Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

The summer has sped by on wings. School starts tomorrow for our girls, but today they have assessment tests at 8:20 a.m. No more sleeping in for Kristen and her kiddoes! She begins school next week as well, so we have to figure out our schedule when I will have the littles.

DC went back to work yesterday. When the six weeks began, I thought it seemed like a long time. It was such a blessing in disguise - he and the big girls had so much fun together. They went to the beach, to a pool, to the pottery shop to make a cup and a plate, bike riding, played soccer and Frisbee, went to Estes Park (where they played mini golf, drove bumper cars, and played tourist). He really bonded with the babies. He got so much done in the yard. This man will have no trouble staying busy in retirement! He is working three day weeks now. However, the company is still in a real slump, so we don't know what will happen next. It is tough to watch a company that has had nothing but upward success suddenly struggling. Especially since the owners are such good friends who have employed so many from our church who were desperate for jobs.

Last Thursday DC and I went on the senior adult monthly get-together - their annual cook-out in the mountains. I have to say that it is hard for me to realize I am eligible for this group. Yet, I have absolutely no problem asking for the senior discount at any given restaurant! One of the hardest parts is being in the social group with my parents. But they are great folks (many of whom I have known since I was a young young adult) and it was enjoyable. One couple invites everyone up to the spot where they park their camper, and they supply the food and do all the work.

I didn't take any scenery pictures this time, but had a great time watching the hummingbirds. I've never had any success photographing them before, but these little guys were very cooperative. Please indulge me - I couldn't decide which ones to eliminate, so am sharing quite a few. If you double click, you can see amazing detail and coloring.

This one was taken with just the regular setting, before I changed it to the setting for children in action. Children and hummingbirds have a lot in common, I guess - constant motion!

The rest were taken with the action setting.

I have this entire week without children. I made a rather long list of all the things that I've neglected this summer when I've had them every day. I knocked off quite a few today and it feels good. But I have left the worst to last - getting my banking caught up. I do it on line and you'd think I could do it daily, wouldn't you? But I procrastinate terribly - something I never did when I was employed. But - tomorrow, tomorrow.

You know those magazines that come with the week-end newspapers? I always enjoy reading the question/answer portions the most. There was one this week that I had never thought of before, but it is fascinating. Have you ever thought of the fact that the last boy to live in the White House with his father, the president, was John-John Kennedy? Think about it - every president after JFK has had only daughters (Johnson, Nixon, Clinton, George W. Bush, Obama) or sons who were already grown (Ford, Carter, Reagan, George H.W. Bush). Interesting!

Please keep praying for Feisty - she has her ups and downs, but is mostly very proud of herself.


Sharon Lynne said...

You did a nice job on those hummingbirds...so beautiful and cute.

Sounds like your schedule will be changing. May you adjust smoothly.

I'll say a prayer for Feisty!

Sammy said...

Hi Dawn,

Those hummingbird shots are great! They are such beautiful birds.

I can't believe how early school starts in your area! But I guess you were surprised how late our schools run. Kids don't go back until after labor day here.

Continuing to pray for sweet Feisty!

PEA said...

School doesn't start here until the first week of September so the kids have a couple more weeks to enjoy:-)

You did manage to get some wonderful shots of the hummingbirds! I love watching them and have two feeders hanging in front of my kitchen window so it even makes washing dishes enjoyable! lol

I think it's great that DC was able to spend so much time with the girls while he was off from work. Too often the men miss out on all that because they are at work every day.

The cook out sounds like it was a lot of fun...you're finding out all the fun things you get to attend now that you're a senior! hehe

I hadn't thought of it until you mentioned it but that's true, it has only been girls at the White House since John Kennedy!!! xoxo

Needled Mom said...

You did get some great shots of the hummers. I will refer back to this post as I have been trying to decide on colors for a hummer in some embroidery work that I have in my head.

I am sure that you have enjoyed having your husband home to help with the girls over the last six weeks. He sounds like he is a very involved grandpa - just like their grandma.

It has been difficult to see so many companies struggle with the economy. I would so like the tough times to be over for all of the hard workinbg people out there. I don't see it anytime soon though...how about you?

Glad that you got a little free time for yourself AND that you took advantage of the time. You deserve it.

Prayers continue for a good year for the wee ones.

Becky said...

In answer to your comment on my post ... no, the Butler and I do not agree on culinary delights very often. About the best we can do is that we both agree that chocolate should be its own food group :)

I love your hummer pics. They are so graceful and charming. You got some great shots with your camera.

I have enjoyed the hummers in my backyard this summer too. We call the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds "Red necked hummers". We're in the south after all.

Have a great week to yourself, Dawn.

groovyoldlady said...

I love hummers. Ours are upset with me right now. We've been painting the house and had to take the feeders down until all is accomplished. They come to the window and hover and chirrup and look all sad... :-(

We're only 20 nawth of Augusta - maybe 30minutes or so from Winthrop. We'd LOVE to see you!

Hope Kev is doing well. We've been praying for him and his wifey!

I talked to Crystal yesterday. She HAS been busy too and her phone was all wonky. They're coming over to "hang" on Friday. Our son will be home on leave in mid-Sept. Pray for God's intervention in their relationship.


groovyoldlady said...

Um..oops. Crystal is my d-i-l!

Linds said...

I love the last hummingbird photo,Dawn - they are all beautiful, and I can see why they fascinated you so much!
Sorry I have been gone so long..... family time and sun have made this a summer of little computer usage, but home and reality will change all that soon. It is another very hot day here, and we have just been down to Luzern to do some shopping. The road down is a twisty windy road down the mountain, and it really is a spearate little world up here. I love it. But you know that!
Our schools only go back on early September. But the kids start holidays so much later than in the States. They break up in late July. Our summer school holidays are just 6-7 weeks long.

Mimi said...

thanks for the hummingbird shots... my friend gave me a hummingbird feeder when I retired for the second time... I am still trying to figure out when the hummingbirds come to my area... I guess I can google it....

praying for little Feisty!!! she has a good attitude which will go a long way toward success!!!!

Linda said...

Great pictures Dawn. I have a feeder hanging from our porch, and those feisty (couldn't think of a different word - sorry) little guys are endlessly entertaining. I often think that if they were big they would be dangerous!!
We're having a hard time going to Senior functions at our church. We just don't quite seem to fit in yet. We're definitely the right age, it's just that so many of the folks are much older! Silly!!
Enjoy the rest of your week. Once you're caught up with that banking take a little time for yourself!

Nadine said...

Seems like summer just sped by with school starting already.

The humming birds are charming. Nice action shots.

grammy said...

School started here today. We just all got back from Mexico last night and they went to school today. I have not heard how it went... good I hope. Hope and pray it will be ok for your granddaughter.

Gigi said...

Dawn - your hummingbird pictures are absolutely fantastic! I love those little birds...my Sweet Hubby and I would spend hours on our deck listening to them bzzz bzzz all around our heads as they raced from feeder to feeder! For such little creatures, they sure are noisy! Thanks for bringing back some lovely memories...

Hootin' Anni said...

What amazing photos!! I so love hummingbirds ...especially the males their coloring is so vivid!! We have two that come to our feeder that is hanging on the back eave of our house, and I try to photograph them too, but unlike YOURS they don't cooperate at all. I'm gonna have to check the camera for 'action or children' setting.

It's good to hear that you got a lot of your 'to do' list wiped clean. And yep, retirement is NOT boring. There is always something to do!!

Thanks for the invite! I so enjoyed viewing!!! They're beautiful birds.