about this blogging world is the sharing we do of our good and bad days, prayer requests, answers to prayer, just plain things we need to talk about. I have a question -- Lately I have been having some numbness in my feet, especially when I've been sitting, sometimes when I wake up in the morning. It is kind of a band around the middle of my foot. Now I do plan, of course, to mention this to my doctor whenever I find the time to get in for my annual physical, but I just wondered if any of you had any experience with something like this.


When I showed the picture of the babies playing on the old couch cushions, someone asked me to show the new furniture. So I gladly oblige --


Has anybody found the teeny tiny Popsicles that are out this year? At least I've never seen them before - they had them one night for VBS snacks, and I found them at the store last week-end. They are just the right size for the littles - supposedly they don't melt as quickly, but that's not really true. But they are just so cute!


We had an amazing, traumatic experience yesterday afternoon, and proof to me that we have angels watching over us! I decided we'd walk to the mailbox, which is at the end of the cul de sac. Care Bear was wondering if her friend was home, and was about to go to her door and knock when suddenly the garage door opened and their two huge dogs came lunging out into the yard - straight at the 4 girls. All of us began screaming - the rotweiller was all over Care Bear - I was in such a state of shock. I was holding Emma, and Katie was standing innocently on the sidewalk. Feisty, who is already afraid of dogs, was hiding behind me, I think. I was trying to rescue Care Bear and keep the stupid dog from knocking Katie over. I have to say, and hope it doesn't offend anyone, that I am not a fan of large dogs - and particularly ones that aren't well behaved. I have watched enough episodes of Judge Judy to know what can happen when uncontrolled animals are allowed to be loose.

Suddenly, the neighbor guy came to the rescue. I didn't even know who it was at the moment. Care Bear was so "freaked out" as she says, that she went literally sprinting, screaming, back to our house, holding her head, her glasses lost somewhere, and one flip flop left behind. I found that she did have a large bump on the back of her head, with a bit of an abrasion.

The grandma, who was caring for the girls, came running down to our house carrying the glasses. She was in tears and we hugged as she apologized over and over - she felt responsible, because she thought the dogs were in the back yard, not in the garage. She just opened the garage so that the girls could get their bikes out. She told me she has been after her son to get the dog trained, "fixed", and to spend more time with him. The other dog is older and gentle, and didn't cause a problem.

I have to tell you, when I awoke early this morning, the whole episode kept playing itself over and over in my head. I believe it was the most afraid I've ever been. I am just so thankful that it was not worse. Thank you, Lord!


I'm going to close with a quote from the book I'm reading right now. Have you discovered the "No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" series by Alexander McCall Smith? I love these books - they give me somewhat the same feeling as the Mitford series as I read them - peaceful, but in a totally different way, as life in Botswana comes to life. I find myself smiling as I enjoy the author's way with words. I love this passage:

"Nothing was forever; not her, not Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni, not the house, not even Botswana. She had recently read that scientists could work out exactly when everything would come to an end and the earth would be swallowed up by the sun - or was it some other planet? - and there would be nothing left of any of us. That had made her think, and she had raised the issue with her friend, Bishop Trevor Mwamba, over tea outside the Anglican Cathedral, one Sunday morning . . . 'Is it true?' she had asked, 'that the sun will swallow up the earth and that will be that?'

"Trevor had smiled. 'I do not think that this is going to happen in the near future, Mma Ramotswe,' he had replied. 'Certainly not by next Tuesday . . . And, frankly, I don't think that we should worry too much about that. Our concern should be what is happening right now. There is plenty of work for love to do, you know.' "

"There is plenty of work for love to do. That was a wonderful way of putting it, and she had told him that this could be the best possible motive for anybody to have."

Check these books out, if you haven't. Let me know what you think.

Well, I'd better hit the sack. Have a wonderful week-end!


Hootin' Anni said...

Wow...where do I begin? Lots to comment about dear Dawn. First, prayers indeed. Not only a difficult and stressful time for a child to begin school, but she'll feel 'different' to be sure. Hopefully, things will turn around for her and she'll begin to relax and maybe some day the bowels will work normally. Miracles DO happen.

Secondly...Love the sculpture collage. Then, the new furniture? Wonderful color and boy...does this look like what Bud would be doing, or what?

And of course the little ones' photos. Oh so precious.

Sorry I haven't been around much to visit lately, I get on early in the morning and post...then, the day begins and I rarely get a chance to get back on and visit many.

Have a great weekend.

grammy said...

You always have so much to share that I can't remember what I was going to share by the time I start to write (o: Hope Kindergarten goes OK. That is such a hard thing. I hate it when big dogs bark at the fence when we go by. I have to change where we walk because I am afraid they will get out. So scary for you and girls!!!

Susan said...

Thanks for showing me the couch. It is very lovely :o) OH, that dog insident would have alarmed me. I do not care for dogs, period, much less big, mean ones. So thankful none of your precious girls were harmed much.

Mary said...


I've added Feisty to my pray list. Stress can cause the bowels to act up, so I'm hoping she is excited about going to kindergarten. She will do fine. I just feel it.

About the dogs...I love big dogs, but it's the owners who are to blame for many dog attacks. Dogs are a LOT of work and have to be socialized to humans and other dogs to prevent disaster. I'm sure the girls were scared to death. I would be taking to the dogs' owner. He needs to keep them secure. I am glad the grandmother apologized.

Enjoyed my visit, as always. Have a great day.

nannykim said...

Yes, it is hard to believe that school is starting back up. The summer has flown by.....I look foward to fall, but I love the lazy warm/hot days of summer (just don't like all of our mosquitoes!!).

I can not believe how scary that must have been with the dog situation!! WOW--I always think that angels must work so hard to protect kids!!

