Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I want to thank all of you for your prayers for Feisty. Your prayers are having an affect on the situation. School starts one week from today and, if all things continue as they have the last few days, Feisty is going to be ready! Praise the Lord - and all of you who are such faithful prayer warriors.

Thanks also for your concern about the dog incident. I want to talk to the young father who is not doing the right thing with this rottweiler puppy. As much as I was angry at the dog, I do realize that it is the fault of the owner that the dog is not under control. I am just amazed at how calm Care Bear was shortly after the incident. Feisty has always had an unhealthy fear of dogs, and I'm sure this has not helped.

Yesterday was a great day for me. I know I have written before about my four high school friends - we used to get together every 3 months for lunch. One has moved back to Nebraska, and we have lost track of one. The one who moved back to Nebraska has bought a cabin here in Colorado, not too far from here. The three of us were at her cabin yesterday, and we spent 5 hours catching up (well, two of us had 7 hours, because we rode together up and back). Our jaws were tired, but it was wonderful.

I love the way the rocks come up out of the water in this lake.

Today DC and I took a trip up to the Social Security office to start the process of my hopefully getting some benefits when I turn 62. I am quite confused, but supposedly I can get something, or maybe not. We'll see! But the thing that really blew my mind - we stood in front of a window with a hole cut in it to talk through - in a large room full of others waiting for their turn. There were about 8 windows, and we were at the very first one - the thing that blew my mind was when they asked us for our SS numbers - we had to verbally tell them our number and other personal information to ensure that we were who we said we were. They wanted our birth dates, our mothers' maiden names, and I can't remember what else. But I kept thinking - I sure hope nobody's listening closely or can read lips! With all the commotion about identity theft, I found it quite inappropriate to have to say these things out loud in an open area. What do you think?

I had a strange realization today - how often we can accomplish what we want to do with technology that would amaze our grandparents, if they were still alive. I went into a bathroom where the light was off - suddenly it came on without any help from me. Of course, the flusher went off by itself, the water faucet came on when I waved my hand underneath it, and the hand dryer started by itself (other places of course have the "wave" towel dispensers).
I go to the grocery store, buy my things, check them out by myself, pay by swiping a card, put them in bags (that if you forget to do, you get reminded by a disembodied bossy voice!), grab the receipt, and go home. Then, of course, there's the GPS telling me where to go and how to get there - and getting really upset if I choose to go a slightly different way. Isn't it amazing when you think of it? I know that there are many other examples of things that we can do now without the aid of a "real live person." Can you think of some?

I have been studying Ecclesiastes with Chuck Swindoll's study guide for the last few months. I have found many verses that I really like. These two have struck me this week:

Ecclesiastes 7:14: When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, a man cannot discover anything about his future.

Ecclesiastes 7:29: This only have I found: God made man upright, but men have gone in search of many schemes.

Oh, my - timeless words, apropos to today.


Sharon Lynne said...

Ecclesiastes. I have been reading that, too...last week. There's a lot of good nuggets in there.

I was once told that Solomon wrote the book in his old age (makes sense). But Solomon's old age he drifted from God in some respects. I read, I can see the wisdom he has. And I see how he tried to use his wisdom to find the "meaning of life". But he became disappointed in old age and found no meaning. Because even extreme wisdom leads to hopelessness--without God.

Not that Solomon was without God. I believe God was still with him to the end.

Good news about Feisty and school!

Needled Mom said...

It looks and sounds as though you had such a wonderful visit with your high school friends. The lake setting is gorgeous, but I am sure the visit was even better. I'm glad that one is moving closer to you. Hopefully, you will have more frequent get togethers now.

Glad to hear that Feisty is doing so well. I know she will love school.

I hope that you get the chance to visit with the owner of the dog. Someone should do it before something awful happens.

That is a strange proceedure at the SS office. I would be nervous too. Anyone could sit in and listen to all of that private information. Hmm. I understand that it is a very confusing process to get signed up.

It is amazing how much the new fangled gadgets do. I often think of what will change in the next 30-40 years and what our grandkids will face. It's sort of frightening in a way.

Have a fun weekend.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hellllllllllllo Dawn! Golly, I haven't been here in days...and for that I must say, it embarrasses me. I need to find some way ['cause the followers reading list doesn't show that you post new posts for me...dunno what's up with that?! Might be that you're 'private'. :::shrug:::]

The dog incident? I'll have to read more...but, I want to comment on this great post.

