Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

DC is home today - Wednesday is his new Friday and he's pretty happy about that. He's busy, as usual, catching up with yard stuff both here and at Kristen's place. It's another lovely day, but supposed to really warm up for the week-end.

I'm glad you all enjoyed the hummers on my last post - we have never had any luck attracting them to our yard, but I sure had fun watching them last week up in the hills.

So yesterday the big girls joyfully went off to school. I hope it remains that happy of an experience all year. Feisty was literally glowing, as you'll see from the pictures. I wish I had caught a shot of her little feet under the table, swinging because she's too short for her chair. She made it through the day without any "accidents", but didn't make it through the evening. She's making progress, though, and thanks for your prayers.

Feisty's teacher is brand new, right out of college. That always makes for excitement in the classroom. I used to work with her dad and uncle when she was a little girl - makes me feel very, very old! Care Bear's teacher, on the other hand, is someone I worked with years ago when I was the "kitchen lady" in an elementary school. She's a Christian, and a wonderful veteran teacher. This will be good for CB, I think. She was a new teacher back then, so another sign of the aging of me!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this week off from Grandma duty. Kristen has had a great week with some good "one on two" time with the twinnies. I have been able to catch up on lots of stuff that goes undone when there is so much action in the house! It is totally amazing how long the house stays clean when it's just the two of us. Starting next week I'll have the littles two or three days a week, depending on what Kristen and I work out. I'll enjoy that.

The twins had their check-ups last week. They weigh 20 and 18 pounds, and are each close to 30 inches long - Katie is 3/4 inch taller - double their birth length. They are good in every area. However, the doctor was concerned about their "twin language" and their lack of understandable vocabulary. The big girls were each saying around 100 words by the time they were 18 months old - which is way beyond normal. Emma "talks" all the time, and some of it is "real" words. Katie babbles, too, but not as much as Emma. Her favorite thing is "Whatsat?" So I think one of these days she'll come forth with a complete vocabulary, based on the fact that she has asked what everything is and she's storing the knowledge in her hard drive. They do converse with each other, and we know they know exactly what they're saying.

However, they will have an appointment with a speech therapist soon and we'll see what she thinks. I Googled and have been been doing some reading on twin language, and talked to a teacher who is concerned - it is not good, apparently, for them to keep their thoughts to themselves as a pair!

One of the blessings of this summer, though it was incredibly hard work, was getting Kristen and the girls into a smaller, less expensive house, but with a huge back yard in a culdesac so the littles can actually play outside. They were on a very busy corner with a tiny yard. They're making good use of it!

By an interesting mistake of sorts, we have ended up with lots of ripe peaches. I'm not into canning and freezing, but don't want them to go to waste. I went to my friend Google and found out that they can be frozen whole, with skins, and are good to go when they're thawed. Has anyone tried this?

I found this great piece over at Gigi's place, In the Throne Room. I love it and thought I'd pass it along - enjoy! Click below and be sure to play the video.


nannykim said...

It is so hectic with little ones at the house!! We just had our two grands visiting for 4 days and the 13month old kept everyone hopping. He climbs everything!! I really need a padded cell for him!!

Haven't heard about twin language!! YIKES!!! My daughter also has her house on the end of a culdesac and a huge back yeard--so I fully understand the grandness of this for kids!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hello Dawn!!! Boy those sweet girls look adorable in the school clothes!! Love the outfits! And the one who really has a more 'open smile' [I think that's "Feisty" right? Anyway, she really takes after her grandmother in looks. I think!!]

And the wee ones are so sweet in their yard, playing!!!!

Clint had to go to speech therapy when he was very young also...he wouldn't talk, just learned to use sign language...I kept at him and he finally formed words...of course he's the one with Down's, but by then, we were all making progress with him!! It takes a lot of work ....but oh so worth it.

We just got back from downtown, and it's hot again....but I wanted to come over and view the hummers...will check 'em out now.

Happy day to you

Linda said...