The books sound wonderful---is it a whole series?? I'm wondering if my library can get them---I will have to write this down!!Great quote.

Needled Mom said...

So much excitement in your life, Dawn!!!

Yes, I will definitely keep Feisty in my prayers. I know that she will be so excited to start school and be considered a "big" girl.

Your leg discomfort almost sounds like some sort of peripheral neuralgia. It will be interesting to see what they diagnosis it. You don't have diabetes, do you?

The new furniture looks so nice and is so pratical with the kiddos around.

The town celebrations sound like so much fun. It is such a great way to get everyone out and to bring a little income to the vacinity.

Now...the dog incident is beyond scary. I can't even begin to imagine how frightening that must have been. I do hope that you have reported the attack. I love dogs, but will not tolerate one who is not in control. Talk about being traumatized for life!!!!

Enjoy your week.

A Hint of Home said...

I'm so thankful the girls were not hurt any worse than they were, or mauled as you hear so often. We do have guardian angels and yours were evident.
I hope things will work out for Fiesty and her being able to go to school. I know many others are praying too.

nancygrayce said...

I will sure pray for feisty to overcome her difficulties and have fun at school! The dogs???? Whoa! I don't like big dogs either, except labs because they are really the best and very protective! One dog incident and a child can be scared of dogs for life. Your furniture is beautiful!!! I love a recliner! The little ones are so cute with their popsicles!

Hope all else is going well!!! You have a busy life!!

Mimi said...

I will keep Fiesty in my of my daughters had bladder issues when she was little... but she learned to deal with them...and every thing turned out to be all right...

I also had an instance with a dog in my own childhood that i can still remember very vividly... I'm glad that yours turned out OK....

it would be so much easier if we could take all the freight and worry for our children and grand children...wouldn't it!!!!

Sharon Lynne said...

Oh Dawn...what a scary experience. I pray that Care Bear doesn't have a future fear of dogs. I'm glad that everything turned out okay.

Feisty will be in my prayers too.

I haven't heard of your foot ailment. Yet I struggle with foot and lower leg cramps at night.

Regarding the National Guard. My son was told he must have all his debts paid off before joining. Well that closed the door for now.

PEA said...

Hi Dawn:-)

I always seem to be a couple of days late commenting! lol Oh well, at least you know that I eventually get here:-) Omigosh, I can well imagine how absolutely terrified you must have all been when that dog jumped on Care Bear. Like you, I'm not fond of big dogs and I do have a healthy fear of them. It's a shame that happened because now the girls will probably always be afraid of dogs. Thank God that it wasn't worse than it was, you just hear so many horror stories on the news about dogs attacking children.

Prayers are being said for Feisty as she starts kindergarten while still struggling with incontinence. Schools aren't resuming here until the first week of September so the kids have another few weeks of summer holidays to enjoy:-) Love what Care Bear said about K-Mart! lol

I love your new sofa and chair!! I need a new set for my living room and I'm looking for something like yours. Hoping to see some good sales at the furniture stores!!!

There certainly have been a lot going on in your town! It's been the same here but I haven't attended anything so you, I just don't enjoy these events when there's so many people.

I haven't experienced the feeling you say you get in your foot. Hopefully you'll be seeing your doctor soon and he can tell you what is causing it. Maybe just a pinched nerve somewhere?

Take good care of YOU and hope you can soon enjoy some uneventful days! lol xoxo

Linda said...

Oh Dawn - I absolutely adore those books. There is such a lovely cadence to the writing. Perfect.
I am so glad you're all okay. I had a dog bite me a few years ago when I was walking by myself. I'm not afraid of dogs, but when they dog came up behind me and bit me I was terrified. Poor little girls - I hope they can get to know some friendly dogs so they won't always be afraid.
I'm with you on the crowds. San Antonio always has something going on, and we never go. I can't bear to think of driving through all that traffic and walking through the crowds. I am much more content just staying at home - just an old stick in the mud I'm afraid.
Praying for that sweet little girl.
Have a great week.

Robin said...

Oh my Dawn! What a scary dog story. I am afraid of big dogs too - I have been all my life. A few years ago when I was on my walk a big dog got loose and bit me. I filed a police report - but the people got the dog back. They happened to live right across the street from the elementary school. I always feared what would happen if that dog got loose on the playground. I'm so glad God was looking out for you and your grandgirls that day.
I will be praying for Fiesty - what an uncomfortable dilemna.
Have you heard from your people in Peru? I talked to Michelle and she said everything is going well - just very busy!
I'm sure you will hear all kinds of stories when they get back!
You always recommend the best books - I just got Safely Home by Randy Alcorn - I hope to get it read soon.

Hootin' Anni said...

I did,......I did read this about the dogs but failed to mention it in my first commenting! Lordy.

Y'know...I'm not a person to blame dogs's more the owners. If they don't keep control over their actions they should be reprimanded.

Just this past week, I had to call the police and make a formal complaint about our neighbor's dog...but it wasn't a complaint about the dog really...he knows no better if he's not trained. Anyway, he barked ALL night. And he too is let loose and the other children, tho teens, have to yell at the dog when he chases, nips at 'em and follows them down the street. It's the owners!!! Well, the police came out, warned our neighbors [who now don't speak to us] keep the dog quiet between the hours of 10PM and 6AM...all they did was move the dog's chain to the other side of their house...he continues to bark. Well, the police told me that if I report a 2nd time, they are ticketed...if I have to report them the 3rd time...then they too have to Go See "Judge Judy".

Boy, that was a novel now wasn't it? I do hope that this is not some bad mark in your granddaughter's memory and makes her fear other dogs...and other animals. It's a shame, and I blame it on the owners. Your nightmare about it after the fact is understandable too., I shut up!!