Love the Rocky Mountain Lake!!! What a great place to be...reminds me of 'home'!

And then, your biblical quotes. Yes, God makes us happy days and sad days...he makes us work and think harder on those days to learn more of life instead of handing us the 'silver spoon'. Y'know?

It's good to read that your Feisty is coming around and will do well when school begins.

Now, my friend...I must go back and read more of your blogging that I have missed this past week....

Becky said...

Timeless words indeed! And I have to agree with you about the SS office with the shouting of info. That is amazing! I mean, at Walmart you have to stand way back "for privacy reason" from the return desk when you are in line! Goodness. Seems the priorities are a bit out of whack!

I loved seeing pics of your high school friends. It is wonderful you are still in touch and seeing each other often. Old friendships are the best.

Have a great weekend, Dawn!

Mimi said...

your visit with your high school friends must have been priceless...

and it is such good news that Feisty is coming along and should be ready when school starts...

Hootin' Anni said...

You have an email...and then I sent you an ecard too [the card is the lamar one] The email is both addresses I have of yours.

Hope you get at least ONE or the other if you get both tho. LOL


Jess said...

So glad things are going better and that prayers have been answered.

I love getting together with school friends...and I have only been out 3 years...I can only imagine all the wonderful laughs you had and good times. What memories!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead.

love, Jess

Nadine said...

It is not good form to ask personal information like that out loud. A doctor's office is not suppose to say your first and last name when calling you in the waiting room because it's against HIPPA laws. I imagine they violated lots of rights asking for that information. They should have asked you to write it down.

Susan said...

Interesting post as always, Dawn.

Yes, I am looking forward to November 1. That sounds like a long way off, but the way this year is speeding by it will be here before we know.

Hope you can get away with your friends and see the movie. I don't usually recommend a movie, or even go to them, but I was thoroughly entertained by this one.

I have often marveled about the changes in our life times. Especially when my father came across from Pennsyvlania, in a wagon as a yound boy, to Kansas.

Tammy said...

Dawn, I'm so behind here...not sure what was going on with Fiesty but glad to hear she's doing better! (I guess I'll have to scroll down to find out...)
Looks like a wonderful reunion with your friends by the lake!

And I know what you mean about's amazing to think about all that my own mom, born back in 1927, has lived to see change! Now, at 82, she's on Facebook and has blogged! Incredible...
And when I was in a restroom with my girls I just mentioned the same just putting our hands under the soap, faucet and towels still seems so futuristic to me and even my 10 yr old agreed! :)

I finally posted about my camping trip...just like some of our other misadventures, it had some disastrous moments along with the good! ;)

Midlife Mom said...

I have had a lot of catching up to do with you! I have been so bad lately getting around visiting everyone. I hope once fall is here I will do better!

When do you plan to be in Maine???????? I would love to see you if we can work it out!!!!

So sorry about the incident with the dogs. I do hope you reported it. Remember when Miss T was bitten by a neighbors dog and had to have six stitches above her eye? A quarter inch more and it would have taken her eye so I know her guardian angel was looking out for her! I am not a fan of uncontrolled big dogs either. There just is no need of it, it's the owners fault, not the dog. Glad everyone is okay and I hope it doesn't have any residual effects.

How nice to be able to get together with your friends! Do you think you will be able to track down the forth member of your group?

Love your new furniture. DC looks so comfy!

There is so much to glean from Ecclesiastes! I should do that study.

I am so upset with Blogger. I just can't set down and do a post and put pictures and graphics in where I want. I just have to download the pictures in one big bunch and try to add a little dialogue with each one. Not fun. I was thinking today that I would take a break from blogging as I am so discouraged by it all but I'm going to keep going and hopefully it will straighten itself out with time.

Sammy said...

Hi Dawn,

I was really sorry to read about that incident with the dog. I'm afraid I also have a fear of dogs. I've always been very nervous around them and in general I just try to stay away from them. It's pretty irrational on my part, but hearing stories like yours reminds me of why I am scared of them. I'm so glad everyone is okay.

Yes, isn't our technologically advanced world amazing? When I was a kid people still had party lines (I'm from a very small town, so change happened later there.), and when you dialed "0" a real, live person would answer.

I really hope Feisty is doing okay. I'll keep her in my prayers and hope that she has a wonderful start of school. She's just the kind of student I would love to have in my class!