I'm so glad you've had this week Dawn, and it sounds like you and Kristen will our something that will be good for everyone.
I know what you mean about feeling old. I've decided to "embrace" my oldness and just not worry too much about it - but I must admit there are times I can't quite believe I am a 62 year old.
Shhh - don't tell anyone else, but I haven't unpacked all the boxes. I've pulled some things out here and there, but every time I decide to just go ahead and do the whole thing we get someone interested in the property. It hasn't worked out so far, so I'm giving it until this ridiculously hot weather moderates and then I'm going for it. Enough already. I want this house to be a home again.

Barb said...

I'm so glad Kristen has moved into a new place where the kids can go outside and play. I have a wonderful yard for that, but my word, it's so hot here, they can only go out early in the morning and late in the evening.

Sounds like you're doing really well Dawn. I love the photos you got of the "honeybirds."

Things just took a major turn here and I won't be nearly as busy with grandkis as I have been for the last four years. I'm ready for the break as I'm sure you understand. I chose to do this, but now that Cameron's starting preschool and Avery's going to start going to Nancy, this Nana is getting a break!

Needled Mom said...

It does sound as though you have enjoyed your quiet time, Dawn. I love having the kids here, but I also love the peace and quiet when we are alone.

I'm so glad the girls are happy with school. The smiles tell the whole story. Fiesty is absolutely beaming.

The nice yard on a culd-a-sac will be so worth the smaller house. The girls will have so much fun playing and making friends.

Our little one who is the same age as the twins isn't talking much either. They have always used sign language for the simple words and that is what he continues to do. I always figure they will when they are ready. I worked with a gal whose son did not speak AT ALL until he was 4. They had him to speech therapists, etc., etc., etc. All at once he started talking in full sentences and has never quit. Can you imagine?

Have a good weekend.

Sammy said...

Feisty sitting at the table with her hands folded and that big grin is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen! I really, really hope she loves school like her sweet big sister does!

My sister's children qualified for speech therapy. They were in it for about a year and they have been thriving ever since! I am a very firm believer in early intervention, so I think it's great that you all are being proactive. If it's needed, it will be really helpful.

Have a wonderful weekend, Dawn!

Midlife Mom said...

I don't know too much about twins having their own language of sorts but I have heard of it. They both will be talking to beat the band before you know it! How wonderful that Kristen is in a smaller home with a big yard! Hopefully it will cost her less to maintain and the girls will love having room to run without the fear of traffic.

The hummers are just gorgeous! I had to take my hummingbird feeder down this year as the ants kept getting in it and it was gross. The hummers wouldn't come near it.

Winthrop is about an hour and 45 minutes from here. It's just outside of our capital Augusta. Do you know yet when you plan to come? I didn't know that they had a Teen Challenge there.

The girls look so pretty all dressed up for the first day of school. Like you say, just beaming! Our kids start in about two weeks and I just hate to think the summer is almost over. I don't get to see them as much when they are in school. I wanted them overnight tonight but they had a housewarming to go to with Son and DIL.

Well it just started to lightning so I am going to cut this short and unplug my computer! Hurricane Bill is headed our way but just the fringes I think.

grammy said...

So glad things are going well for the girls. They all looked so cute. The new yard will be so good for them. Keep up the good work Grandma (o: You are a very important part of their life's.

Sharon Lynne said...

So much going on! The back-to-school pictures are so cute! And it looks like the twins are having fun in their back yard.

PEA said...

I can well imagine how much you enjoyed the week with no kiddies...sometimes a break like that is needed just to recharge the batteries:-) Feisty and Care Bear looked so sweet on their first day of school and I'm glad they enjoyed it so much.

The twins are really growing as well and I'm glad to hear their physical went so well. I have a friend whose daughter is two and is just now starting to talk...she was slow starting but now making up for lost time! lol It's so wonderful having a nice big yard when you have kids like that, I just loved seeing the little ones playing:-) xoxo

nancygrayce said...

You are the busiest person I know! I'm so glad Kristin got into a place where the girls can play outside.

I have always been fascinated with twin language. Everybody looks so happy to be in school!

Judith said...

Hello again. I've been away so long.

Peaches frozen in their skins works well.

Grammy and Olivia said...

Glad you had a little time off...I don't know how you keep up. One little sweetie everyday last week nearly wore me out! Cute pics of the girls starting school. Have a great week.